Western African Submitted Names

Western African names include those from Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Kérobiwa f Bandial
Means "why go there?" in Bandial.
Ketugay m & f Jola
Means "Die till you get tired of it" in Jola. This name is given to an infant who is believed to be a spirit child who has been coming and going between life and death.
Khadijatou f Western African
Form of Khadija used in French-influenced western Africa.
Khadim m Western African, Wolof, Fula, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Arabic خَادِمْ (ḵādim) meaning "servant, attendant".
Khalidou m Western African
Form of Khalid used in Senegal.
Kieruka f Igbo
Variant of Nkiruka.
Kikelomo f Yoruba
Means "child whom everyone loves pampering" in Yoruba.
Kinfeosioluwa f Yoruba
Means "I may love you more (my lord)" in Yoruba.
Kinya f English (Rare), Western African (?)
May be a variant of Kenya or a name of Ghanaian origin (uncertain as to which language the name belongs to) in which the meaning is unknown.
Kirikuba m Bariba
Means "a carved idol" in Batonu.
Kisi f & m Ogoni
Means "move/ go forward" or "progress" in Khana,... [more]
Kituru m Bariba
Means "rain god" in Batonu.
Kobinah m Akan
handsome/precious boy born on tuesday
Kodee f Akan
Means "eagle" in Akan.
Kofoworola f Yoruba
Means "my wealth was not bought" in Yoruba.
Koko m & f Efik
"namesake" shortened form for kokoete; male. That is father's namesake, more]
Koku m Akan
Variant of Akua.
Kokumo m & f Yoruba
Means "he will not die anymore" in Yoruba, typically given to an Abiku child. Abiku are spirits that are believed to enter a pregnant woman and move in a constant cycle of birth, death, and rebirth... [more]
Kolapo m Yoruba
Means "gather wealth together" in Yoruba.
Kolawole m Yoruba
Means "he brings nobility, wealth, honour, into the house" in Yoruba.
Komlan m Akan
Means "Tuesday" in Akan.
Kosau m Hausa
Means "well fed" in Hausa.
Kosisochi m & f Igbo
Kosisochi Meaning: As it Pleases God. ... [more]
Kosisochukwu m & f Igbo
Means "as it pleases God" in Igbo.
Kotatee m & f Western African, Kru
It means "sit down here" in Kru/Klao language spoken in Liberia.
Kouassi m Akan
Means "born on Sunday" in Akan.
Kpadia m Ijaw
Meaning unknown. It was the name of an Ijaw king.
Kponoabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "honour god" in Ibibio.
Kudighe m & f Ibibio
Kudighe means 'fear not'... [more]
Kudirat f Yoruba
Possibly from the Yoruba kúdírátù meaning "power".
Kufreabasi m & f Ibibio, Efik
Means "do not forget God" in Ibibio and Efik.
Kuma f Efik
Means "I'm still in love with you" in Efik.
Kunle m Yoruba
Means "much-praised home" or "home is full with honours" in Yoruba.... [more]
Kunombarang m & f Afizere
Means "God has added" in Afizere.
Kunomnok m & f Afizere
Means "God has given" in Afizere.
Kuroyefa m & f Western African, Ijaw
Means "nothing is difficult in life" in Ijaw.
Kusu m Bariba
Means "partridge" in Bariba.
Kuuku m Akan
Variant of Akua.
Kuwame m Akan
Means "Saturday" in Akan.
Kuyikabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "do not doubt god" in Ibibio.
Kwada m Bariba
Means "last son of the throne" in Batonu.
Kwento m Igbo
Means "let me live long" in Igbo.
Kyaun m & f Hausa
Means "beautiful" in Hausa.
Laazis m Tiv
Mr laazis is an english name of a gospel singer
Ladi f Hausa
From the Hausa Lahàdì meaning “Sunday”.
Lafia m & f Yoruba
Means "life". ... [more]
Lafiya f Hausa
Means "health" in Hausa.
Lah m Ogoni
Means "second son" in Khana.
Lahari m & f Dagbani
"It means Sunday Born"
Lami f Hausa
From the Hausa Àlhàmîs meaning “Thursday”.
Laminde f Hausa
Etymology uncertain. Traditionally given to girls born on Thursdays.
Lamine m Western African, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Form of Al-Amin used in parts of western Africa as well as an Arabic alternate transcription chiefly used in northern Africa.
Laraba f Hausa
Derived from the Arabic رَابِعَة‎ (rābiʿa) meaning "fourth". This name is traditionally given to girls born on Wednesdays.
Latorunwa f Yoruba
Means "one who has descended from heaven" in Yoruba.
