Names Starting with Q

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There are 46 names matching your criteria.

QADIR   m   Arabic
Means "capable, powerful" in Arabic... [more]
QAMAR   m & f   Arabic
Means "moon" in Arabic.
QASIM   m   Arabic
Means "one who divides goods among his people", derived from Arabic قسم (qasama) "to share" or "to divide"... [more]
QIANA   f   African American (Modern)
From the word for the silk-like material, introduced by DuPont in 1968 and popular in the fashions of the 1970s.
QIANG   m   Chinese
Means "strength" in Chinese.
QILLAQ   m   Native American, Greenlandic
Means "seal hide" in Greenlandic.
QING   f & m   Chinese
Means "greenish blue" in Chinese.
QISMAT   m   Arabic
Means "fate" in Arabic.
QIU   m & f   Chinese
Means "autumn" in Chinese.
QUÂN   m   Vietnamese
Means "army" from Sino-Vietnamese .
QUANAH   m   Native American, Comanche
Means "fragrant" in the Comanche language... [more]
QUANG   m   Vietnamese
Means "clear" in Vietnamese.
QUANNA   f   African American (Rare)
Combination of the popular name prefix Qua and ANNA.
QUEEN   f   English
From an old nickname which was derived from the English word, ultimately from Old English cwen meaning "woman, wife".
QUEENIE   f   English
Diminutive of QUEEN
QUENTIN   m   French, English
French form of the Roman name QUINTINUS... [more]
QUERALT   f   Catalan
From the name of a Spanish sanctuary (in Catalonia) which is devoted to the Virgin Mary.
QUETZALCOATL   m   Aztec and Toltec Mythology
Means "feathered snake" in Nahuatl, derived from quetzalli "feather" and coatl "snake"... [more]
QUIDEL   m   Native American, Mapuche
Means "burning torch" in Mapuche.
QUIM   m   Portuguese, Catalan
Short form of JOAQUIM
QUIN   m   English (Rare)
Variant of QUINN
QUINCEY   m   English (Rare)
Variant of QUINCY
QUINCY   m   English
From a surname which was derived (via the place name CUINCHY) from the given name QUINTUS... [more]
QUINLAN   m   English (Rare)
From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Caoinlean meaning "descendant of Caoinlean"... [more]
QUINN   m & f   Irish, English
From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Cuinn meaning "descendant of CONN".
QUINTELLA   f   English (Rare)
Feminine diminutive of QUINTUS
QUINTEN   m   English, Dutch
Variant and Dutch form of QUENTIN
QUINTILIAN   m   History
From the Roman cognomen Quintilianus, which was itself derived from the Roman name QUINTILLUS... [more]
QUINTILIANUS   m   Ancient Roman
Original Latin form of QUINTILIAN
QUINTILLUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman cognomen derived from the given name QUINTUS.
QUINTIN   m   English
Variant of QUENTIN
QUINTINA   f   Ancient Roman
Feminine form of QUINTINUS
QUINTINUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman cognomen which was originally derived from QUINTUS.
QUINTON   m   English
Variant of QUENTIN, also coinciding with an English surname meaning "queen's town" in Old English.
QUINTUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman praenomen, or given name, meaning "fifth" in Latin... [more]
QUIQUE   m   Spanish
Diminutive of ENRIQUE
QUIRIJN   m   Dutch
Dutch form of QUIRINUS
QUIRIN   m   German
German form of QUIRINUS
QUIRINA   f   Late Roman
Feminine form of QUIRINUS
QUIRINO   m   Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of QUIRINUS
QUIRINUS   m   Roman Mythology, Late Roman
Possibly derived from the Sabine word quiris meaning "spear"... [more]
QUSAY   m   Arabic
Possibly derived from Arabic قصي (qasi) meaning "distant"... [more]
QUÝ   f & m   Vietnamese
Means "precious" in Vietnamese.
QUYỀN   m   Vietnamese
Means "power, right" from Sino-Vietnamese .