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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is Miss Claire.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Amadh f Jewish, Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish name. Could come from Amada or be an Arabic name integrated into the language.
Astruga f Judeo-Catalan, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Provençal, Medieval Jewish
Feminine form of Astruc. This name was also used as a Judeo-Spanish translation of Mazal.
Aydel f Jewish
Yiddish form of Adele, meaning "noble". See Eidel.
Bina f Yiddish, Hebrew
Yiddish name derived from bin(e) "bee", which was originally used as a translation of the Hebrew name Deborah, though it has since become associated with modern Hebrew bina "understanding".... [more]
Bonafilia f Jewish, Judeo-Spanish (Archaic), Judeo-Provençal (Archaic), Judeo-Catalan (Archaic), Medieval Jewish
Derived from Latin bona, the feminine form of the adjective bonus, "good; kind; noble" and filia "daughter".... [more]
Buena f Jewish, Spanish, Judeo-Spanish
Means "good" in Judeo-Spanish.
Bulissa f Jewish, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Greek
From the Hebrew baalat bayit ("mistress of the house"), which became baalas bayis / balabuste in Yiddish, and then was transformed into a Judeo-Spanish and Judeo-Greek name.
Chai m Hebrew
Means "alive, living" in Hebrew.
Gentile m & f Judeo-Italian, Judeo-Spanish
Probably a Judeo-Italian and Judeo-Spanish form of Yentl.
Leor m & f Hebrew (Rare), English
Variant transcription of Lior.
Mazal f & m Hebrew, Judeo-Spanish
Means "luck" in Hebrew.
Nissan m Hebrew
The seventh month of the Hebrew calendar and the first month of the ancient Hebrew calendar. The month of Pesach. The name was brought from the Babylonian exile and originates from the Akkadian word "Nisanu", from the Hebrew word for flower bud Nitzan, which blossoms in spring.
Shabbatai m Hebrew, Jewish
Derived from Hebrew shabbat, which is the name of the Hebrew day of rest. Shabbat (sabbath in English) means "rest" or "cessation", having ultimately been derived from the Hebrew verb shavat "to repose, to rest, to cease"... [more]
Shem-tov m Jewish
Means "(having a) good name, reputability" in Hebrew, meaning famous for a good reputation.
Sima f Hebrew, Jewish
Derived from Aramaic שים "what is entrusted", this name is usually translated as "treasure, collection of valuable objects".
Toba f Yiddish, Jewish
Variant of Toiba.