Lebia f Ogoni
Means "pretty girl/ lady" or "good girl/lady" in Khana,... [more]
Leke m Yoruba
Means "trimuph" in Yoruba. Often used as a short form of other names ending in leke, such as Adeleke.
Lekia m Ogoni
Means "good journey" in Khana.
Lelosa f Nigerian
Means "Follow God." in Benin; an ethnic group in Nigeria.
Lera f & m Ogoni
Means "praise" in Khana,... [more]
Lerabari f & m Ogoni
Means "praise God" in Khana,... [more]
Lidiop m Western African
The name of a Senegalese Reggae artist.
Lolia f Ijaw
Means "star" in Ijaw.
Lololi f Western African, Ewe
Means "there is always love" in Ewe.
Longji m Western African, Ngas
Means "wealth has come" in Ngas, spoken in Nigeria.
Lotambii'n m Igbo
Used by the Igbo fiction charachter Uzochi Lotambii'n Ihejirika, and has no meaning.
Loveth f Nigerian (Modern)
Newly invented name, currently popular in Nigeria.
Luckere f Ijaw
Means "lucky woman" in Ijaw.
Lu'u-lu'u f Hausa
Means "pearl" or "diamond" in Hausa.
Maaouya m Western African
A known bearer is Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya (1941-), a Mauritanian military officer who served as the president of Mauritania from 1984-2005.
Mabayoje m & f Yoruba
Means "do not destroy joy" in Yoruba.
Machie m & f Nigerian
Meaning the "replacement of a lost gem"
Madaya f Spanish (Canarian, Archaic), Hausa (Archaic), Berber (Archaic)
From Guanche *madăyya, meaning "beautiful thing to see". Besides the Canary Islands, this name was also used in Northern Africa.
Mafamadi m & f Akan
Means "I have taken it for free" in Akan.
Magaji m Hausa
Means "heir" in Hausa.
Magajiya f Hausa
Means "heiress" in Hausa. In some dialects this means "madam" and is avoided.
Mahama m Western African, Thai (Muslim)
Form of Muhammad used in western Africa and Thailand.
Mahammoud m Western African (Rare)
A conflation of Muhammad with Mahmud, in this form extremely rare.
Mahari m & f Yoruba
Means "one who forgives" or "forgiver" in Yoruba.
Maigado m Hausa
Means "possessing the throne" in Hausa.
Maikarifi m Hausa
Means "the strong one" in Hausa.
Maikudi m Hausa
Means "possessing money" in Hausa.
Mailafia m Hausa
Means "easygoing" in Hausa.
Maïmouna f Western African
Form of Maimuna used in French-influenced western Africa.
Maimouna f Western African
Western African form of Mahmuna (see Maymunah).
Maina m Hausa
Means "prince" in Hausa.
Mairak f Hausa
Means "daughter of a chief" in East Hausa.
Mairama f Hausa
Variant form of Maryama.
Mairiga m Hausa
From the Hausa mài meaning "possessing” and rī̀gā meaning “gown”.
Mairo f Hausa
Diminutive form of Maryama.
Maiwada m Hausa
Means "possessing wealth" in Hausa.
Majekodunmi m & f Yoruba
Means "do not let it be a thing of pain" in Yoruba.
Malami m Hausa
Means "scholar" in Hausa.
Malick m Western African
Form of Malik 1 used in parts of western Africa.
Malidoma m Western African
According to Burkinabé writer Malidoma Somé (1956-), his name means "he who makes friends with strangers" in Dagara.
Maltiti f & m Dagbani
Means "resolve for us" in Dagbani.
Mama f Western African, Akan
Means "born on Saturday" in Fante, a dialect of Akan.
Mamuda m Hausa
Variant form of Muhammadu.
Mandeiya m & f Dagbani
"I have accepted", "I have collected"
Mansurah f Hausa
Means "supporter, victorious" in Hausa.
Mantau m Hausa
From the Hausa mântā meaning "forget".
Maouloud m Western African
Western African variant of Mouloud (chiefly Mauritanian).
Mariame f Western African
Form of Maryam used in parts of western Africa.
Mariatu f Western African
Western African form of Maria.
Mashgash m & f Igbo
Posh name. Meaning: Intelligence and beauty
Masika f Western African
Means "(born during) the rainy season" in Swahili.
Masoro f Hausa
Means "small peppercorn" in Hausa.
Matemasie m & f Akan
Means "I have heard and concealed the fact" in Akan.
M'baŋba m & f Dagbani
"I have known them"
Mbo m & f Dagbani
Means "good" in Dagbani.
Mboso m Ibibio, Nigerian
From the ibibio speaking tribe of Nigeria in West Africa.
