Western African Submitted Names

Western African names include those from Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Seihia f Tiv
The name Originates from Tiv and it means "Peaceful Bird" or "One of a kind"
Seko m & f Western African
child of the sun
Sekou m Fula
Fula form of the Arabic title Sheikh.
Seku m Fula
Older form of Sekou.
Sele f & m Ijaw
Means "judge or plan carefully" in Ijaw.
Seledebo m & f Ijaw
Means "the chosen one" in Ijaw.
Selekumo m Ijaw
Means "don't abound me" in Dagbani.
Sélom m Western African
Komi Sélom Klassou is Prime Minister of Togo.
Selom m & f Western African
A Western African name used for both genders.
Selorm m & f Western African, Ewe
Means "God loves me" or "divine love" in Ewe.
Semshak m African, Nigerian, Ngas
A common name used among the Jos Plateau people of Nigeria. Meaning "stay together"
Sereba m & f Akan
Means "silver" in Akan.
Serval m Western African
Directly taken from the name of the African cat species.
Shadari m Hausa
Means "born during the cold season" in Hausa.
Shanono m & f Hausa
Means "drink milk" in Hausa. This name is traditionally given to a child born when calves are being delivered.
Sharifiya f Hausa
Means "born during Ramadan" in Hausa.
Shekarau m Hausa
From the Hausa shḕkarà meaning “spend the year”.
Shibkan m Hausa
Means "beans in the sowing season" in Hausa.
Shitobu m Dagbani
"Name of the founder of Dagbong Kingdom"
Siaka m Western African
Siaka, meaning ''chief'', was the one who made the tribes in primarily West Africa. In old culture every family had to name at least one son Siaka.
Sibiri m Dagbani
"Saturday Born" Sibdoo
Siendou m Manding
This name is originally from the Arabic name Said. Among West Africa's Manding people, mainly in Northern Cote d'Ivoire in places like Kong, Dabakala, Satama Sokura and Sokoro. A variant of the name in Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea where the same Mande people with differing dialects live, Seydou... [more]
Síilene m & f Bandial
Means "they (cows) make (birds) fly" in Bandial.
Simi f Yoruba
Short form of Simidele.
Simidele f Yoruba
Means "follow me home" in Yoruba. ... [more]
Sinmiloluwa f & m Yoruba
Means "rest in the lord" in Yoruba.
Sípimbore m & f Bandial
Means "they (cows) face each other" in Bandial.
Sira f Ogoni
Means "first daughter" in Khana.
Sirlord m Western African
Probably composed from the English words sir and lord.
Somtochukwu f & m Western African, Igbo
Means "praise God with me" in Igbo.
Sona f Western African
Meaning unknown.... [more]
Sonomo f & m Ijaw
Means "seven" in Ijaw. It is typically given to a seventh child, or a child born prematurely in the seventh month.
Sope m & f Yoruba
Means "be grateful" in Yoruba.
Sordum f & m Ogoni
Means "time of life" in Khana.
Sorle f & m Ogoni
Khana for "there's time" (as in, you have time to do something)... [more]
Sorniabari f & m Ogoni
Means "when it pleases God" in Khana, (when it pleases God for him to do something, like "God's time")... [more]
Soumaïla m Western African
Form of Isma'il used in parts of French-influenced western Africa (particularly Mali).
Sowunmi m Yoruba, African
Means "the sorcerer is attractive to me" in Yoruba.
Sroda f Western African
Means "respect".
Suanu f & m Ogoni
Means "wisdom, knowledge" in Khana.
Suglo m & f Dagbani
Means "patience" in Dagbani.
Sugrinongma m & f Mossi
Means "patience is sweet" in Mossi, spoken in Burkina Faso.
Suhidoo m & f Dagbani
Means "peace" in Dagbani.
Suhipelli m & f Dagbani
Means "happiness" in Dagbani.
Suhiyini m & f Dagbani
it literally means one heart, denoting `clean heart`
Sulaimanu m Hausa
Hausa form of Solomon.
Sulemanu m Hausa
Hausa form of Solomon.
Sulola f Yoruba
Of Yoruba origin, but the meaning of the name is yet unknown to me.
Sunebari m & f Ogoni
Means "give to God" in Khana.
Sunubai f & m Ijaw
Means "born on Sunday" in Ijaw.
Suoton f Ijaw
Means "as planned" in Ijaw.
