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Subject: Re: Names that you should theoretically like... but don't
Author: Caroline   (Authenticated as CarolineCarolina)
Date: March 31, 2013 at 1:13:38 PM
Reply to: Names that you should theoretically like... but don't by Catalina
When I consider my favorite names: Susannah, Louisa, Katherine, Eliza, Peter, William, James, Edward, it seems like I should love Sarah, Hannah, Michael, and Matthew, but I think these names are so PAINFULLY boring and common that they might as well not exist.

Things that also don't make sense:
I love Rebecca, but I can't stand Rachel.
I love Anna, but add some H to the front and back, and you get Hannah, and that is BORING.
I love utterly common names like Mary, Jane, and Anne, but again, Sarah is like nails on a chalk board.
I like old-fashioned short names Eve, Emily and Grace, yet I loathe Eva, Ava, and Ella.
I love Sylvia but hate Sophia.
I like queenly names like Elizabeth and (C)Katherine, but I despise Victoria.
..and for some reason I love Laurel and Lark but hate every other (non flower) nature name I can think of.
I can deal with Lily but Rose makes me nauseous.

I love Jack, but don't care for Jacob.
I love Charles and Thomas, but don't care overly much for the similar-in-style Andrew or Robert.
I love some biblical names like Samuel and Joshua, but Luke makes me sick.

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