Mboutidem m & f Ibibio
Means "faith" in Ibibio.
Meenuba m Igbo
Means "make/cause wealth" in Igbo.
Megafu m & f Igbo
Means "do for all to see" in Igbo.
Meissa f Western African, Astronomy
Variant of Maïssa; from Arabic maḥīṣ meaning "shining, glittering". This is also the traditional name of Lambda Orionis, a star in the Orion constellation.
Mej m Gusii, Ibibio (Latinized, Archaic)
Ibibio form of Mike and Gusii form of Matt.
Melubari m Ogoni
It is known among the Ogoni people of Southern Nigeria and it means "who is God?"
Membolu m Igbo
Means "do something to me and I retaliate" in Igbo.
Menari m & f Igbo
Means "do more than is expected" in Igbo.
Mene f & m Ogoni
Means "rich/ wealthy" in Khana,... [more]
Menebue m Ogoni
Means "Paramount Ruler", "Chief of a Community" or simply "A King"
Menegbo f & m Ogoni
Means "wealthy/ rich friend" in Khana,... [more]
Mfaanga m Dagbani
Means "bravo, well done" in Dagbani.
Mfọn m & f Ibibio
Means "grace" in Ibibio.
Mgbemena m & f Igbo
Means "whenever it's done" in Igbo.
Mika'ila m Hausa
Hausa form of Michael.
Mmagwulaku f Igbo
Means "beauty that exhausted wealth" in Igbo.
Mmayen f Efik
Efik origin, Child's mother, alias for grandmother,
Mmemabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "I do love god" in Ibibio.
Mmenimabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "I do believe god" in Ibibio.
Mmenyenemem m & f Ibibio
Means "I now have peace" in Ibibio.
Mmesomachukwu m & f Igbo
Means "the kindness of God" in Igbo.
Mobiisola f Yoruba
meaning- literal translation "i gave birth to her in wealth" basically this child was born into a wealthy family,one highly esteemed in society. though the name is not gender selective, it is almost always used for females
Mobolaji f & m Yoruba
Means "born of wealth" in Yoruba.
Moctar m Western African
Form of Mukhtar used in western Africa.
Modadeola m Yoruba
Means "man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence" in Yoruba.
Modupe f & m Yoruba
Means "I thank (God)"... [more]
Modupe-oluwa m & f Yoruba, African
Combination of Yoruba Modupe "I thank" or "thank you" and Oluwa meaning "God, lord".
Modurolọrilerioluwa m & f Yoruba
Means "one who stands on the promise of god" in Yoruba.
Mofolorunsọ m & f Yoruba
Means "one who is placed in god's care" in Yoruba.
Mofoluwakemi f Yoruba
Means "given for the lord's blessing" in Yoruba.
Mohamadou m Western African
Form of Muhammad used in parts of French-influenced western Africa.
Mojerisolaoluwa f & m Yoruba
I am a witness of God's goodness
Moji f Yoruba
Means "I rise" or "I wake" in Yoruba. It is often used as a short form of names beginning with moji, such as Mojisola.
Mojoyinade m & f Yoruba
Means "I enjoyed the splendor of being royalty" in Yoruba.
Molayoninuoluwa f & m Yoruba (Rare)
Means "I have joy in the Lord" in Yoruba.
Momulu m Western African
Of unknown meaning.... [more]
Monubai f & m Ijaw
Means "born on Monday" in Ijaw.
Moradeke f Yoruba
Means "I have gotten something precious to pamper" in Yoruba.
Morenike f Yoruba
Means "I have found someone to pamper" in Yoruba.
Morolaoluwa f Yoruba
Means "I have seen the slender of the lord God" in Yoruba.
Morowa f Akan
Means "queen" in Akan.
Motimifagha f & m Ijaw
Means "I will not end like this" in Ijaw.
Mouhamadou m Western African
Form of Muhammad used in parts of French-influenced western Africa.
Mouhamed m Arabic (Maghrebi), Western African
Arabic alternate transcription of Muhammad chiefly used in northern Africa as well as the form used in parts of western Africa.
Moustaphe m Western African
West African variant of Mustafa.
Mpanko f & m Dagbani
Means "am not alone" in Dagbani.
Muhtari m Hausa
Hausa form of Mukhtar.
Munachim f & m Igbo
Means "me and my God". It can be used as a nickname for Munachimso.
Munachimso f Igbo
Means "me and my God".
Munachiso f & m Igbo
Means "God is with me" in Igbo.
Muogboo m Igbo
Means "let the spirits intervene or settle the matter" in Igbo.
Muyiwa m Yoruba
Short form of Oluwamuyiwa.
