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Subject: Re: Birds Congratulations Game: Child Four’s Fam
Author: Zhara   (Authenticated as lunarangel13)
Date: January 24, 2020 at 1:52:25 PM
Reply to: Birds Congratulations Game: Child Four’s Fam by Belphoebe
The Amsel Family

DH: Bram Wyatt Amsel
DW: Vera Isabella (Wronski) Amsel

DD: Rosemary Katelyn (Amsel) Arnicks
-DH: Heath Ernest Arnicks
--DD: Thalia Hope Arnicks
--DS: Edmund Ryan Arnicks
DD: Felicity Elise (Amsel) Nile
-DH: Stephan Armand Nile
--DS: Noah Dexter Nile
--DD: Yasmin Brooke Nile
--DS: Remy Oliver Nile
--DD: Winnie Nadine Nile
DS: Alistair Christian Amsel
-DW: Christina Holly (Rupert) Amsel
--DS: Ronan Onyx Amsel
--DS: Murphy Ivan Amsel
--DD: Talulla Edie Amsel
DS: Reginald Aiden Amsel
-DW: Savannah (Nett) Amsel
--DS: Orion Wilbur Amsel
--DS: Yves Orson Amsel
--DS: Wesley Lionel Amsel
DS/DS: Nicholas Otto & Sullivan Henry Amsel

Bram & Vera Amsel;
Rosie, Lizzie, Issy, Ned, Nick & Sully
Rose & Heath Arnicks:
Thalia & Edmund

Liz & Stephan Nile;
Noah, Yasmin, Remy & Winnie

Alistair & Tina Amsel;
Ronan, Murphy & Talulla

Reginald & Savannah Amsel;
Orion, Yves & Wesley

"I have nothing to prove to you." - Carol Danvers
"Be with me." - Rey Skywalker

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