Suoyo f & m Ijaw
Means "profit or gain" in Ijaw.
Swaa m Bariba
Means "road" in Bariba, this name is given to a child born on a journey.
Taali-mbo f & m Dagbani
Means "thank you so much" in Dagbani.
Tabi m Akan
Meaning unknown.
Tahama m & f Dagbani
Means "hope" in Dagbani.
Tahirou m Western African
Western African elaboration of Tahir.
Taio m Yoruba, Papuan
Variant of Tayo 1. A famous bearer is the singer Taio Cruz.
Talatu f Hausa
From the Hausa Tàlātā̀ meaning "Tuesday”.
Tamaha f & m Dagbani
Means "hope" in Dagbani.
Tamaralaifa f & m Western African, Ijaw
Means "there's none like God" in Ijaw.
Tamuno-imim m Ijaw
Means "there is God" in Ijaw.
Tamunonemi m Western African, Kalabari
Means "wisdom of God" in Kalabari, spoken in Nigeria.
Tamunotonye m & f Western African, Ijaw
Means "God's will" or "God's favour" in Ijaw.
Tanko m Hausa
Name given to a boy born after many girls.
Tarana f Hausa
Given for females who are born during the day.
Tari f & m Western African, Ijaw
Means "love" in Ijaw.
Taribi m & f Ijaw
Means "ask for or seek love" in Ijaw.
Tariere f Ijaw
Means "the loved woman" in Ijaw.
Tarimbele m & f Ijaw
Means "love is sweet" in Ijaw.
Tariperedei m & f Ijaw
Means "love has been given to me" in Ijaw.
Tasalla f Hausa
From the Hausa ta meaning “of” and sallā̀ meaning "prayer, religious holiday”.
Taweh m Western African, Vai (Rare)
Means "go there!" in Vai, spoken in Liberia.
Tawia f Western African (Archaic)
Tawia mean "born after twins"
Tayo m & f Yoruba
Means "worth joy" in Yoruba. It is often used as a short form of names ending in tayo, such as Olatayo.
Teawa m & f Akan
Means "the slim one" in Akan.
Tejumola f Yoruba
Means "one who looks forward to better days" in Yoruba.
Tekena f & m Ijaw
Means "hear my plea" in Ijaw.
Temilola f Yoruba
Means "mine is wealth" in Yoruba.
Temiloluwa m & f Yoruba
Means "God is mine" in Yoruba.
Temitayo f & m Yoruba
Means "mine is worthy of joy" in Yoruba.
Tenabaabi m & f Akan
Means "just stay at a place" in Akan.
Teniayo f Yoruba
Means "foundation of joy" in Yoruba.
Tersoo m Tiv
Tersoo means "the father,like"
Tidiane m Western African
From a French word used to refer to a follower of Tijaniyyah, a Sufi order that originated in Northern Africa.
Tidiya m & f Dagbani
"It means we have won"
Tiekuromo f & m Ijaw
Means "let's stand firmly" in Ijaw.
Tienepre f Ijaw
Stand for me
Tijani m & f Hausa
Means "gift" in Hausa.
Tijani m & f Yoruba
Means "unmatched greatness" in Yoruba.
Tima m Efik
Means "remember love" in Efik.
Timidi m Ijaw
Means "live to see" or "witness" in Ijaw.
Timieri m & f Ijaw
Means "live to see" in Ijaw.
Timtooni m & f Dagbani
it literally means move forward denoting prosper
Tinnie f & m Igbo
Used for very small children.
Tipagya f & m Dagbani
Means "we thank God" in Dagbani.
Tiri f & m Western African, Ijaw
Means "outsider" in Ijaw.
Titi f Yoruba
Means "forever" in Yoruba and is typically a short form for names starting with Titi such as Titilayo.
Titilola f & m African, Yoruba
Means "wealth is forever" in Yoruba.
Tiyamiyu m Yoruba
Mans "my mother is the dearest" in Kwa.
Tiyumba m & f Dagbani
Means "let's love them" in Dagbani.
Tiyumtaba m & f Dagbani (Modern)
Meaning: "Let's love one another"
Toba m Yoruba
Short form of Oloruntuba.
Tobechukwu m Igbo
Means "praise God" in Igbo.
Tokoni f Ijaw
Means "praise" in Ijaw.
Tokunbo m & f Yoruba
Means "returned from overseas". It is often given to children born abroad and brought home.