Mwai m & f African, Western African
Chichewa, means luck... [more]
Naani f & m Dagbani
Means "trust" or "confidence" in Dagbani.
Nafissatou f Western African
West African form of Nafisa.
Nalado m Hausa
Means "born on a Sunday" in Hausa.
Namatinbo m & f Ijaw
Means "a hunter" in Ijaw.
Nantwi m & f Akan
Means "bull" or "cow" in Akan.
Napaga f Dagbani
It's a name popular with royals of the Dagbani tribe of Northern Ghana. It means the queen's mother.
Napari f & m Dagbani
it means someone born after twins
Narai f Hausa
Means "born on a Wednesday" in Sokoto Hausa.
Nasara f & m Dagbani
It means ''victory'' or ''success'' in Dagbani.
Nasicha f Western African
Name given to female children during the locust season
Nauwara f Nigerian
Derived from Arabic نَيِّر (nayyir) meaning "luminous, brilliant".
Nbangzaa m & f Dagbani
"It means I have known them"
Ndale f & m African, Western African
The younger one... [more]
Ndidiamaka f Igbo
Means "patience is very good" in Igbo.
Ndini m & f Dagbani
”My own”
Ndubuisi m & f Igbo
Means "life is foremost" in Igbo.
Ndudi f Igbo
Means "there is life" in Igbo.
Nduefuna m & f Igbo
Means "let life not be lost" in Igbo.
Ndukari m Ijaw
Means "pray for long life" in Ijaw.
Neira f & m Dagbani
It means Bright one
Neisim f & m Dagbani
Means "brightness" in Dagbani.
Nengimote f & m Ijaw
Ijaw name Meaning "OVERCOMER OR VICTORY" NENGI for short
Nenritdung f African, Ngas, Nigerian
A common name used among the Jos Plateau people of Nigeria. Meaning "God is good"
Nenrot f & m African, Ngas, Nigerian
A common name used among the Jos Plateau people of Nigeria. Meaning "God loves"
N'famory m Western African
Possibly a variant of N'famara. This name is primarily used in Guinea.
Ngoebi m & f Ijaw
Means "money is good" in Ijaw.
Ngohide f Western African
my mother has returned. usually given to the first daughter born after the death of a mother
N'golo m Manding
This name means "I've largely procreated" (said by the newborn's father) in Bambara. It is traditionally given to the third-born son. ... [more]
Ngozichukwu f Western African, Igbo
Means "God's blessing", derived from Igbo ngozi "blessing" and Chukwu "God".
Nhwireng f Akan
Means "flower" in Akan.
Nifemi f Yoruba
Means "love me" in Yoruba.
Nirlim f & m Dagbani
Means "kindness" in Dagbani.
Niyasung f & m Dagbani
Means "good intention" in Dagbani.
Njalwuni m & f Dagbani
"Literally means Given my life to God" "Leaning on God"
Nkaeguo m & f Akan
Means "saying it for nothing" in Akan.
Nkechika f Igbo
The one God gave me is the best.
Nkeirouka f Western African, Igbo
This is the name of Russian curler Nkeirouka Ezekh. Her father is of Nigerian Igbo descent, and her mother of Chuvash.
Nkem m & f Igbo
Nkemakolam f Igbo
Means "let me not lose mine" in Igbo.
Nkeoma f & m Igbo
Means "that which is good" in Igbo.
Nkpoikankeabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "nothing is hard for god" in Ibibio.
Nkunim f & m Akan
Nmachi f Igbo, African
The name means "beauty of God" in Igbo.
Nnaemeka m Igbo
God the father has done great also related to chukwuemeka
Nnamso m & f Ibibio
Means "What have I done?" in Ibibio.
Nnebuogor f Igbo
Means "mother is a gift" in Igbo.
Nnedi f Igbo
Diminutive of Nnedimma.... [more]
Nneoma f Igbo
"Good mother"
Nnyeyam m & f Dagbani
"I have learnt my lesson"
Nosa m Western African, Edo
Means "what God says" in Edo language.
Nseobong f & m Ibibio, Nigerian
Ibibio, Nigeria. means I look up to God. When all hope is lost, you must look up to God
Nsidibe m Nigerian
It mean nothing can be hidden from God. The name of many Nigerian Princes.
Nsidibeabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "What is hidden before God?" in Ibibio.
Nsuukidem m & f Ibibio
Means "humility" in Ibibio.
Nsṍwaa f Akan
Means "seventh born" in Akan.
Nua f Ogoni
Means "second daughter" in Khana,... [more]
Nubari f & m Ogoni
Khana for "God's thing"... [more]
Nuhu m Hausa, Swahili
Hausa and Swahili form of Noah.
