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This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keywords cloud or rain or wind or sky or air.
There are 68 names matching your criteria.

AKASH   m   Indian
Means "open space, sky" in Sanskrit.
ALYA   f   Arabic
Means "sky, heaven, loftiness" in Arabic.
AMATERASU   f   Far Eastern Mythology
Means "shining over heaven", from Japanese 天 (ama) "heaven, sky" and 照 (terasu) "shine"... [more]
AN (2)   m   Near Eastern Mythology
Means "heaven, sky" in Sumerian. An was the Sumerian god of the heavens.
ANAN (2)   m   Biblical
Means "cloud" in Hebrew... [more]
ANANI   m   Biblical
Means "my cloud" in Hebrew... [more]
ANEMONE   f   English (Rare)
From the name of the anemone flower, which derives from Greek ανεμος (anemos) "wind".
ANIL   m   Indian, Hinduism
Derived from Sanskrit अनिल (anila) "air, wind"... [more]
ARACELI   f   Spanish
Means "altar of the sky" from Latin ara "altar" and coeli "sky"... [more]
ARIA   f   English
Means "song" or "melody" in Italian (literally means "air")... [more]
ASUMAN   f   Turkish
Means "sky" in Turkish.
AZURE   f   English (Rare)
From the English word that means "sky blue"... [more]
AZZURRA   f   Italian
Means "azure, sky blue" in Italian.
BULUT   m   Turkish
Means "cloud" in Turkish.
CAELESTIS   m   Late Roman
Late Latin name which meant "of the sky, heavenly".
CIEL   f   Various
Means "sky" in French. It is not used as a given name in France itself.
ĈIELA   f   Esperanto
Means "heavenly, from the sky" in Esperanto.
ENLIL   m   Near Eastern Mythology
Derived from Sumerian en-lil "lord of the wind"... [more]
ERA   f   Albanian
Derived from Albanian erë "wind".
ESEN   f   Turkish
Means "the wind" in Turkish.
ETERI   f   Georgian
Means "ether, air" in Georgian... [more]
EURIA   f   Basque
Means "rain" in Basque.
GHAYTH   m   Arabic
Means "rain" in Arabic.
GLAW   m & f   Welsh
Means "rain" in Welsh. This is a modern Welsh name.
GÖKER   m   Turkish
Means "man of the sky" in Turkish.
GOVAD   m   Persian Mythology
Means "wind" in Persian... [more]
HAIZEA   f   Basque
Means "wind" in Basque.
HANEUL   m & f   Korean
Means "heaven, sky" in Korean.
HODEI   m   Basque
Means "cloud" in Basque.
ILMA   f   Finnish
Means "air" in Finnish.
ILMARINEN   m   Finnish Mythology
Derived from Finnish ilma "air"... [more]
ILMATAR   f   Finnish Mythology
Derived from Finnish ilma "air"... [more]
INANNA   f   Near Eastern Mythology
Possibly derived from Sumerian (n)in-an-na "lady of the sky"... [more]
INDRA   m   Indian, Hinduism
Means "possessing drops of rain" from Sanskrit इन्दु (indu) "a drop" and (ra) "possessing"... [more]
KALANI   m & f   Hawaiian
Means "the heavens" from Hawaiian ka "the" and lani "heaven, sky".
LANI   f   Hawaiian
Means "sky, heaven" in Hawaiian.
MAZIN   m   Arabic
Means "rain clouds" in Arabic.
MEGA   f   Indonesian
Means "cloud" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit.
MELTEM   f   Turkish
Means "sea wind" in Turkish.
MIKU   f   Japanese
From Japanese 美 (mi) "beautiful" combined with 空 (ku) "sky" or 久 (ku) "long time"... [more]
NEIL   m   Irish, Scottish, English
From the Gaelic name Niall, which is of disputed origin, possibly meaning "champion" or "cloud"... [more]
NEPHELE   f   Greek Mythology
Means "cloudy" in Greek... [more]
NEPTUNE   m   Roman Mythology (Anglicized)
From the Latin Neptunus, which is of unknown meaning, possibly related to the Indo-European root *nebh "wet, damp, clouds"... [more]
NOELANI   f   Hawaiian
Means "heavenly mist" from Hawaiian noe "mist" and lani "sky, heaven".
ORTZI   m   Basque
Means "sky" in Basque.
ØYVIND   m   Norwegian
From the Old Norse name Eyvindr, which was derived from ey meaning "island" and vindr possibly meaning "victory" or "wind".
PHIRUN   m   Khmer
Means "rain" in Khmer.
PILVI   f   Finnish
Means "a cloud" in Finnish.
RAIN   f & m   English (Rare)
Simply from the English word rain, derived from Old English regn.
RANGI   m   Pacific/Polynesian Mythology
Means "sky" in Maori... [more]
SAMIR (2)   m   Indian
Means "wind, air" in Sanskrit.
SKY   f   English (Modern)
Simply from the English word sky, which was ultimately derived from Old Norse sky "cloud".
SORA   f & m   Japanese
From Japanese or which both mean "sky".
THANH   m & f   Vietnamese
Means "clear, pure" or "tone, sound" or "delicate" or "azure, sky blue" in Vietnamese.
TSISANA   f   Georgian
Probably derived from Georgian ცის (tsis) meaning "of the sky", the genitive case of ცა (tsa) "sky, heaven".
TSISIA   f   Georgian
Derived from Georgian ცის (tsis) meaning "of the sky", the genitive case of ცა (tsa) "sky, heaven".
TSIURI   f   Georgian
Means "heavenly, celestial" in Georgian, a derivative of ცა (tsa) "sky, heaven".
TUULI   f   Finnish
Means "wind" in Finnish.
TUULIKKI   f   Finnish, Finnish Mythology
Means "little wind" in Finnish, derived from tuuli "wind"... [more]
VÂN   f & m   Vietnamese
Means "cloud" from Sino-Vietnamese .
VAYU   m   Hinduism
Means "air, wind" in Sanskrit... [more]
WAYRA   m   Native American, Quechua
Means "wind" in Quechua.
YAĞMUR   f & m   Turkish
Means "rain" in Turkish.
YU   f & m   Chinese
From Chinese "jade", "happy, pleased" or "rain".
YUN (1)   f & m   Chinese
Means "cloud" in Chinese.
ZEPHYR   m   Greek Mythology (Anglicized)
From the Greek Ζεφυρος (Zephyros) meaning "the west wind"... [more]
ZERU   m   Basque
Means "sky" in Basque.
ZEUS   m   Greek Mythology
The name of a Greek god, related to the old Indo-European god *Dyeus whose name probably meant "shine" or "sky"... [more]