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Subject: Re: February top 10
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: February 2, 2011 at 12:26 PM
Reply to: Re: February top 10 by mclo327

Lydia Seraphine - What a gorgeous, romantic combination.

Evangeline Maeve - Simply beautiful.

Aurelie Gisele - Decidedly Parisian and very, very posh.

Josephine Calista - I like both names (though I prefer the spelling Callista), but I don't think they go together.

Cordelia Fleur - Even though I don't like Cordelia, this is a great combo.

Jane Eulalia - I L-O-V-E Jane, and like Eulalia, though I never would've thought to pair them together. It's definitely interesting.

Maia Beatrix - Divine!

Amelia Clare - A little lower-key than most of the other combos, but still very, very pretty.

Dorothy Hannah - After the awesomeness of the previous combos, this one feels like a letdown. I've never liked Dorothy (no matter how much I may love the Wizard of Oz), it has just always been a harsh name to me. And Hannah is rather... boring. (Then again, this could be a personal matter--I know about as many Hannahs as I know Emilys, Ashleys, and Brittanys. Which is a lot.)

Alice Naomi - I have never been able to get into Alice. I can see it's appeal to others, but for me it has no... spark. However, I think Naomi helps this combo out in that department, because Naomi is a really, really cool name.

Peter Sebastian - Never really liked Peter, but I do like Sebastian, and I think they go well together.

Owen Rhys - Awesome Celtic combo!

Tristan Rory - Tristan is great. Rory... not so much. It sounds too much like a nickname.

Samuel Benjamin - I personally don't care for Samuel, but this is far from a bad combo.

Kieran Joel - I love Kieran, but I don't think Joel goes well with it.

Riordan Monroe - Another combo of Celtic awesomeness!

Peyton Jack - Can't stand Peyton on either gender. Sorry.

Graham Jasper - This sounds almost like English nobility. Perhaps *too* sophisticated?

Declan Oliver - Never would've thought to pair Oliver with Declan, but I like it!

Max Lorcan - Sounds like the protagonist of a fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal novel. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

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