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Swedish January BAs
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I only like Luna, Vera and Sia. I like, from the boysJames Torbjörn Fenris
Frans (Klara)
Albert Erik
Alvar (Hilda)
Milian (Alva; My; Nova)
Enzo (Loui)
Niilas (Signe; Clara)
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My favorites are Wilhelm, Frans & Klara, Alvar & Hilda, Walter, and Elda Vilhelmina.
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My kind of list, obviously...Wilhelm - like it, but prefer it spelled with a V
James Torbjörn Fenris - I love James, but the others? No thanks
Elliot (Isabella; Olivia) - I love Elliot, and might have named my son this if I didn't already have a bunny named Elliot
Frans (Klara) - Love both names, did consider using Frans and will consider using Klara if I ever have a daughter
Lave - Like it
Albert Erik - Sounds boring together, but Albert is alright. Hate Erik.
Alvar (Hilda) - Another name I considered for my son, so I obviously like it
Vincent (Alexander) - Love both. For two weeks or so during my pregnancy I was convinced that I was going to name him Vincent. Alexander is one of his MN's
Walter (Tyra) - both alright, but probably not for me
Lukas - An old love of mine that suddenly felt a bit boring when I was about to name my own baby. Prefer it spelled Lucas
Åke - Nope.
Milian (Alva; My; Nova) - Love it, and planned on naming my son Maximilian or Milian for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy.
Enzo (Loui) - Too italian for me, but Loui is alright. Prefer Louie though

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James Torbjörn Fenris is very fascinating: James sticks out as an English classic while Torbjörn and Fenris are so Scandinavian (and quite pompous put together). And yet, I kind of like it (in a GP way). I hope James is pronounced in the English way: if it's pronounced as YAH-mehs, then it ruins the combo to me.I also like this names:Wilhelm
Albert Erik
Alvar (Hilda)
Vincent (Alexander)
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