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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is Louska.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Äänis m & f Finnish (Rare)
From Äänisjärvi, the Finnish name for Lake Onega, a lake in East Karelia Russia.
Aisla f Finnish (Modern, Rare, ?)
Of unknown meaning.
Assi f Finnish
Finnish form of Astrid.
Azula f Popular Culture, Spanish (Modern, Rare)
Fictional name meant to be derived from Portuguese, Galician, and Spanish azul meaning "blue" (of Persian origin). This is the name of a main antagonist in the television series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'.
Biatu m Sicilian
Sicilian form of Beato.
Chibiusa f Popular Culture
Usagi/Sailor Moon and Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask's daughter from Sailor Moon, an extremely popular magical girl themed manga. Chibi means "small, little" and usa is abbreviation of usagi meaning "rabbit".
Eedit f Finnish, Estonian (Rare)
Estonian variant and Finnish form of Edith.
Eedla f Finnish
Finnish variant of Edla, rarer than the original form.
Elida f Norwegian, Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare), Finnish (Rare), Faroese
Variant of Ellida, a feminine form of Elliði.
Elín f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Elin.
Elisif f Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Finland Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Elisiv, the Old Swedish form of the Russian name Yelizaveta.
Emmiina f Finnish (Modern)
Elaboration of Emmi.
Eyvor f Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Norwegian younger form of Eyvǫr.
Feeti m Finnish (Rare)
Finnish pet form of Ferdinand or names beginning with Fred-. In other words, a rare variant of Veeti.
Gaara m Popular Culture
Gaara is a main character in the famous manga and anime 'Naruto'. His name derives from kanji 我 (ga) meaning "I, me, oneself", 愛 (a) meaning "affection, favourite, love" and 羅 (ra) meaning "thin silk; gauze"... [more]
Geriah f American (South, Archaic)
Variant of Jeriah. Although the Biblical character Jeriah is male, this name was also given to girls, starting around the mid-1700's.
Grels m Swedish, Finland Swedish, Old Swedish
Short form of Gregers, a medieval Nordic form of Gregorius.
Hellevi f Finnish
Either a variant of Hillevi or derived from Hellä or Hellin.
Henrica f Dutch, Flemish, Romansh
Dutch feminine form of Henricus and Romansh feminine form of Henric.
Herkko m Finnish
Diminutive of Hermanni.
Hilderik m Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish
Dutch and Nordic form of Hilderic. There's no evidence of use in the Nordic countries, it's only used in translations of historical documents about the 6th century AD king of the Vandals and Alans.
Hilkka f Finnish
From the word hilkka, which means "a bonnet, a hood". Little Red Riding Hood is known as 'Punahilkka' in Finland, and the fairy tale may have had something to do with the name Hilkka becoming more common... [more]
Hymy f & m Finnish (Rare)
Means "smile" in Finnish.
Iisak m Estonian (Rare), Finnish, Biblical Finnish
Estonian and Finnish form of Isaac.
Ingvor f Swedish, Norwegian (Rare)
Combination of Ing and the Old Norse name element vǫr "vigilant, cautious".
Inuyasha m Japanese, Popular Culture
"Inu" meaning dog and "yasha" meaning a friendly spirit. This name is used in the manga and anime series, InuYasha... [more]
Jaanika f Estonian (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
Estonian diminutive of Jaana 2 and Finnish variant of Janika.
Jokke m Finnish
Diminutive of Jouko, Joakim or other male names beginning with 'Jo-'.
Joose m Finnish
Short form of Jooseppi or Joosua. ... [more]
Jouki m & f Finnish (Rare)
Variant of Jouko as well as a feminine form.
Kaino m & f Finnish
Means "demure, timid, coy, shy" in Finnish.
Karo m & f Finnish
Feminine nickname for Karoliina or a variant of Kari 2.
Kivi m Finnish (Archaic)
Ancient Finnish name that means "stone" or "rock". Now used extremely rarely. As a surname Kivi is more common, Finland's national author Aleksis Kivi (born Alexis Stenvall) being the most famous bearer.
Kössi m Finnish
Nickname for Kyösti. Kössi Kenguru was a classic children's cutout animation about a kangaroo.
Kuu f & m Finnish (Rare)
Means "moon" in Finnish.
