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Erb's Road to the Oscars Congrats! (Round 5)
Round 1 (Best Picture):
Round 2 (Best Director):
Round 3 (Best Actor):
Round 4 (Best Actress): fourth child is born! For this round, we are looking at the nominees for Best Supporting Actor. Who, of the following, most deserves the award?1. Sterling K. Brown, “America Fiction”

2. Robert De Niro, “Killers of the Flower Moon”

3. Robert Downey, Jr., “Oppenheimer”

4. Ryan Gosling, “Barbie”

5. Mark Ruffalo, “Poor Things”

If you chose…1. Frederick Devon Omar Rodney Joseph Garry Ronald Destin Marc Clifford2. Sunshine Marlene Jamie Lila Tana Linde Maria Mollie Carol Roxanne 3. Ian Jack Julian Leo Wolf Albert Charlie Thomas Harry Kirk4. Alan Leland Noah Henry Lars Dean Jacob Jared Sebastian Courtland5. Krista Olive Hannah Gwen Veronica Sophie Mia Billie Grace Estella***Please rate my personal name
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DH: Brent Jason Sellers
DW: Mollie Rose Sellers (nee Cardinal)DD: Nathalie Laetitia Sellers
DD: Cassandra Rose Sellers
DS: Desmond Vito Sellers
DS: Joseph Omar Sellers “Joey”Brent & Mollie Sellers: Nathalie, Cassandra, Desmond, & Joey
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DH: Duncan Godwin Dafoe
DW: Felicity Hanna {Lanthimos} DafoeDD: Sophie Christelle Dafoe
DS: Winston Felix Dafoe
DS: Adrian Bruce Dafoe
DS: Henry Sebastian Dafoe
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Louis Robert Gladstone
Katherine Jade Wren- Alfred Dominic Gladstone
- Harriet Emily Gladstone
- Adrian Paul Gladstone
- Roxanne Maria Gladstone
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Bradley Leonard ❤️ Carey June
Cooper Alfred
Lawson Wally
Luke Zachary “Lucky”
Rodney Joseph “RJ”[Bradley & Carey || Cooper, Lawson, Lucky, RJ]
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H: Nicholas Matthew Montealegre
W: Maya Felicia Copland Montealegre S: Dominic Cooper Montealegre
D: Valerie Tamsin Montealegre
S: Dylan Giovanni Montealegre
S: Sebastian Jared Montealegre
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Damien Godwin Stone & Hanna Felicity YoussefMarina Andrea Youssef Stone
Felix Winston Youssef Stone
Desmond Louis Youssef Stone
Olive Sophie Youssef Stone
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DW: Bella Hanna Lanthimos-Dafoe
DW: Toinette Maxine Lanthimos-DafoeDS: Thom Joseph Lanthimos-Dafoe
DAS: Talon Nzomo Lanthimos-Dafoe
DS: David Monroe Lanthimos-Dafoe
DD: Sophie Gwen Lanthimos-DafoeBella and Toinette with Thom, Talon, David, and Sophie
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DH: Leslie David Strauss
DW: Jennifer Charlotte Groves
DS: Colin Henry Strauss
DS: Nelson Felix Strauss
DS: Duncan Adam Strauss
DD: Roxanne Carol Strauss
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Max Wolfgang Petrowitz
Imogen Freya LamplSophie Caroline Petrowitz
Valerie Harriet Petrowitz
Clara Beatrice Petrowitz
Maria Roxanne Petrowitz
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H: Michael Aaron Rooney
W: Margo Helen Gosling
S1: Colin Henry
D1: Valerie Tamsin
D2: Virginia Nicole
S2: Clifford Joseph
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DH: Thomas Paul Giamatti
DW: Joy Christine TullyDS: Philip Thomas Giamatti
DD: Roslyn Mahala Giamatti
DD: Clara Beatrice Giamatti
DD: Maria Linde "Mollie" Giamatti*****
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DH: Damien Jerrod Godwin Lanthimos McNamara
DW: Maxine "Max" Victoria Toinette Lanthimos McNamaraDD: Laetitia "Laia" Virginie Christelle Lanthimos McNamara
DD: Roslyn "Rosie" Mahalia Cherise Lanthimos McNamara
DS: Rupert "Rue" Desmond Bruce Lanthimos McNamara
DD: Veronica "Rana" Sophie Estella Lanthimos McNamara
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DH: Ryan William Shipp
DW: Lucy Nicola (McKinnon) ShippDS: Colin Henry Shipp
DD: Emily Jane Shipp
DS: Duncan Adam Shipp
DS: Leo Thomas Shipp
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H: Connor Ryan Shipp
W: Lucy Midge [McKinnon] ShippS: Henry Salvatore Shipp
D: Emily Jane Shipp
S: Adrian Ray Shipp
S: Julian Leo Shipp
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DH: Jason Stanley Paul Hunham
DW: Joy Christine Hunham, née LambDS: Robert Bruce Hunham
DD: Tamsin Jane Hunham
DS: Desmond Louis Hunham
DS: Henry Dean Hunham
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H: Wolfgang Andrey Maaz
W: Lilli Medusa KobielaS: Clifford Harry Maaz
D: Edith Rachel Maaz
S: Rupert Louis Maaz
D: Roxanne Maria Maaz
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DH: William Scott McKinnon
DW: Margot Lucy {Rooney} McKinnonDS: Henry William McKinnon
DS: Joseph Lawson McKinnon
DS: James David McKinnon
DS: Frederick Ronald McKinnon
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The Strauss Family!The Strauss FamilyH: Casey Niels Strauss
W: Blair Emily Florence (Tatlock) StraussS1: Harry Philip Strauss
S2: Bennett Felix Strauss, "Ben"
D1: Clara Julia Strauss
D2: Olive Estella Strauss
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