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Which pronounciation of Maurice do you like best? Also, what do you think would be a good 1st name?
A.MAW-REES: almost everyone I know pronounces the name this wayB.MAWR-is :I know the twin from the Bee Gees name is said this way and he's the only one I can think of that used this pronunciation. If you like this one would you rather spell it as Morris?C. mə-REES: I don't hear this one as often as the 1st pronunciation. For those of you that have seen Sister Act 2, Father Maurice's name is said this way by some of the charactersI'm gonna put the 2nd question here at the bottom as well because people seem to only be answering the 1st question: what do you think would be a good 1st name?

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My sisters were huge Bee Gees fans back in the 1970s and Maurice was their favorite Bee Gee. They gave me to understand that MAWR-is was the go-to pronunciation for Maurice in both Australia and the UK and that's why Maurice Gibb's name was pronounced that way.Anyway, I'd have to make a real effort to say MAWR-is if I saw it as Maurice. I prefer the MAW-REES pronunciation because that's what comes naturally to me.
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I hear Morris, sounding like MOriss, with the O sounding like the O in 'stop', said with a UK or RSA accent, and I can't see the point of using a very French alternative (thinking Maurice Chevalier) if one isn't French or in a French-speaking place.Alan Maurice
Barnaby Maurice
Clive Maurice
David Maurice
Edgar Maurice
Franklin Maurice
George Maurice, not Georges though
Hugh Maurice
Igor Maurice
Jeremy Mauriceand so onPaul Maurice is fun because of the different -au- pronunciations
Roderick Maurice, for the -o- and the -au- sounding the same
Selwyn Maurice
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I know a few people named Maurice, French pronounciation, as I live in a French-speaking area. Quite a good name.
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Like Morris, unless they are french then I'd say it like maw-rees. I slightly prefer the Maurice spelling to Morris which looks like a surname but I don't care much for the name either way. Maurice is my nephews middle name, after his grandfather.
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don't forget to answer the 2nd question
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Immediately, I would pronounce it as MAW-REES because that's how then name is primarily said where I'm from. Sometimes it's mə-REES but I personally never heard it said as Morris outside of watching an Irish film (Very good movie by the way)
With it said AS Morris, I'd be more inclined to use that spelling.
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don't forget to answer the 2nd part of the question
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I think I pronounce it closest to C, but A and C seem very similar to me.B is my least favorite.
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don't forget to answer the 2nd part of the question
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Idk, it could be almost anything...Louis Maurice
Damien Maurice
Fernando Maurice
Gabriel Maurice
Benedict MauriceI'd just avoid putting it with a name that ends with a 'ma' or 's' sound.

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