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There are 261 names on Melusine's personal name list.
Name M/F Comment
AISLINN   f  old favorite of mine... Ashlyn is just so unrefined. 
ALARIC   m  cold, elegant and slightly intimidating. perfect name. 
ALASTAIR   m  could never go by a nickname, but still fantastic. 
ALASTRÍONA   f  mn possibilities. mostly a leftover from Clara. 
ALCYONE   f  I love all of these obscure Greek deities and their crazy names. 
ALEC   m  this just radiates cool. 
ALEXANDER   m  strong, handsome, normal. 
ALISTAIR   m  Alastair looks more aristocratic. 
ALOISIA   f  I think I got this from Amadeus? beautiful. 
AMBROSE   m  almost disgustingly elegant. that's the best kind of name though. 
ANASTASIA   f  rich and luxurious. Stasia is a cute nn. 
ANDROMEDA   f  I like the sentiment. 
ANNA   f  simple, elegant and versatile. 
ANNABEL   f  a bit more modest and pastoral than Annabelle. 
ANNABELLE   f  opulent and glamorous. love it. 
ANNELIESE   f  ah-nah-LEE-sah. failure to pronounce the last E will result in defenestration. 
AONGHAS   m  mostly from that painting... yeah, you know the one. with the dude on the rocks. 
ARAMINTA   f  a bit venomous in sound, but that's what makes it pretty. 
ARIADNE   f  spindly. that's a good one for this name. 
ARISTA   f  seems very thin, but pointed... like a pencil, but a lovely one. 
ARTHUR   m  okay, Monty Python aside, this is one of those unexpected classics that needs to see more use. 
ARWEN   f  aren't we not supposed to use Tolkein names on real people? this is gorgeous though. 
ASTROPHEL   m  can't explain it. don't even ask. 
ATHANASIUS   m  ha ha ha haaaa it sounds like a wise old sage. love it. 
ATTICUS   m   
AURELIA   f  very mystical-sounding, although for whatever reason I always think of a purple ostrich 
AURÉLIE   f  looks nice. that's about it. 
AURÉLIEN   m  a little girly. but feminine-sounding names on guys are cute. 
BASIL (1)   m  I have no idea why, but I adore this. 
BEATRICE   f  much better than Beatrix because it's so much softer. just a lovely classic. 
BEDIVERE   m  very romantic. I love Arthurian names. 
BELLATRIX   f  kind of Harry Potterish, but very cool and independent-sounding. 
BELLE   f  simple and gorgeous. also the Beauty and the Beast connection has some meaning for me. 
BELLONA   f   
BIJOU   f   
BLAINE   m   
BLAISE   m   
BLODWEN   f   
BLOSSOM   f   
BRENNA   f   
BRIDGET   f  feisty but still delicate. love it. 
BYRON   m  Lord Byron. Byron Nease. well maybe not that last one, but still, a noble, gentlemanly name. 
CALEB   m  there's something faintly fantasy-like here, but it would still age well. 
CARLISLE   m  from Baby Name Expert 
CARLOTTA   f  a bit eccentric, but the POTO connection is great and Lottie is an adorable nn. 
CASPIAN   m  I'm in love with this name. it's just perfect. dashing and romantic and will never go out of style. 
CATHÁN   m   
CECELIA   f   
CECIL   m  entirely because of William Cecil, in my opinion one of the greatest men who ever lived. 
CÉLESTE   f  if I thought Caelestia were at all practical, I'd have that instead... 
CHARLOTTE   f  the perfect name. soft, feminine, classic, dignified but with great nn potential. 
CHESTER   m  domestic, really, and very charming. 
CIARÁN   m  Ciaran Hinds much? it's also just a very dapper, classy name. 
CIRCE   f  okay, completely unusable. but also highly romantic. 
CLAIRE   f  just the picture of elegance. another one of those perfect names. 
CLARA   f  kind of pastoral... sweet and unassuming, but very strong. 
CLARISSE   f  I love frills. 
CLÉMENCE   f  dunno why. it's just very sturdy and old-fashioned but still elegant. 
CLIVE   m   
COLE   m  eh. this is just a nice mn. 
COLETTE   f   
COLM   m  okay, I'd never use it. I would never even consider it. but come on! 
CONNOR   m  modern. also sweet and youthful. 
CORA   f   
CORALIE   f   
CORNELIA   f  harshly, unforgivingly elegant. love it. 
COSIMA   f  very refined. and vaguely Wagnerian, though I can't decide whether that's a good thing. 
COSMO   m   
CRESCENTIA   f  kind of gaudy. but that's why I like it. 
CROCIFISSA   f  okay, so this is completely and utterly unsuitable for any living creature. however, it is FABULOUS. 
