Turnips4's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Adam m  definitely in top 5 
Adrian m  Middle Name 
Alice f  3rd Favorite 
Allegra f  used to hate - now I like it 
Anaïs f  Anna - ees 
Ariel m & f
Asha 1 f
Aveline f  in top 5 for girls... 
Benjamin m  nn Ben 
Elise f
Eloise f
Eric m  in top 5 for boys 
Evan m
Eve f
Gabriel m
Garrett m
Gavin m
Hazel f
Helena f  hel-AY-na 
Henry m  classic 
Ian m
Isaac m
Isabel f  family name 
Isla f  2nd favorite- love! 
Jackson m  nn Jack 
Johanna f
Katya f  so exotic - but cool! 
Laurel f
Lena f  NN for Magdalena 
Maeve f
Magdalena f
Margo f
Miles m
Olivia f  MN, sort of too popular for FN 
Peter m  Love the meaning 
Pierce m  kind of a twist on Peter... 
Rónán m  favorite for boys 
Rose f  Love this as a FN 
Rosemary f
Roxana f
Saskia f  same as Katya... 
Spencer m
Susanna f
Theodore m  nn Theo 
William m  nn Will; honoring 
Wren f