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Subject: Re: February top 10
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: February 2, 2011 at 11:11 AM
Reply to: Re: February top 10 by Anthroponomastics

Severus Prosper - This is... gutsy. I think just about everyone will associate Severus with Professor Snape, although pre-Harry Potter I imagine this name would've been quite bada$$. Personally, I don't think Prosper belongs on a person--it sounds like a command. So... sorry, not feeling this combo.

John Alexander - Both names are pretty "sane," but I imagine that there are *many* other John Alexanders in the world today.

Horatio Nelson - Not terrible, actually, although I have a personal aversion to Horatio and other like-sounding names (due to the first syllable).

Frederick George - Sounds quite like the younger brother of a Count in Late Victorian England.

Edward Lawrence - I really like this one! Both names are familiar, but not too common, with a touch of sophistication. I like it a lot!

Bartholomew Lazarus - A little too Biblical for me, and I dislike Bart. Although I do think Lazarus is cool...

Francis William - I have pretty much the same feelings about this combo as I do for Edward Lawrence. Good combo.

Archibald Colin - I like both names, but I don't think they necessarily go together.

Percival Laszlo - (see above)

Vladimir Jethro - Now *this* is bada$$! I really like this combo, although I imagine it could be a difficult name to grow into. I do think the names go very well together, though.

Martha Temperance - I dislike Martha (though I think Marta has quite a bit of charm), but Temperance is one of few virtue names that I like. I think I'd enjoy meeting a Martha Temperance.

Hermione Jane - I used to like Hermione quite a bit, but I could never find a good middle name. I think the beautiful simplicity of Jane goes well with the lavish Hermione.

Dorothy Deliverance vs. Dorothy Ruth - I like Dorothy Deliverance much better, actually. Dorothy Ruth as too much 'r' *and* 'th' for one combo. Although I really don't care much for Dorothy to begin with, though--I prefer Theodora.

Parthenia Ann - Like Parthenia, dislike Ann.

Talullah Amelia - I like both names, but I don't think they go well together.

Margaret Catherine - Even though I dislike Margaret, you can't really go wrong with this combo.

Mary Alexandra - Alexandra spices up Mary just enough.

Charlotte Sophia - GORGEOUS!

Providence Virginia - Sounds like a Puritan city. Sorry.

Georgiana Elizabeth - Not big on Georgiana, but this combo certainly isn't terrible.

EDIT--I just saw your note about going through a "Puritan naming phase," so that explains some of the combos that caught me off-guard. Those aren't all terrible, though--I like Lazarus and Temperance.

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