Names Categorized "clarity"

This is a list of names in which the categories include clarity.
Aki 2 f Japanese
From Japanese (aki) meaning "clear, crystal", (aki) meaning "bright, light, clear" or (aki) meaning "autumn". It can also come from (a) meaning "second, Asia" combined with (ki) meaning "hope". Other kanji or combinations of kanji can form this name too.
Akira m & f Japanese
From Japanese (akira) meaning "bright", (akira) meaning "bright" or (akira) meaning "clear". Other kanji with the same pronunciation can also form this name. A famous bearer was the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998), given name written .
Albus m Ancient Roman
Roman cognomen meaning "white, bright" in Latin.
Ayan 2 f & m Azerbaijani, Kazakh
Means "clear, obvious, revelation" in Kazakh and Azerbaijani, from Arabic عيان ('iyan) meaning "witnessing, seeing, clear", a derivative of عاين ('ayana) meaning "to see". It is feminine in Azerbaijan and masculine in Kazakhstan.
Ayana 2 f Kazakh
Feminine form of Ayan 2.
Aydın m Turkish
Means "bright, clear" in Turkish.
Ayelen f Mapuche
From Mapuche ayelen "laughing", ayliñ "clear" or aylen "ember".
Belgin f Turkish
Means "clear" in Turkish.
Berrak f Turkish
Means "clear" in Turkish.
Clair m French, English
French form of Clarus (see Clara).
Claire f French, English
French form of Clara. This was a common name in France throughout the 20th century, though it has since been eclipsed there by Clara. It was also very popular in the United Kingdom, especially in the 1970s.
Clara f German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Catalan, Romanian, English, Swedish, Danish, Late Roman
Feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus, which meant "clear, bright, famous". The name Clarus was borne by a few early saints. The feminine form was popularized by the 13th-century Saint Clare of Assisi (called Chiara in Italian), a friend and follower of Saint Francis, who left her wealthy family to found the order of nuns known as the Poor Clares.... [more]
Clarity f English (Rare)
Simply means "clarity, lucidity" from the English word, ultimately from Latin clarus "clear".
Clarus m Late Roman
Masculine Latin form of Clara. This was the name of several early saints.
Crystal f English
From the English word crystal for the clear, colourless glass, sometimes cut into the shape of a gemstone. The English word derives ultimately from Greek κρύσταλλος (krystallos) meaning "ice". It has been in use as a given name since the 19th century.
Diamond f English (Rare), African American (Modern)
From the English word diamond for the clear colourless precious stone, the traditional birthstone of April. It is derived from Late Latin diamas, from Latin adamas, which is of Greek origin meaning "unconquerable, unbreakable".
Diyar m & f Kurdish
Means "apparent, visible, clear" in Kurdish.
Djoser m Ancient Egyptian
From Egyptian ḏsr meaning "splendour, glory". This was the name of the founding pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty of Egypt's Old Kingdom (27th century BC).
Duru f & m Turkish
Means "clear, lucid" in Turkish.
Dzidra f Latvian
Derived from Latvian dzidrs meaning "clear".
Epiphany f English (Rare)
From the name of the Christian festival (January 6) that commemorates the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus. It is also an English word meaning "sudden appearance" or "sudden perception", ultimately deriving from Greek ἐπιφάνεια (epiphaneia) meaning "manifestation".
Garbi f Basque
Means "clean, pure" in Basque.
Giedrius m Lithuanian
Derived from Lithuanian giedras meaning "clear, serene".
Heidrun f Norse Mythology, German
Derived from Old Norse heiðr meaning "bright, clear" and rún meaning "secret lore, rune". In Norse mythology this was the name of a goat that would eat the leaves from the tree of life and produce mead in her udder.
Jasna f Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian
Derived from South Slavic jasno meaning "clearly, obviously".
Jing m & f Chinese
From Chinese (jìng) meaning "quiet, still, gentle", (jīng) meaning "essence, spirit", (jīng) meaning "clear, crystal" or (jīng) meaning "capital city". Other characters can also form this name.
Kailash m Hindi, Marathi
From the name of a mountain in the Himalayas that is believed to be the paradise of the Hindu god Shiva. It possibly means "crystal" in Sanskrit.
Kiyo f Japanese
From Japanese (kiyo) meaning "clear, pure, clean" or other homophonic words. This was a popular name in the Edo period and remained common until the early 20th century, at which time it was usually spelled using katakana.
Ligeia f Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek λιγύς (ligys) meaning "clear-voiced, shrill, whistling". This was the name of one of the Sirens in Greek legend. It was also used by Edgar Allan Poe in his story Ligeia (1838).
Mubin m Arabic
Means "clear, distinct" in Arabic.
Prasad m Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Odia, Bengali, Nepali
Means "brightness, clearness, graciousness, offering" in Sanskrit. This is a word referring to an offering of food made to a deity.
Prasanna m Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Odia, Hindi
Means "clear, bright, tranquil" in Sanskrit.
Quispe m & f Quechua (Hispanicized)
From Quechua qispi meaning "free" or q'ispi meaning "glass".
Ragnheiðr f Old Norse
Old Norse name meaning "bright advice", derived from the elements regin "advice, counsel" and heiðr "bright, clear".
Ramprasad m Bengali, Hindi, Marathi
Means "clearness of Rama" from the name of the Hindu deity Rama 1 combined with Sanskrit प्रसाद (prasada) meaning "clearness, brightness". This name was borne by the Bengali poet Ramprasad Sen (c. 1723-1781).
Safaa' f & m Arabic
Means "serenity, clarity" in Arabic.
Serena f English, Italian, Late Roman
From a Late Latin name that was derived from Latin serenus meaning "clear, tranquil, serene". This name was borne by an obscure early saint. Edmund Spenser also used it in his poem The Faerie Queene (1590). A famous bearer from the modern era is tennis player Serena Williams (1981-).
Skaidrīte f Latvian
Derived from Latvian skaidrs meaning "clear, bright".
Sorcha f Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Means "radiant, bright" in Irish. It has been in use since late medieval times. It is sometimes Anglicized as Sarah (in Ireland) and Clara (in Scotland).
Vedran m Croatian, Serbian
Means "clear, cheerful" in Croatian and Serbian.
Vida 3 f Persian
Means "visible" in Persian.
Yasen m Bulgarian
Means both "ash tree" and "clear, serene" in Bulgarian.
Zaahir 2 m Arabic
Means "clear, evident, manifest, outward" in Arabic. In Islamic tradition الظاهر (al-Zahir) is one of the 99 names of Allah.
Zazil f Mayan
Means "clear, light, clarity" in Yucatec Maya. Zazil Há was a 16th-century Maya woman who married the Spanish shipwreck survivor Gonzalo Guerrero.