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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is Tara C.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Alera f Breton (Rare)
Feminine form of Aler.
Arduína f Galician
Galician form of Arduinna.
Aske m Frisian, Danish
Variant of Asker and Frisian short form of names containing as- and ask-.
Bainza f Sardinian
Variant of Bainja.
Bundarik f & m Thai (Rare)
Alternate transcription of Buntarik.
Cfir m Hebrew
Variant transcription of Kfir.
Cléante m Literature
Variant of Cléanthe.... [more]
Deusana f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Derived from Latin deus meaning "god, deity". Latin deus and dīvus "divine" are descended from Proto-Indo-European deiwos, from the same root as Dyēus, the reconstructed chief god of the Proto-Indo-European pantheon... [more]
Elynda f English (Modern)
Variant of Elenda, influenced by the names Lynda and Lynn; or possibly a blend of Elinor (or Elizabeth) and Linda, inspired by the similar names Belinda, Melinda and Celinda.
Eyob m Amharic, Ge'ez, Tigrinya
Ethiopian and Eritrean form of Job.
Fady m Arabic
Variant transcription of Fadi.
Faryl f English (Rare)
Most likely a quasi-feminization of Farrell with the spelling being influenced by Cheryl, Beryl, Meryl and similar names.
Gwynne f English
Feminine variant of Gwyn. The surname of English actress and royal mistress Nell Gwyn (1650-1687) is variously spelled Gwynne, Gwynn and Gwyn.
Helika f Estonian
Diminutive of Heli 2.
Hellika f Estonian
Diminutive of Hella via the variant Helli.
Idaira f Spanish (Modern), Spanish (Canarian)
This was allegedly the name of a Guanche princess from the Canarian island of La Palma. It has perhaps been popularized in the Spanish-speaking world by the Canarian-born Spanish singer simply known as Idaira (1985-).
Jarrah m Indigenous Australian, Nyungar
From the Nyungar word djarraly referred to a kind of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus marginata). Nyungar language is spoken in the southwest of Western Australia, near Perth.
Jenaya f English (Australian)
Variant of Janae, influenced by Jennifer.... [more]
Jenicka f English (Modern)
Spelling variant of Jennica, which is a modern name that was created by combining popular names Jennifer and Jessica.
Jesinta f English (Australian)
Possibly a variant of Jacinta. This name was borne by Jesinta Campbell, who was Miss Australia in 2010.
Jesumbo m & f Yoruba
It is a Yoruba name,a tribe in South-Western Nigeria which mean "JESUS IS COMING BACK" and in Hebrew Maranatha. It can be beared by both sexes reminding the hearer(s) of the second coming of the Lord Jesus who left this world over two thousand(2000) years ago...
Kahlan f Literature, Popular Culture, English
Created by American author Terry Goodkind for his epic fantasy book series 'The Sword of Truth'. Kahlan Amnell is one of the main protagonists and the love interest of Richard Cypher/Rahl, the main protagonist... [more]
Kinaan m Arabic
It means arrow case
Kirra f Indigenous Australian, English (Australian)
Kirra is a beach-side suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland which has been popular with holidaymakers since the early 20th century. The name of the suburb is believed to be an Indigenous name, however the specific language and meaning are unknown... [more]
Mahlia f American (Rare)
The origin of this name is uncertain. It may be a variant of Mahalia or a variant of Malia.
Marik m Popular Culture
Use of the name in the English-speaking world is heavily influenced by the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh character, Marik Ishtar.... [more]
Pascha f Medieval English, Medieval Latin
From Latin pascha meaning "Easter, (feast of) Passover", itself from Ancient Greek πάσχα (pascha). This was traditionally given to girls born around Easter time.
Pracida f Galician (Rare)
Galician form of Placida.
Pysia f Polish
Diminutive of Patrycja via Patrysia.
Quetzun m Central American
Guatemalan name referring to the Quetzal a native bird of Guatemala and Tecun Uman the last indigenious prince of Guatemala.
Rayif m Turkish
Means "most merciful, most kind" in Turkish.
Reetu f Indian, Hindi, Marathi
Variant transcription of Ritu.
Rupaul m & f Popular Culture
In the case of actor RuPaul Charles, it was a combination of Paul, and Rue, a spice and another given name.
Shaya m Arabic, Hebrew
In Arabic, means "worthy, deserving". In Hebrew, likely the feminine form of Shay 2.
Shijin m & f Chinese, Indian
The name "SHIJIN" was orginated in china.also useing this name in india,especily in kerala.
Silwester m Vilamovian
Vilamovian form of Silvester and Sylwester.
Tahlah f English (Australian)
Origin uncertain; may be a variant of Tahlia.
Tiarne f English (Australian)
Meaning uncertain. It may be a variant of Tiarna. It gained some popularity in Australia after rugby player Andrew Ettingshausen gave it to a daughter in the early 1990s.
Timòteùsz m Kashubian
Kashubian form of Timothy.