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There are 93 names on Suibhne's personal name list.
Name M/F Comment Rating
AGATHE   f  Like both the French and German pronunciations; also Agda 
ALBERTA   f  Alberta Elizabeth; also Albertine 
ANFISA   f   
ANTHONY   m  Anthony Peter Raymond; also like feminine variants Antonia, Antonina, Antolina 
ARON   m  Also like Haroun/Harun 
BEDE   m   
BORIS   m  Boris Koloman, Karl Boris 
CALVIN   m  "Cal" 
CATHERINE   f  Also like Catharine 
DAY   m   
DENIS   m  Also Dennis 
DOUGLAS   m  Like as a middle name; William Douglas, Stephen Douglas 
ELIZABETH   f  Slightly prefer this spelling to Elisabeth 
EMIL   m  Emil Denis, Emil Richard, Emil Titus 
EVELYN   f  Evelyn Patricia 
FATIMA   f   
FIDELIA   f   
FIDELMA   f  "Del"; Fidelma Marion, Fidelma Joyce 
FRANK (1)   m  Also like Franck 
GISELA   f  Pr. GEE-se-la 
HAIE   m   
HEATHER   f   
HEDWIG   f  Also the Polish form Jadwiga 
HOMER   m  Homer Philip 
HONORA   f  Honora Patricia; also Honorine 
JANE   f   
JEROME   m   
JOLANDA   f  "Jola" 
JÓSKA   m   
JOYCE   f & m   
JULIA   f   
KARL   m  Karl Boris, Karl Robert, Karl Marx ;-) 
KASIMIRA   m  Also the Polish Kazimiera 
KERTTU   f   
KJELL   m   
KOLOMAN   m  "Kolo," Boris Koloman 
LOUISA   f  Pronounced loo EES a, nn Lula or Lou 
LUDMILA   f   
LUDWIG   m  Also Ludwik, Ludvik; nn Ludo 
LYDIA   f   
MAFALDA   f   
MAGDALEN   f  Also spelled Magdalene, and to a lesser extent Magdalena; Thekla Magdalen, Magdalen Rohesia, Magdalene Dolores 
MAGNUS   m   
MAIMU   f   
MALLORY   f   
MARIA   m  As a masculine middle name inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke and Erich Maria Remarque; Karl Maria, Robert Maria, Rochus Maria 
MARTHA   f   
MARX   m   
MARY   f  Mary Mercy Patricia "Mary Mercy" 
MEHMET   m  Mehmet Nestor 
MERCY   f   
MIRIAM   f  Miriam Fatima, Miriam Noor 
MOEMA   f   
MORIAH   f  Moriah Christophine, Moriah Thomasin, Moriah Catherine 
MOSE   m   
NESS (2)   m  A la the EarthBound character ;-) 
NESTOR   m  Stephen Nestor 
NOLL   m  Like it as a nickname for Nicholas 
OTTILIA   f  Nicknamed Tilly; also like Odilia ("Odie") and Ottoline 
OTTO   m   
PATRICIA   m  Evelyn Patricia, Romaine Patricia, Honora Patricia 
PETER   m  Peter Roch, Peter Anthony Raymond 
PHILIP   m  Philip Homer 
PIKE   m  Like it as an English word name (rather than the submitted meaning in the database) 
RACHAEL   f   
RAÚL   m   
REASON   m & f   
RETURN   m   
RICHARD   m  Also Ryszard 
ROBERTA   m  Nicknamed Robbie; also love Robert (m) 
ROCH   m  Peter Roch, Roch Maria 
ROHESIA   f  Also Rohese, Rose, Rosa 
ROMAINE   f  My favorite out of all the -aine names I like, followed by Lorraine, Elaine, and Germaine 
SAMUEL   m  "Samu;" also like the feminine Samuela 
SIGMUND   m  Also Sigmunda (f) and Ziga; nicknamed Sigi 
SINJIN   m  Also spelled St. John 
STEPHEN   m  Stephen Richard, Stephen Nestor 
TARKA   f   
THEKLA   f   
THEODORA   f  Pr. tay-o-DORE-a; nicknamed Theda pr. TED-a 
THEUDELINDA   f  Prefer variant Theodolind 
TIHOMIR   m  Also Tihomira and the similar Tihomil/Tihomila; "Tiho" 
TIMON   m   
TINATINI   f  So fun to say ;-) 
TITUS   m   
WALENTY   m  "Val" 
WAT   m  Looking for a name that could justify this as a nickname; also like Bat, with the same dilemma 
WILLIAM   m  Also like Guillaume 
ZVONIMIR   m  Prefer the spelling Zwonimir; also like the feminine Zvonimira