Subject: Re: Your November Top 10
Author: Anthroponomastics   (Authenticated as Anthroponomastics)
Date: November 2, 2009 at 1:47 PM
Reply to: Your November Top 10 by Rachel Shaina

1) Severus Alexander (same as it was when I got here in May; I've probably become even more obsessed now with my beloved Professor Snape than I was when I joined BtN!)
2) Frederick George (In May: 5th place)
3) Horatio Nelson (In May: 3rd or 6th)
4) Lawrence Oliver (Not anywhere on my list in May; had a comeback in my heart; I used to have a boyfriend with Lawrence for a middle name; I hated him for the longest time, but it's easier to love this now because he no longer goes to my school! Yay!)
5) Archibald Colin (Not sure where this was in May: probably between 8th and 10th)
6) Percival Arthur (Was in second in May, until someone decided that Percival sounded like "purse" and caused a massive fight locking down my post before I could reply to yell at him. Percival was off my list for a few months, and now that we are reading about the Arthurian knights at school I'm loving it again.)
7) Edward Jasper (Was in 3rd in May; can never decide what middle name is good for Edward; Jasper? Francis? I'd consider Lawrence but I already want to use it as a first name)
8) Francis John (Francis Wyatt is another possibility)
9) Godric James
10) Godfrey Christopher

1) Martha Emmeline (My girls names have been more stable)
2) Dorothy Ann
3) Hermione Alexandra (Was 5th in May; Hermione Persephone is also a possibility)
4) Jane Elizabeth (the name I was supposed to be)
5) Mary Margaret
6) Charlotte Sophia
7) Marjorie Arabella
8) Adelaide Williamina
9) Parthenia Theodosia
10) Severa Lily (Harry Potter coming through on this one! Severus and Lily ship, for those of you fanfiction readers!)

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