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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is June; and the birth day is 11
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Adrienne BarbeauNotable Actors and Actresses
Alois, Hereditary Prince of LiechtensteinOther Royalty
Anwar OshanaNotable Athletes
Barry PafNotable Hosts and Presenters
Ben JonsonNotable Writers
Brad JacobsOlympic Medalists
Carmine CoppolaNotable Musicians
Charilaos TrikoupisGreek Prime Ministers
Charle CournoyerOlympic Medalists
Demetri GoodsonNotable Athletes
Diana TaurasiNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Doris FuchsNotable Athletes
Eleanor DanielOlympic Medalists
Ernie NeversHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Eryk WilliamsonNotable Athletes
Fabiola of BelgiumOther Royalty
Gene WilderNotable Actors and Actresses
Greg HolmesNotable Athletes
Henrik, Prince Consort of DenmarkOther Royalty
Hugh LaurieNotable Actors and Actresses
Hugo WieslanderOlympic Medalists
Jacques CousteauNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Jasen MesićNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jessica FoxOlympic Medalists
Joe MontanaHall-of-Famers, Most Valuable Players, Notable Athletes
John ConstableNotable Artists
John TuiNotable Actors and Actresses
Joshua JacksonNotable Actors and Actresses
Kim GallagherOlympic Medalists
Lalka BerberovaOlympic Medalists
Lennie NiehausNotable Musicians
Łukasz PawłowskiOlympic Medalists
Lynsey de PaulNotable Musicians
Marijan BenešNotable Athletes
Maya MooreNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Mehmet OzNotable Hosts and Presenters
Mentor WilliamsNotable Musicians
Mika AlataloOlympic Medalists
Mingiyan SemenovOlympic Medalists
Nahuel Tetaz ChaparroNotable Athletes
Peter DinklageNotable Actors and Actresses
Richard StraussNotable Musicians
Richmond MutumbamiNotable Athletes
Robin WarrenNobel Prize Winners
Roger BresnahanHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Shia LaBeoufNotable Actors and Actresses
Thom de GraafNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Tiffany CohenOlympic Medalists
Tom PryceNotable Athletes
Tõnu EndreksonOlympic Medalists
Ulrika BergmanOlympic Medalists
Valter MatoševićNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Vendela Zachrisson-SanténOlympic Medalists
Vera KomisovaOlympic Medalists
Vince LombardiHall-of-Famers
William StyronNotable Writers, Pulitzer Award Winners
Kawabata YasunariNobel Prize Winners
Yuriy SedykhOlympic Medalists