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You are having a French set of Triplet girls. What are you naming them?
What names will you be giving to your French girl triplets?Aveline CosetteCélestine Giselle Léonie Alexandrine
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Renee Juliette, Madeleine Racquel, Genevieve Yvonne
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Geneviève, Colette, & Inès
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Ah yes. I love French names. I’m going to pretend accents don’t matter here.Séraphine Luna
Flora Yvette
Eve Amélie Reine
Ines Gabrielle Zoë
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Solange Alice
Béatrice Françoise
Éloïse Marianne
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I love Aveline and Léonie, but I wouldn’t pair two names ending in -ine together personally.
Sylvie Anaïs
Camille Élodie
Azélie Théa
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Alix Victoire
Miral Sandrine
Solenn Giselle
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These are cool modern options :o
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