Lalli m Finnish
Of unclear origin, possibly a form of Lauri or an original Finnish name meaning 'big'. Mostly known through a mediaeval legend in which Lalli (a peasant) kills Bishop Henry.
Lauha f Finnish
Means 'gentle', 'calm' and 'mild' in Finnish. Also a genus of plants.
Liinu f Finnish
Diminutive of Liina.
Lizzi f English
Variant of Lizzie.
Magdaleena f Finnish, Estonian
Finnish and Estonian form of Magdalene.
Make m Finnish
Diminutive of Markus, Marko and Markku.
Malva f Swedish, Finnish (Rare), German, Danish, Spanish (Latin American)
Short form of Malvina. It may be partly inspired by Latin, Swedish and Finnish malva "mallow, hollyhock (flower)".
Manta f Finnish
Finnish form of Manda.
Marikki f Finnish
Diminutive of Mari 1.
Massenziu m Sicilian
Sicilian form of Massenzio.
Mea f Finnish (Modern), Swedish
Variant of Mia, likely influenced by Latin meus "mine" (feminine mea). It was first recorded in Sweden in 1858.
Miikkali m Finnish
Variant of Mikael.
Miksu m Finnish
A pet name for Mikko, Mikael, Mika, Miikka and Miika.
Mooses m Finnish (Rare)
Finnish form of Moses.
Norja f & m Finnish (Rare)
Means "lithe" in Finnish, though the word is not commonly used. Also the Finnish word for Norway. Compare to more common Sorja.
Norna f Swedish (Rare), Literature
Used by Sir Walter Scott for a character in his novel 'The Pirate' (1821). Apparently he based it on Old Norse norn, the name for one of the fate goddesses of Norse mythology, which is related to the Swedish dialect verb norna "to warn, to communicate secretly" (and may ultimately be echoic in origin, i.e., imitative of low murmuring)... [more]
Onnea f Finnish (Rare)
Variant form of Onnia. This is a common word to casually congratulate someone or wish them good luck.
Osma m Finnish (Rare)
Variant of Osmo. 'Osma' is also another word for "wolverine" (mostly known as 'ahma' in Finnish).
Osmo m Finnish
From a poetic term meaning "fiancé" or "young man", called both osmo and osma in Finnish.
Outi f Finnish
Karelian diminutive of Eudokia and Eudoxia.... [more]
Petja m & f Finnish, Slovene, Bulgarian
Finnish form and Bulgarian variant transcription of Petya and Slovene diminutive of Petra (used as a given name in its own right).
Platoon m Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Platon.
Rae m Finnish
From the Finnish word "rae" meaning "hailstone" and "grain".
Raija f Finnish
Probably a variant of Raisa 1.
Riita f Finnish
Variant form of Riitta. Hasn't been used for several years, due to its meaning of "fight" or "row" in Finnish.
Runo m & f Finnish
From Finnish word runo, which means "poem".
Shotah f & m South African
Meaning as of yet unknown.
Sissi f German (Modern), Italian (Modern), Popular Culture, Finnish
Diminutive of Cecilia, Elisabet and names beginning Si-. Specifically, it is a nickname of Empress Elisabeth of Austria popularised through the film "Sissi" (1955).... [more]
Sorea f Finnish (Rare)
Derived from Finnish sorea "graceful".
Taito m Finnish
Means "skill, knowledge" in Finnish.
Teea f Romanian (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
Finnish variant of Tea and Romanian form of Thea.
Tuua f Finnish (Rare)
Finnish form of Tua.
Unto m Finnish
Short form of Untamo.
Uuno m Finnish, Estonian
Finnish form and Estonian variant of Uno.
Valiant m Literature, Popular Culture, Dutch (Rare), Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare)
From the English word valiant, which denotes a person who has and shows courage. The word is derived from Anglo-French vaillant "brave, strong, worthy", which itself is ultimately derived from Latin valens meaning "strong, vigorous, powerful"... [more]
Valma f Finnish
19th-century coinage derived from Finnish valmu meaning "poppy".
Valo m & f Finnish
Means "light" in Finnish.
Veikka m Finnish
Diminutive of Veli.
Viliina f Finnish
A feminine form of Vili or a short form of Akviliina.
Visa m Finnish
From Finnish visakoivu meaning "curly birch".