Sorbian Names

Sorbian names are used in Lusatia in eastern Germany.
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ARNOŠT m Czech, Sorbian
Czech and Sorbian form of ERNEST.
JAN (1) m Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Polish, Slovene, German, Catalan, Sorbian
Form of JOHANNES. This name was borne by the 15th-century Flemish painter Jan van Eyck and the 17th-century Dutch painter Jan Vermeer.
JURIJ m Slovene, Sorbian
Slovene and Sorbian form of GEORGE.
MARJA f Finnish, Sorbian, Dutch
Finnish and Sorbian form of MARIA, as well as a Dutch variant. It also means "berry" in Finnish.
WERONIKA f Polish, Sorbian
Polish and Sorbian form of VERONICA.