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This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keywords earth or land.
There are 43 names matching your criteria.

AJAX   m   Greek Mythology (Latinized)
From the Greek name Αιας (Aias), perhaps deriving from Greek αιαστης (aiastes) "mourner" or αια (aia) "earth, land"... [more]
AVANI   f   Indian
Means "earth" in Sanskrit.
BHUMI   f   Hinduism
Means "earth, soil" in Sanskrit... [more]
BROOKLYN   f   English (Modern)
From the name of the borough of New York City, originally derived from Dutch Breukelen meaning "broken land"... [more]
CLEVELAND   m   English
From a surname which was derived from an Old English place name meaning "hilly land"... [more]
DAICHI   m   Japanese
From Japanese (dai) meaning "big, great" combined with (chi) meaning "earth, land" or (chi) meaning "wisdom, intellect"... [more]
DEMETER (1)   f   Greek Mythology
Possibly means "earth mother", derived from Greek δα (da) "earth" and μητηρ (meter) "mother"... [more]
EARDWULF   m   Anglo-Saxon
Derived from the Old English element eard "land" combined with wulf "wolf".
ENKI   m   Near Eastern Mythology
Derived from Sumerian en-ki "lord of the earth" (though maybe originally from en-kur "lord of the underworld")... [more]
ERDMANN   m   German
Variant of HARTMANN... [more]
ERESHKIGAL   f   Near Eastern Mythology
Means "lady of the great earth" in Sumerian... [more]
ÉRIU   f   Irish Mythology
From the name of an Irish goddess, who according to legend gave her name to Ireland (which is called Éire in Irish)... [more]
EUN-JI   f   Korean
From Sino-Korean (eun) meaning "kindness, mercy, charity" combined with (ji) meaning "wisdom, intellect" or (ji) meaning "earth, soil, ground"... [more]
GAIA   f   Greek Mythology, Italian
From the Greek word γαια (gaia), a parallel form of γη (ge) meaning "earth"... [more]
GARLAND   m   English
From a surname meaning "triangle land" from Old English gara and land... [more]
GEORGE   m   English, Romanian
From the Greek name Γεωργιος (Georgios) which was derived from the Greek word γεωργος (georgos) meaning "farmer, earthworker", itself derived from the elements γη (ge) "earth" and εργον (ergon) "work"... [more]
HARLAN   m   English
From a surname which was from a place name meaning "hare land" in Old English... [more]
ILA   f   Indian
Means "earth" or "speech" in Sanskrit.
ILLTYD   m   Welsh
Means "multitude of land" from Welsh il "multitude" and tud "land, people"... [more]
INDIANA   f & m   English
From the name of the American state, which means "land of the Indians"... [more]
IRELAND   f   English (Modern)
From the name of the European island country, derived from Irish Gaelic Éire, which may mean something like "abundant land" in Old Irish.
ITALUS   m   Roman Mythology
Means "of Italy" in Latin... [more]
JORDANES   m   Ancient Germanic
Germanic name, probably related to the Norse element jord meaning "land"... [more]
KALEVA   m   Finnish
From the name of the mythological ancestor of the Finns, which is of unknown meaning... [more]
KSHITIJ   m   Indian
Means "born of the earth" or "horizon" in Sanskrit.
KUN   f & m   Chinese
From Chinese (kūn) meaning "earth, female", as well as other characters with a similar pronunciation.
LACHLAN   m   Scottish, English (Australian)
Originally a Scottish nickname for a person who was from Norway... [more]
LAMBERT   m   German, Dutch, French, English, Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic elements land "land" and beraht "bright"... [more]
LANCE   m   English
From the Germanic name Lanzo, originally a short form of names that began with the element land meaning "land"... [more]
LELAND   m   English
From a surname, originally from an English place name, which meant "fallow land" in Old English... [more]
MILTIADES   m   Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek μιλτος (miltos) meaning "red earth"... [more]
PAPA   f   Polynesian Mythology
Means "earth" in Maori... [more]
POSEIDON   m   Greek Mythology
Possibly derived from Greek ποσις (posis) "husband, lord" and δα (da) "earth"... [more]
RIKU (2)   m   Japanese
From Japanese (riku) meaning "land" or different kanji which are pronounced the same way.
RIKUTO   m   Japanese
From Japanese (riku) meaning "land" combined with (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation, or (to) meaning "person", as well as other combinations of kanji which have the same pronunciations.
ROLAND   m   English, French, German, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian
Means "famous land" from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and land... [more]
RYLAN   m   English (Modern)
Possibly a variant of the English surname Ryland, which was originally derived from a place name meaning "rye land" in Old English.
TERRA   f   English
Variant of TARA (1), perhaps influenced by the Latin word terra meaning "land, earth".
TIERRA   f   Various
Means "earth" in Spanish.
TLALOC   m   Aztec and Toltec Mythology
Means "of the earth" in Nahuatl... [more]
TYRONE   m   English
From the name of a county in Northern Ireland which is derived from Irish Gaelic Tir Eoghain meaning "land of EOGHAN"... [more]
WIELAND   m   German, Germanic Mythology
Derived from the Germanic elements wela possibly meaning "skill" and land meaning "land"... [more]