Pet Submitted Names

These names are most commonly given to pets: dogs, cats, etc.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aethenoth m Folklore, Pet
Likely a variant or corruption of Æthelnoð. This was the name of the horse of Lady Godiva who rode down the streets of Coventry, England in the nude.
Bolt m Popular Culture, Pet
An animated dog being the title hero in the movie 'Bolt' (2008). The name comes from a lightning bolt mark on his side.
Bucephalus m Pet, Ancient Greek, Literature
Means "ox-head" in Ancient Greek. From the Ancient Greek βούς (bous) 'ox' and κεφαλή (kephalē) 'head'. ... [more]
Câlin m Pet
From French "câlin" meaning "hug".
Ferox m Ancient Roman, Pet
A Roman cognomen, meaning "wild, savage, ferocious." In his work De Re Rustica, the 1st century Roman writer Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella recommends this as a good name for dogs.
Fluffy m & f Pet, Literature
In HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S/PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, Fluffy was the monstrous guard dog.
Harambe m Popular Culture, Pet
The name of a western lowland gorilla that was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in May 2016. He was named for Rita Marley's song "Harambe" (1988), which was taken from Swahili harambee meaning "communal labour" or "pull together".
Laika f Popular Culture, Pet
Means "barker" in Russian. This was the name of a Soviet dog who became one of the first animals to go to space.
Maruko f & m Japanese, Pet
From 丸子 (maruko) the Japanese word for round goldfish from comes from combining 丸 (maru) meaning "round" with 子 (ko) meaning "child".
Meeko m & f Popular Culture, Pet
This is the name of Pocahontas’ pet raccoon in the Disney movie.
Mittens m & f Pet
Possibly from the word mittens. This is a common name for cats.
Mozzy f & m Pet (Rare)
Variant of Mozzie.
Muezza f Arabic, Pet
Means "to care about others, one who comforts". The name of the prophet Muhammad's favourite cat.
Ocha m & f Pet
From Japanese ocha, a type of Japanese green tea.
Pongo m Popular Culture, Pet
The name of a character (a dog) in Disney's 101 Dalmatians.
Pyewacket m & f Literature, Popular Culture, Pet
An imp in form of a dog reported by Mathew Hopkins in his 1647 pamphlet "The Discovery of Witches". Also the cat familiar of the witch in the 1958 movie Bell, Book and Candle.
Rocinante m Pet, Literature
Means "nag; old horse" in Spanish. This is the name of Don Quixote's horse.
Solembum m Literature, Pet
"A wise person who listens well. Sometimes mysterious." Found in the INHERITANCE CYCLE- a were-cat (cat that can change into human) has the name
Tigrou m Pet
From French tigre meaning "tiger".
Tinku f Pet
Japanese pet name. Borrowed from English tink or twink.