Names Categorized "rare Dutch"

This is a list of names in which the categories include rare Dutch.
Ambroos m Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Ambrosius (see Ambrose).
Augustus m Ancient Roman, Dutch (Rare)
Means "exalted, venerable", derived from Latin augere meaning "to increase". Augustus was the title given to Octavian, the first Roman emperor. He was the adopted son of Julius Caesar who rose to power through a combination of military skill and political prowess. In 26 BC the senate officially gave him the name Augustus, and after his death it was used as a title for subsequent emperors. This was also the name of three kings of Poland (August in Polish).
Damiaan m Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Damian.
Diantha f Dutch (Rare), English (Rare)
From dianthus, the name of a type of flower (ultimately from Greek meaning "heavenly flower").
Hadewych f Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Hedwig.
Marijse f Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Marise.
Staas m Dutch (Rare)
Dutch short form of Anastasius or Eustachius.