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PronouncedPron.e-REE-kah SwedishNorwegian
E-ree-kah Finnish
E-ree-ka German
E-ree-kaw Hungarian
ER-!-kə English

Meaning & History

Feminine form of ERIK. It also coincides with the word for "heather" in some languages.
VariantErica Swedish
Masculine FormsEric, Erik Swedish Eirik, Erik Norwegian Erik Danish Eerik, Eerikki, Eero, Erik, Erkki Finnish Erich, Erik German Erik Hungarian Erik Czech Erik Slovene Erik Croatian Aric, Eric, Erick, Erik English
Other Languages & CulturesÉrica Portuguese
User SubmissionsÉrika, Ērika, Erika


American Horror Story characters, flowers, nature, pink, plants, Pokemon characters, Puella Magi Madoka Magica characters, retired Atlantic hurricane names, storms, white
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