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Subject: Re: What do you think of these combos?
Author: kudriashkajo   (Authenticated as jodirae)
Date: October 5, 2012 at 1:15:30 PM
Reply to: What do you think of these combos? by Millie
Albert Hudson - Usually I like combos that combine old-school and trendy more, but this one not so much. I guess I just really don't like Albert.
Chanson Blake - Isn't that the french word for "song"? Are you pronouncing is CHAN-sen, just like it looks?
Edmund Tempest - Wow, cool. I hope he grows up to be a famous artist of some kind. Nice paring.
Elias Henry - Meh. Okay. I love Elias, but Henry's not helping him from where I stand.
Elijah Quinn - Great!
Edison Oscar - the S's feels a little repetitive, I guess because they are a bit close together for my liking. But that's just nit-picking, it's a fine combo.
Evan Andrew - I love Evan, but I don't like the repeated "an"
Finnegan Chase - Cool!!
Harrison Dane - Very handsome
Isaac Keith - sounds better the other way around: Keith Isaac
Max Seymour - the X and the S sound run right into each other. Again, nit-picky, but that always bothers me a bit.
Sebastian Wolfgang - very composer-y. I don't think I'd use both in the same combo
Sydney Alexander - Nicely done!
Tennyson Theodore - The alliteration looks nice. I don't love the length of both names together, but it's not bad. Tennyson Theo? Theo Tennyson?
Tobias James - very nice.
Weston Matthew - For some reason Weston sounds like he needs a 3-syllable name to me. Weston Elias?

Arianna Scout - I like the more masculine Scout to offset the frilly ARianna. Nice.
Bethan Kiara - It's okay. Neither of these names on their own does anything for me.
Eden Alexandra - Beautiful.
Elena Maxine - Also very nice.
Everly Rebekah - Everly is neat. Pretty sure there's something that would work better here than Rebekah. Maybe it's the two 3-syllable names that just isn't feeling right.
Georgina Grace - Nickname GG? Cute.
Henrietta Skye - A very nice pairing.
Jenna Lucia - The double -a endings don't sound great here.
Liliana Rae - Nice. Many would say Rae is filler, but I am partial to is because it is my middle name.
Matilda Alice - The last a of Matilda and the first a of Alice make it stutter-y
Melody Marie - Nice. Ms are a good letter for alliteration, in my opinion.
Natasha Eve - The way I have to move my tongue to start Eve makes it feel like I am over-enunciation. Too bad, otherwise I like it.
Roberta Brooke - Kinda bouncy with the Bs and Rs, but not bad, actually.
Roxana Riley - Nope. This just sounds bad to me.
Ruby Luna - Kind of makes me think cartoon character. Hm
Summer Daisy - too cheesy
Violet Indiana - I want to turn it around: Indiana Violet. Also, it's a little close to Violet and indigo.
Winter Ivy - again, a little cheesy

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