Names Categorized "artistic gymnasts"

This is a list of names in which the categories include artistic gymnasts.
Ana Sofía f Spanish
Combination of Ana and Sofía.
Carolann f English
Combination of Carol 1 and Ann.
Celestina f Spanish, Italian
Latinate feminine form of Caelestinus.
Denisa f Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Albanian
Feminine form of Denis.
Denisse f Spanish (Latin American)
Spanish feminine form of Denis.
Ionela f Romanian
Romanian feminine form of John.
Leanne f English
Combination of Lee and Anne 1.
Lexy f English
Diminutive of Alexandra or Alexis.
Matylda f Czech, Polish
Czech and Polish form of Matilda.
Mélanie f French
French form of Melanie.
Melita f Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Melite. However, in the case of Queen Victoria's granddaughter Princess Victoria Melita (1876-1936), it was derived from Melita, the Latin name of the island country of Malta where she was born.
Stefani f English, Bulgarian
English variant and Bulgarian form of Stephanie. A notable bearer is Stefani Germanotta (1986-), an American singer better known as Lady Gaga.