afmastro's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Anaïs f
Angus m
Calista f  Cali, Callie or Calla 
Calvin m
Cecily f
Celeste f & m
Daphne f
Delfina f
Delphine f  Delphi 
Duncan m  from Baby Name Expert-wish there was no Dunkin Donuts assocation. 
Effie 1 f  as as nn for Euphemia 
Eugénie f
Euphemia f
Fatima f
Felicity f
Felix m  Concerned it begins w/ F, like my daughter's name. 
Ferdinand m
Fergus m
Fiona f  My daughter's name. Was my 2nd choice. Born 02/02/2007 
Flavia f
Frank m
Giada f  Close 3rd choice for my daughter. 
Greta f  First choice for my daughter, but my DH nixed it. 
Hank m  from Baby Name Expert 
Hugh m
Ione f  Like EYE-OH-NEE pronouciation. *New favorite.* 
Isolde f
Junia f
Leopold m
Linus m
Louis m  Saw on commercial. Forgot about. A rare sleeping classic for boys. 
Louisa f
Lucy f  A little concerned about it's popularity - it is top 10 in the UK, and could follow here in US. 
Martha f
Maxwell m  For years this is what I wanted to name my first boy. Now concerned with its popularity. 
Minerva f
Noor 1 f & m
Nora 1 f
Oona f
Oscar m
Owen 1 m
Paul m  Pappy's fn, Brother's mn. GGrandfather's mn. 
Peter m
Petra f
Ramón m  from Baby Name Expert 
Rex m  from Baby Name Expert- drawback's 1. the dog association. 2. Rex Kwan Do from Napoleon Dynomite 
Rupert m
Russell m
Silvestra f
Simon 1 m  from Baby Name Expert 
Spencer m
Stuart m
Susannah f
Sylvester m
Sylvie f
Thaddeus m
Tova 2 f
Vera 1 f
Verena f
Viola f
Zoe f