Nukunu f & m Ewe
Meaning miracle or wonder
Nuname m African, Ewe
Means Gift. Used by the Ewe tribe of Ghana, Togo and Benin of West Africa.
Nuong f Western African, Dagarti
A West African Ghanaian Dagarti name which means sweet or to bloom signifying the blooming of a flower. It is also used for girls born during a period of enjoyment.
Nusesi m & f Ewe
Means "Thy powerful Hand" or "Powerful Hand"
Nusetor m Ewe
The Mighty One
Nwaaku f Igbo
Means "child of wealth" in Igbo.
Nwaamaka f Igbo (Rare)
Allegedly means "child is good".
Nwaanyiabia f Igbo
Means "a woman has come" in Igbo.
Nwabueze m Igbo
Means "child is king" in Igbo.
Nwabugo f Igbo
Means "child is glory" in Igbo.
Nwachukwu m Igbo
Means "child of God" in Igbo.
Nwakaego f Igbo
Means "child surpasses money" in Igbo.
Nwakanma f Igbo
This feminine name means "Child is better" in Igbo.
Nwakauba m & f Igbo
Means "a child is more valuable than wealth" in Igbo.
Nwankasiobi m & f Igbo
Means "child of consolation" in Igbo.
Nwankwo m Igbo
Means "born on Nkwo market day" in Igbo. Nwankwo Obiora is a Nigerian footballer who plays for Académica de Coimbra as a defensive midfielder.
Nwaokocha m Igbo
Means "son of a fair man" in Igbo.
Nwinuamene m & f Ogoni
Child bring riches/wealth
Nwoyi m & f Western African, Yakö
Means "he/she knows" in Yakö language.
Nyam m Afizere
Means "deer" in Afizere.
Nyame m Akan
The name of the sky god for the Akan people. Meaning "he who knows and sees everything".
Nyaméama f Akan
Means "premature" in Akan.
Nyamekyε m & f Akan
Means "God's gift" in Akan.
Nyamewa f Akan
Means "creation" in Akan.
Nyankómàgó f Akan
The name traditionally given to the child born after Tawia.
Nyimenka f Nigerian
Nyimenka is used in Nigeria, particularly in Eleme, and means 'good mother.'
Nyina f Akan
From the Akan onyina meaning "kapok tree".
Oba f Yoruba, African Mythology
Means "king, ruler" in Yoruba. It can refer to Obaluaye, a spirit associated with infectious disease and healing.
Obafemi m Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "the king loves me" in Yoruba.
Obasenwoyi f & m Western African, Yakö
Means "God knows" in Yakö from obase meaning "God" and nwoyi meaning "he/she knows".
Obiajulu m Igbo
Obiajulu is an Igbo name; and it simply means my heart has cool down.
Obianuju f Igbo
Means "born at the time of plenty" in Igbo.
Obichukwu m Igbo, Nigerian
"Heart of God," which could be the same as OBINNA.... [more]
Obinna m Igbo, Nigerian
Means "dear to my father", literally "father's heart" from Igbo obi "heart" (compare Obi) combined with nna "father" (compare Ikenna, Adanna)... [more]
Obinze m Igbo, Literature
The love interest of Ifemelu in 'Americanah' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Obioma f & m African, Igbo, Nigerian
Grace, Goodness, Favor. Literally - "Good Heart"
Obiora m Igbo
Means "the mind of the people" in Igbo.
Obong m Efik
Means "God" in Efik.
Obumneke m & f Igbo
Meaning: "Am I The Creator?"... [more]
Obumneme m & f Igbo
Means "am I the one causing it?" in Igbo.
Ocogbe m & f Agatu
Means "God is great" in Agatu.
Ocogbolan m & f Agatu
Means "God does not sleep" in Agatu.
Ocoje m & f Agatu
Means "God knows" in Agatu.
Ocolodah m & f Agatu
Means "God has authority" in Agatu.
Ocolohili m & f Agatu
Means "God is wise" in Agatu.
Ocolongwa m & f Agatu
Means "to God be thanks" in Agatu.
Odafin m Yoruba (?)
Literally meaning 'lawmaker' or 'the establisher of laws'.
Odayi m Ijaw (Anglicized)
Means "of his father" in Ijaw.
Odera m & f Nigerian
Nigerian name meaning "fate, fortune, destiny".
Odinakachukwu m & f Igbo
Means "it's in the hand of God" in Igbo, from o "it's", di "in", na "the", aka "hand" (compare Akachi) and Chukwu "God".
Odion m Western African, Esan
Means "the elder twin" in Esan.