Names Starting with W

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WYNFOR m Welsh
Variant of GWYNFOR.
WYNN m Welsh
Variant of WYN.
WYNNE (1) m & f Welsh
Variant of WYN, sometimes used as a feminine form.
WYNNE (2) m English (Rare)
From an English surname that was derived from the given name WINE.
WYNNSTAN m Anglo-Saxon
Derived from the Old English elements wynn "joy" and stan "stone".
WYNONA f English
Variant of WINONA.
WYOT m Medieval English
Middle English form of the Old English name Wigheard, composed of the elements wig "battle" and heard "brave, hardy".
WYSTAN m English (Rare)
From the Old English name Wigstan, composed of the elements wig "battle" and stan "stone". This was the name of a 9th-century Anglo-Saxon saint. It became rare after the Norman Conquest, and in modern times it is chiefly known as the first name of the British poet W. H. Auden (1907-1973).