Rosa (1)
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Given Name ROSA (1)
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: RO-sa (Spanish), RAW-za (Italian), RAW-zu (Portuguese), RO-sah (Dutch), RO-za (German), RO-zə (English)   [details]
Meaning & History
Generally this can be considered a Latin form of ROSE, though originally it may have come from the Germanic name ROZA (2). This was the name of a 13th-century saint from Viterbo in Italy. In the English-speaking world it was first used in the 19th century. A famous bearer was civil rights activist Rosa Parks (1913-2005).
beauty, black history, Final Fantasy characters, flowers, nature, pink, plants, Pokemon characters, Quantico characters, red
Related Names
VARIANTS: Rosalia, Rosalía (Spanish), Rosalia (Italian), Rosalia, Rosália (Portuguese), Roos, Rosalie (Dutch), Rosalie (German), Rose, Rosabel, Rosabella (English)
DIMINUTIVES: Rosita (Spanish), Rosella, Rosetta, Rosina (Italian), Rosinha (Portuguese), Roosje (Dutch), Rosie, Rosy (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Hrodohaidis, Rothaid (Ancient Germanic), Roza, Ruzha (Bulgarian), Rozalija, Ruža, Rozika, Ružica (Croatian), Rozálie, Růžena (Czech), Rosalie, Rose, Roselle, Rosette, Rosine (French), Rosalía (Galician), Rozália, Rózsa, Róza, Rózsi (Hungarian), Róis, Róisín, Rosheen (Irish), Rosalia (Late Roman), Rozālija (Latvian), Rozalija, Rožė (Lithuanian), Roza, Rozalija, Ruzha (Macedonian), Rohese, Rohesia, Royse (Medieval English), Róża, Rozalia (Polish), Rozalia (Romanian), Roza, Rozaliya (Russian), Ruža (Serbian), Rozália (Slovak), Roza, Rozalija, Zala (Slovene), Raisa, Raisel (Yiddish)
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