Tolulope f & m Yoruba
Means "to the Lord be Praise" in Yoruba.
Toluwanimi m & f Yoruba
Means "I belong to God" in Yoruba.
Tomi m Western African, Kalarbari
Means "the people" in Kalarbari, spoken in Nigeria.
Tomi f Nigerian
Nigerian for "sufficient"
Tonye m & f Ijaw
Short form of Ayibatonye.
Tor m Tiv
Means "king" in Tiv.
Toroabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "thank god" in Ibibio.
Tosin m & f Western African, Yoruba
Short form of Oluwatosin.
Toyin f & m Western African, Yoruba
Means "worthy of praise" in Yoruba. It is also used as a short form of Oluwatoyin.
Toyosi m & f Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "something to rejoice about" in Yoruba, also used as a short form for other names ending in -toyosi including Olutoyosi or Oluwatoyosi.
Tsofo m Hausa
Means "old" in Hausa.
Tuburuode m Western African, Ijaw
Means "they have moved northward" in Ijaw.
Tunau m Hausa
Means "remember" in Hausa.
Tunde m Yoruba
Means "returned again" in Yoruba, more often used as a short form of other Yoruba names ending in tunde, such as Babatunde and Olatunde.
Tuntum m Akan
Means "the black" in Akan.
Turai f Hausa
Name given to a girl born on a Tuesday.
Tutu m & f Western African, South African
Means "cliff dweller".
Ubonemem m & f Efik (Modern)
Means "offspring of peace" in Efik.
Ubong m & f Efik
Means "my glory" in Efik.
Uche f & m Igbo
Means "wisdom, intention, common sense, will" in Igbo. ... [more]
Uchechukwu m & f Igbo, African
Based on the IGBO belief in a Supreme deity, Chukwu whose decision or will is final in the determination of human fate or destiny. It is a combination of two words of the Igbo (IBO), language, UCHE (WISH,WILL,THOUGHT) and CHUKWU (GOD)... [more]
Uchenna m & f Igbo
Of unknown meaning.... [more]
Udemeobong m Efik
Means "my share from God" in Efik.
Udo m Efik
Means "second son" in Efik.
Udofia m Efik
Means "fourth son" in Efik.
Udofia m Ibibio
Means "third son" in Ibibio.
Udofot m Efik
Means "fourth son" in Efik.
Udoh m Efik
Means "second son" in Efik.
Udoh-udoh m Efik
Means "third son" in Efik.
Udom m Efik
Means "right" in Efik.
Udonna m Igbo
Means "Father's Peace" in Igbo.
Udonne f Igbo
Means "Mother's Peace" in Igbo.
Uduakabasi m & f Ibibio, Efik
Means "will of God" in Ibibio and Efik.
Uduma m Igbo
The name means serenity, quietness. It's derived from the deity god of river, Uduma mmiri. A deity believed to be responsible for maintaining stillness of the waters in ohafia community in Igbo race.
Ufot m Efik
Means "third son" in Efik.
Ugo m & f Igbo
It means "Eagle". Other forms are Ugochukwu or Ugochi meaning "Eagle of God", and Ugonna meaning "Eagle of the Father".
Ugonna m Igbo
Meaning "eagle of the father" or "father's glory" in Igbo.
Ugwu m Igbo
From Igbo Ùgwù meaning "respect; reverence; dignity" or Úgwú meaning "hill, mountain; highland" or also "north". ... [more]
Uke m Igbo
God's Blessing/ Igbo Origin
Ukeme f Efik
Means "ability" in Efik.
Ukeme m Ibibio
Means "strength" in Ibibio.
Ukoakpan m Ibibio
Means "brave first son" in Ibibio.
Ukpahyugoco m & f Agatu
Means "power of God" in Agatu.
Ukpong m & f Efik
Ukpono m & f Ibibio
Means "respect" in Ibibio.
Ukume f Nigerian
"Ukume" means "sound of rain in water/ river" in nigerian
Uloma f Igbo
Means "beautiful home" in Igbo.
Ulu f Igbo
Given for the second-born female.
Umoh m & f Western African, Ibibio
Means "wealth" in Ibibio.
Umoh m & f Efik
Means "born during a festival" in Efik.
Unwana m & f Ibibio
Means "light" in Ibibio.
Unwanaabasi m Efik
Means "Lord's light" in Efik.
