Swedish Submitted Names

Swedish names are used in the country of Sweden in northern Europe. See also about Scandinavian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Tjelvar m Swedish (Rare), Norse Mythology
Combination of Old Norse þjalfi which is said to mean "he who keeps together; he who encompasses", and herr "army". Tjelvar is a figure in the Gutasaga, and is by some believed to be identical to Þjálfi.
Tobbe m Swedish
Swedish diminutive of Tobias and Torbjörn.
Tobia f Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Archaic)
Feminine form of Tobias. In Norway, this name was recorded from the 18th century until about the 1920s.
Toffe m Swedish, Finnish
A diminutive of Christoffer and Kristoffer.
Tolf m Swedish (Rare, Archaic)
Swedish younger form of Tholf.
Tôllver m Swedish (Rare, Archaic)
Former Swedish dialectal variant of Tholf.
Tompa m Swedish
Swedish diminutive of Tomas, Tommy, and in some rare cases, Torbjörn.
Tonny m & f Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Central African (?)
Variant of Toni, a short form of Anthony and Antonia. Notable bearers include Angolan-Dutch soccer player Tonny Vilhena, Danish entrepreneur Tonny Sorenson, and the title character of the 1962 Norwegian film 'Tonny'.
Torgun f Swedish, Norwegian
Modern Swedish form of Thorgun.
Torild m Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Thorild, a Swedish dialectal form of Thorald.
Törkell m Swedish (Rare, Archaic)
Former Swedish dialectal variant of Thorketil.
Torleik m Norwegian, Swedish (Rare)
Norwegian younger form of Þorleikr.
Torlof m Swedish (Rare)
Modern Swedish form of Thorlof.
Torun f Swedish, Norwegian
From the Old Norse name Þórunn, Þórunnr, which was derived from the name of the Norse god Þórr (see Thor) combined with unna "to love" (or unnr "to wave, to billow").
Torvard m Swedish, Norwegian
Younger form of Þorvarðr.
Torvi f Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare)
Swedish form of the Old Norse name Þórví, which was derived from the name of the Norse god Þórr (see Thor; compare Tyra) combined with an uncertain second element, possibly meaning "devoted, dedicated" (from vīgja or vígja "to consecrate (in heathen sense)"; compare Véfreyja) or the related vér "fighter" or "(pagan) priest".
Totte m Swedish
Diminutive of Torsten.
Towa f Swedish
Variant of Tova 2.
Towe f Swedish
Variant of Tove.
Troed m Swedish (Rare)
From Old Swedish Troghed, ultimately derived from Old Norse Þórgautr.
Troja f Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Swedish form of Troy, the name of the ancient city in Turkey that appears in Homer's 'Iliad'.
Trolle m Swedish
Transferred use of the surname Trolle.
Trulsa f Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Swedish feminine form of Truls.
Tua f Swedish, Danish
Origin uncertain, possibly a feminine form of Tue or a short form of Perpetua. Alternatively it may be derived from Latin tua "yours" or Danish tue "small hill" (from Old Norse þúfa "mound, knoll", which coincides with the name Þúfa)... [more]
Tubbe m Old Swedish, Swedish
Old Swedish diminutive of Thorbiorn.
Tulla f Swedish (Rare, Archaic), Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare)
From Swedish tulla, tulta "little girl" or from Norwegian tulle meaning "little girl".
Tullan f Swedish
Swedish variant of Tulla.
Tullia f Swedish (Rare)
Feminine form of Tullius; in former times, it was occasionally used as a Latinization of Tolla.
Tume m Swedish (Rare)
Modern form of Tumi.
Tuvali f Swedish (Modern)
Combination of Tuva and the popular name suffix li.
Tuve m Swedish, Old Swedish
Variant of Tófi (compare Danish Tue).
Tyke m Norwegian, Swedish
From the Old Norse name Týki, a diminutive of Þórketill (making it a variant of Tóki; see Toki)... [more]
Tyre f Swedish (Archaic)
Younger form of Tyrvi traditionally found in Scania.
Tyri f Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
From the Ancient Scandinavian name Þýri.
Ubbe m Old Swedish, Danish, Swedish
Old Swedish and modern form of Ubbi or diminutive of Urban.
Udde m Old Swedish, Swedish
Swedish form of Oddr.