DELILAH   f   
DESMOND   m   
DESPINA   f   
DRUSILLA   f  wasn't this one of Cinderella's evil stepsisters? oh well, it's pretty. 
EDGAR   m  never thought I liked the Ed names, but I do. this is kind of gaunt. 
EDMUND   m  I think of Narnia. I love Narnia. 
EDWARD   m  now I'm starting to hate this because of Twilight. 
EILEEN   f   
ELEANOR   f  flawlessly elegant, composed and dignified. no nn. 
ELEANORA   f  so queenly! 
ELIAS   m  I adore the Eli names. I prefer to look at this one than to hear it. 
ELIJAH   m  one of my very favorites. I can't place it, but there's some magic here. 
ELISABETTA   f  overkill. also gorgeous. 
ELIZABETH   f  versatile, classy, feminine, intelligent but innocent... this will never go out of style. 
ELLIOT   m  can't decide whether I want one T or two. either way, incredibly sophisticated name. nn Otto or Eli? 
ELOISE   f  a bit plain, but very sweetly old-fashioned. 
EMILIA   f   
ÉMILIE   f  this makes Emily seem boring. I'd never use either, though. 
EMMA   f  this is way too popular to use, but perhaps as a mn because I just love the novel. 
ÉOWYN   f   
EPHRAIM   m  a little too much, perhaps, but I love it. this is one of the least pretentious Biblical names. XD 
ESMÉE   f  ...with love and squalor. this is functional but charmingly funky. 
ETHAN   m  another very elegant name that is too popular to use. 
EUPHEMIA   f  completely impractical, but come on, I could call her Effie! 
EVELINA   f  one of the better Eve names. this is kind of small-seeming, but it's pretty. 
FELIX   m  this might be my favorite male name. it's feisty but sophisticated. 
FFION   f  can't use this. impossible in the USA. however I used to know a lovely Welsh girl with the name. 
FINN (1)   m  this, regrettably, is because of the gay guy with awful fashion sense in all those Susan Juby books. 
FIONA   f  spunky. cute, but ages well. 
FREYA   f  love Norse mythology. this is one of the very few practical girls' names in the pantheon. 
GEMMA   f  a little tacky, but that's why I love it. 
GENEVIÈVE   f  I actually think the GEN-e-veev pronounciation is prettier. 
GHISLAINE   f  it's just so funky and different, but also really elegant. 
GINEVRA   f   
GRAHAM   m   
GRÁINNE   f   
GREGORY   m  only as a mn. it's really a lovely name though. very classy. 
GUINEVERE   f  would this kid be doomed from the start? it's a beautiful name. Gwen or Vera perhaps? 
GWENDOLEN   f  because I hate -lyn names. thank you Oscar Wilde. 
HELENA   f   
HENRY   m  again, thank you Oscar Wilde. this is charming and intellectual. 
HESTIA   f  I love it when mythological names actually have the potential to work in real life. makes my day. 
HONORIA   f  or maybe just Honora? the "honor" root is the draw here. 
HORTENSIA   f  a bit much, you say? precisely why I chose it! 
HUDSON   m  LONG story. I don't even like this name, but it is a necessity that I use it. 
HYACINTHE   m & f   
IAN   m  short and sweet. very handsome. 
IDRIL   f  another LOTR name. I can't see this on a real person, but it has a lovely sound. 
IRIA   f   
ISABELL   f   
ISEULT   f  I have always preferred this spelling over Isolde. the -ult ending makes it seem so princessy. 
ISOBEL   f  so much more interesting than boring old Isabella. 
IVY   f   
JACK   m  I hate John, but I love Jack. I think this can stand on its own. 
JEMIMA   f  quite aware that I could never ever use this. love it anyway. 
JUDE   m  sometimes shorter is better. this is nice and not too pretentious, so it balances out crazier names. 
JULIET   f  I say this with a heavy accent on the first syllable. JOO-lee-it. joo-lee-ETT would be Juliette, no? 
JUNE   f   
KAORI   f   
LAURENT   m   
LEANDER   m  Hero on a girl doesn't work, but this is slightly more practical... 
LEDA   f  swanlike. HA HA HA. okay. anyway, this is very elegant and timeless and rarely sees any use. 
LEILA   f  very sweet and modest. 
LÉOPOLD   m  very suave. I like the -pold sound. 
LETITIA   f  Laetitia perhaps, but that's just so much... I'd call her Lettice. 
LETTICE   f  perhaps this could stand on its own though. 
LILAC   f   
LILIA   f   
LILITH   f  delicate, almost, but very powerful at the same time. and she could go by Lily. 
LILY   f   
LISETTE   f   
LIVIA (1)   f   
LIVIANA   f   
LOKI   m  mn only. like I said, Norse mythology is fantastic. 