Urenna f Igbo
Means "father's pride" in Igbo.
Usen m Efik
Means "the day" in Efik.
Usorọ m & f Ibibio, Efik
Means "festival" in Ibibio and Efik.
Usuman m Hausa
Hausa form of Osman.
Usumanu m Hausa
Hausa form of Uthman.
Utibe m Efik
Means "marvelous: wonderful" in Efik.
Utibeima f Nigerian
The name means wonderful love in ibibio. Ibibio is an ethnic group in Nigeria
Utin m & f Ibibio
Means "sun" in Ibibio.
Uwa f Hausa
Means "mother" in Hausa.
Uwem m & f Ibibio, Efik
Means "life" in Ibibio and Efik.
Uwemediemoh m & f Efik
Means "health is wealth" in Efik.
Uwemedimoh m & f Efik
Means "life is wealth" in Efik,
Uyai f Efik
Means "beauty" in Efik.
Uyobong m Efik
Means "God's voice" in Efik.
Uzo f & m Nigerian
Short form of Uzoamaka.
Uzoaku f Igbo
Means "a way to wealth" in Igbo.
Uzoamaka f Igbo, African
Means "a good path" in Igbo.
Uzoamani f Igbo
Means "the road to aspirations" in Igbo.
Uzoechina m & f Igbo
Means "let the road not be closed" in Igbo.
Uzondu m Igbo
Means "way/road of life" in Igbo.
Valsero m Western African
Created from Serval by inverting the order of syllables.... [more]
Velim f Dagbani
Means "beauty" in Dagbani.
Wafuletbo f Bandial
Means "there is nothing there" in Bandial.
Waibodei m & f Ijaw
Means "has returned again" in Ijaw.
Walshak m Ngas
WAL means "cry", shak means "one another''. Which Literally means Feel for one another
Wandoo m & f Tiv
Means "a child is good" in Tiv.
Wariboko f Ijaw
Wariboko and Tomanotanye Davies were conjoined female twins born in Nigeria in 1953 to Mrs Veronica Davies, who came from the Delta region of Northern Nigeria. Her husband was from the Ijaw people of that region... [more]
Waridabo m & f Ijaw
Means "lord of the household" in Ijaw.
Wenikado f & m Ijaw
Means "I have worked too much" in Ijaw.
Wina f African, Nigerian
means gift of God
Woyengiemi m & f Ijaw
Means "God is alive" in Ijaw.
Woyinbode f & m Ijaw
Means "God has come" in Ijaw.
Woyinkule m Ijaw
Means "thank God" in Ijaw.
Wumda f & m Dagbani
Means "obedient one" in Dagbani.
Wumpini m & f Dagbani
Means "God's gift" in Dagbani.
Wundeiya m & f Dagbani
"God has accepted"
Wuninmi m & f Dagbani
Means "God knows" in Dagbani.
Wunintira m & f Dagbani
"It is God who gives"
Wunko m & f Dagbani
Means "only God" in Dagbani.
Wunnam m & f Dagbani
Means "God's creation" in Dagbani.
Wuntia m & f Dagbani
Means "God has given" in Dagbani.
Wuntima f & m Dagbani
Means "God has given me" in Dagbani.
Wunzalgu m & f Dagbani
Means "God's plan" in Dagbani.
Wura f Yoruba
Means "gold" in Yoruba.
Wuraola f Yoruba
Means "gold of wealth" or "shining treasure of wealth" in Yoruba.
Xetsa f Ewe
Means "twin" in Ewe.
Yaabari m & f Ogoni
Means "thank God" in Khana.
Yahaya m Malay, Western African, Hausa
Malay and Hausa form of Yahya.
Yakasu m Bariba
Means "bush" in Bariba, this name is given to a child born in the bush.
Yaƙutu f Hausa
Refers to a sapphire, ruby, jacinth, corundum, or similar stone.
Yalsumah m & f Dagbani
Means "good things" in Dagbani.
Yalwa m & f Hausa
Means "abundance" in Hausa.
Yambo m Western African, Dogon
A famous bearer was Yambo Ouologuem (1940–2017) a Malian writer.
Yamiche f Akan
Means "god's gift" in Akan.
Yany m & f Western African
Named from the Kingdom of Yany in Gambia, a diminutive of Yanimarew.
'Yarja f Hausa
Means "fair" in Hausa.
