Pulitzer Award Winners

The Pulitzer Awards were established by Joseph Pulitzer in 1917 and are currently administered by Columbia University. They honour achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature and musical composition. Included in this list are individual winners in any of the award's 21 categories.
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Adam1 winner1
Alan1 winner1
Alice2 winners2
Alison1 winner1
Allen1 winner1
Andrea1 winner1
Ann1 winner1
Anne2 winners2
Annie1 winner1
Arthur1 winner1
Barbara1 winner1
Bernard1 winner1
Booth1 winner1
Carol2 winners2
Caroline1 winner1
Chaim1 winner1
Chang-rae1 winner1
Christine1 winner1
Colson1 winner1
Conrad1 winner1
Cormac1 winner1
Daniyal1 winner1
David2 winners2
Denis1 winner1
Diana1 winner1
Diane1 winner1
Don1 winner1
Donald1 winner1
Douglas1 winner1
Edith1 winner1
Edna2 winners2
Edward1 winner1
Edwin1 winner1
Elizabeth1 winner1
Ellen1 winner1
Ernest2 winners2
Eudora1 winner1
Foster1 winner1
Frederick1 winner1
Geraldine1 winner1
Gould1 winner1
Grace1 winner1
Ha1 winner1
Harold1 winner1
Harper1 winner1
Herman1 winner1
James4 winners4
Jane1 winner1
Jean1 winner1
Jeffrey1 winner1
Jennifer1 winner1
Jhumpa1 winner1
Jin1 winner1
Joanna1 winner1
John6 winners6
Jonathan2 winners2
Josephine1 winner1
Joy1 winner1
Joyce1 winner1
Julia1 winner1
Junot1 winner1
Karen1 winner1
Katherine1 winner1
Kennedy1 winner1
Larry1 winner1
Lee1 winner1
Lewis1 winner1
Linda1 winner1
Lore1 winner1
Louis1 winner1
Louise1 winner1
Lydia1 winner1
MacKinlay1 winner1
Margaret3 winners3
Marianne1 winner1
Marilynne1 winner1
Marjorie1 winner1
Martin1 winner1
Michael3 winners3
Norman2 winners2
Olen1 winner1
Oliver1 winner1
Oscar1 winner1
Paul1 winner1
Pearl1 winner1
Penn1 winner1
Peter1 winner1
Philip1 winner1
Raymond1 winner1
Reynolds1 winner1
Richard3 winners3
Robert5 winners5
Russell1 winner1
Sam1 winner1
Saul1 winner1
Scott1 winner1
Shirley1 winner1
Sigismund1 winner1
Sinclair1 winner1
Steven1 winner1
Susan1 winner1
Tennessee1 winner1
Thomas2 winners2
Thornton1 winner1
Tim1 winner1
Toni1 winner1
Upton1 winner1
Ursula1 winner1
Vincent1 winner1
Wallace1 winner1
Ward1 winner1
Willa1 winner1
William5 winners5
113 results