LORELEI   f  is it okay that I got this from Pokemon? it's a little strange but very beautiful. 
LORETTA   f   
LOTHAIRE   m  love -aire names on guys. this is so darkly handsome. 
LOUISE   f   
LUCASTA   f  darkly luxurious. Lucy as a nn takes some of the edge off--I'd probably use Casta. 
LUCIA   f  a more obvious Lucy. 
LUCIUS   m  from Baby Name Expert 
LUCY   f  I think this can stand on its own, though. Dickensian! 
LUNA   f  mystical, feminine and very uncommon. love it. 
LYRA   f  very beautifully dark. 
MABEL   f   
MAISIE   f   
MARIE   f   
MARTHA   f  a bit heavy, but I have such great associations with it (Martha Stewart, The Secret Garden, etc.) 
MARY   f  perfect. sweet, unassuming, very feminine but not frilly, powerful but not too forthright. 
MAY   f   
MEDEA   f  Tyler Perry movies and tearing your brother limb from limb--good associations y/n? 
MELANTHA   f  TH in a girl's name is so weighted. this is really nice though. 
MERIEL   f  I like Miriel better actually. this is really lovely though. 
MERIWETHER   m  I know, I know, this is weird. but I love the nn Merry on a guy, and Meriadoc is not an option. 
MILO   m   
MINERVA   f   
MIRABELLE   f  dainty and exquisitely feminine. this is almost ridiculously beautiful, and Mira is a gorgeous nn. 
MIRANDA   f   
MIRIAM   f  from Baby Name Expert 
MOIRA   f   
MORWENNA   f  from Baby Name Expert 
MYFANWY   f   
NATALIA   f   
NATHAN   m   
NERISSA   f   
NINA (1)   f   
OCTAVIA   f   
ODESSA   f   
ODIN   m   
OLIVER   m   
OLIVIA   f   
OLIVIER   m   
OLWEN   f   
OLYMPIA   f  oh-LAMP-ee-ah. soooo pretty. 
OPHELIA   f  from Baby Name Expert 
ORIANA   f   
ÓRLAITH   f   
ORSON   m  from Baby Name Expert 
OSCAR   m   
OTTILIE   f   
PEREGRINE   m  from Baby Name Expert 
PIERS   m   
REBECCA   f   
REMUS   m  from Baby Name Expert 
RÉMY   m   
ROHAN (2)   m  once again, a name we aren't supposed to use... but it's so strong and rugged. 
RÓNÁN   m   
ROSAIRE   m  this is perfect--I imagine a dark, roguish Casanova with a heart of gold. 
ROSALIE   f   
ROSALIND   f  ROZ-a-lind, not ROSE-a-lind. something about this seems windblown, almost harried, but very lovely. 
ROSE   f   
ROWAN   m & f   
ROWENA   f  yes, yes, Ravenclaw. but R names still intrigue me. 
RUBY   f  very winsome. Ruby would have long golden hair and a bright smile. like the girl from Lufia, hahaaa 
RUFUS   m  enchanting. no clue why. 
RUPERT   m   
SAGA   f  breathtaking. completely impractical, but breathtaking all the same. 
SCARLETT   f  cannot imagine this name on a real person in modern society. however, it looks awesome. 
SEBASTIAN   m  very masculine, but classy instead of being too macho. love Seb. 
SÉBASTIENNE   f  the French have the best middle names. 
SEREN   f   
SEVERIN   m  it's just like Severus, except practical! 
SÉVÉRINE   f  see Sebastienne. 
SIGRUN   f   
SINCLAIR   m  oh, I don't know why. it just seems classy. 
SIOBHÁN   f  looks really pretty. sounds less pretty, but still lovely. 
SIOFRA   f   
SOLVEIG   f   
SONIA   f   
SOPHRONIA   f  almost ridiculously opulent. gotta love the Greeks. 
SØREN   m  HANDSOME. *faints* 
STELLAN   m  there's something striking about this one. people would stop in the street to gaze at this guy. 
SUMMER   f   
SYLVIA   f   
SYNNÖVE   f   
VIOLA   f  would always be subject to viola jokes. still an interesting name. 
VIOLET   f  it looks funny, but I like the image it brings up. pretty, pale, dark-haired little thing. 
VIOLETTA   f  Italian names tend to overdo it, but they're fabulous. 
VIOLETTE   f  dainty. would make a fantastic mn. 
VIRGINIA   f  a bit maiden-aunt-like, but it would be so refreshing to see on a little girl today. 
WOLFGANG   m  can't decide how I would pronounce this... 
WREN   f   
XAVIER   m  yes, as in Charles. very cool and sci-fi without being overbearing. 
ZELDA (1)   f  another one where I really just like the sentiment.