Yarra f & m Western African, Yoruba, Kanga, Nago, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "child" in Yoruba.
Yawa f Western African, Ewe
Means "born on Thursday" in Ewe.
Yawo m Western African, Akan
Means "born on Thursday" in Akan. It is tipically given to a boy born this day.
Yaya m Indonesian, Western African
Indonesian form of Yahya as well as the form used in parts of western Africa.
Yeggul-ngon m & f Wolof
Wolof 'death prevention' name meaning "s/he has not reached the afternoon".
Yemaja f Yoruba
Contraction of the Yoruba words Iye, meaning "mother"; ọmọ, meaning "child"; and ẹja, meaning "fish"; roughly translated the term means "mother of fish children.”
Yemanyá f Yoruba
This name is the name of an Orishá (a feminine deity/goddess) of the Yoruba pantheon. The goddess is also popular in Brazil.
Yemaya f Yoruba
Yemaya, an African Goddess originally from the Yoruba religion, represents a mother's love for her children, for birthing, creating, for home and family. She represents connectivity to the creation of life and the process and continuation of caring for... [more]
Yemi m & f Yoruba
Means "I am honourable" in Yoruba.
Yemọja f African Mythology, Yoruba
Derived from the Yoruba phrase Yeye emo eja meaning "mother whose children are like fish". She is the mother goddess and patroness of birth of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, worshipped primarily by women.
Yeni m Yoruba
Means "fit" in Yoruba.
Yennenga f Mossi
Yennenga is a legendary princess, and is considered to be the mother of the Mossi people. Her son Ouedraogo was the founder of the Mossi Kingdoms.
Yerda f & m Dagbani
Means "trust" in Dagbani.
Yetty f Nigerian
Diminutive of Yetunde.
Yezo m Fula, Western African
A name used by the Fula people, who are the largest ethnic group in Western Africa and the Sahel.
Yiko m & f Dagbani
Means "power" in Dagbani.
Yinlayefa f Ijaw
Means "nothing can be compared to a mother" in Ijaw.
Yohance m Hausa
Means "God's gift" in Hausa.
Yohanna f Amharic, Swedish (Rare), Nigerian (Rare), Various
Amharic form of Johanna as well as a variant in other languages. In Amharic, this makes it the feminine form of Yohannes.
Yohanse f Hausa
Variant of Yohance.
Yoon f Bariba
Name traditionally given to the first born daughter.
Yoonduaru f Bariba
Means "born near a river" in Batonu.
Yoongura f Bariba
Means "born whilst it was raining" in Batonu.
Yoonsua f Bariba
Means "born on the road" in Batonu.
Yoroakpo f Ijaw
Means "a woman's life" in Ijaw.
Youssouf m Western African
Form of Yusuf chiefly used in parts of French-influenced western Africa.
Yumzaa m & f Dagbani
Means "love all" in Dagbani.
Yurizaa m & f Dagbani
Means "loving all" in Dagbani.
Yusupha m Western African
Form of Yusuf used in West Africa.
Zainabu f Hausa
Hausa form of Zaynab.
Zanga m & f Manding
Zayyan m & f Arabic (Rare), Nigerian (Rare), Muslim
From Arabic زَيْن (zayn) meaning "beautiful, handsome, nice" (see Zayn).
Zeidane m Western African
Variant of Zaydan (chiefly Mauritanian).
Zeine m Western African, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Western African (chiefly Mauritanian) and Maghrebi (chiefly Algerian) variant of Zayn.
Zeïnebou f Western African
Variant of Zeinebou based on French orthography.
Zeinebou f Western African
Western African elaboration of Zaynab (chiefly Mauritanian).
Zina f & m Ogoni
Means "star" in Ogoni.
Ziola m & f Ijaw
Means "the last born" in Ijaw.
Ziperela f & m Ijaw
Means "born to meet wealth" in Ijaw.
Zoosim m & f Dagbani
Means "abundance" or "greatness" in Dagbani.
Zorle m Ogoni
Means "wealth is here" in Ogoni.
Zoubo f & m Ijaw
Means "a traveller" in Ijaw.
Zubeidat f Avar, Nigerian
Avar form of Zubaida also used by Nigerian Muslims.
Zugsung m & f Dagbani
Means "good luck" or "good fortune" in Dagbani.
Zuo m & f Ijaw
Means "protection" in Ijaw.