Uddo m Old Swedish, Swedish (Rare)
Swedish form of Oddr.
Ullabella f Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Ulla and Bella.
Ullabeth f Swedish (Rare)
Rare combination of Ulla and Elisabeth.
Ullabritt f Swedish
Combination of Ulla and Britt.
Ullakarin f Swedish (Rare)
Rare Swedish combination of Ulla and Karin. Ullakarin is an IKEA product name (fabric).
Ullavi f Swedish (Rare)
Swedish combination of Ulla and 'home, temple, sanctuary'.
Ulle m Swedish
Diminutive of Ulrik.
Ullis f Swedish
Diminutive of Ulrika.
Undis f Norwegian, Swedish (Rare), Literature
Variant of Unndís. Used by Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren in her novel 'Ronia the Robber's daughter'.
Unna f Ancient Scandinavian, Danish (Rare), Faroese, Icelandic, Swedish (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
A name found "in Old Swedish and Old West Norse as Una, Unna" (and in Old Danish as Una), ultimately from either of the Old Norse verbs unnr "to wave, billow, roll, undulate" (from Proto-Germanic *unþi-) or unna "to love" (Old English unnan, Old High German (gi)unnan) (compare Unnr, Iðunn)... [more]
Uria m Dutch (Rare), Italian, Norwegian, Swedish
Dutch, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish form of 'Uriyah (see Uriah) via its latinized form Urias.
Våge m Swedish
Modern Swedish form of Vagn.
Vagn m Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (Rare), Icelandic (Rare), Faroese, Old Danish, Old Swedish
Old Norse byname meaning "carriage, wagon".
Vailet f Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Archaic)
Swedish phonetic spelling of Violet reflecting the English pronunciation.
Vala f Icelandic, Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare)
Short form of names containing the Old Norse name element valr- "the slain (in Valhalla)" as well as a direct adoption of Swedish vala (or völva) "fortune teller; prophet" (ultimately from Old Norse vǫlva).
Valborg f Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
Scandinavian form of Walburga.
Valde m Swedish
Short form of Valdemar.
Valdine f Swedish (Rare), Finnish (Rare), Norwegian (Archaic)
Diminutive of names containing the element vald- as well as a feminine form of masculine names containing the element vald-, first and foremost Valdemar.
Valdus m Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare)
Derived from the Norse name element valdr "power, leader, ruler".
Valfrid m & f Swedish, Finnish
Swedish and Finnish form of Walafrid. Most common as a male name. Valfrid Palmgren (1877-1967), a Swedish politician and teacher, was a famous female bearer of the name.
Valhild f Swedish
Swedish form of Valhildur.
Valiant m Literature, Popular Culture, Dutch (Rare), Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare)
From the English word valiant, which denotes a person who has and shows courage. The word is derived from Anglo-French vaillant "brave, strong, worthy", which itself is ultimately derived from Latin valens meaning "strong, vigorous, powerful"... [more]
Valle m Swedish
Swedish diminutive of names beginning with Val-.
Vallmo f & m Swedish (Rare)
Means "poppy" in Swedish, thus making it a Swedish cognate of Poppy.
Vally f Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, German
Pet form of names beginning with Val-, Wal-.
Valny f Swedish, Norwegian
Swedish and Norwegian form of Valný.
Valther m Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Swedish and Danish variant of Walter.
Vänhild f Swedish
Swedish name with the combination of vinr "friend" and hildr "battle, fight".
Vänne m Swedish (Rare)
From Swedish vän "friend".
Varga f Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Feminine form of Varg.
Väring m Swedish (Rare)
Swedish modern form of Væringr.
Vårny f Swedish (Rare)
Swedish combination of vár "spring" and nýr "new, fresh".
Vaste m Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Archaic)
Short form of Old Swedish names ending in -vast (see Fasti).
Veine m Swedish (Rare)
Swedish form of Väinö.
Vejne m Swedish
Variant of Veine.
Vemund m Norwegian, Swedish (Rare)
Modern Norwegian and Swedish form of Vémundr.
Veny f Norwegian, Swedish
Younger form of Véný.
Via f & m Hungarian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English (American, Modern)
This is used in Scandinavia and HUngaria as a short form of Olivia/Olívia, Sylvia/Szilvia, Viviána, and other names ending with the same sound (compare Vivi)... [more]
Vickan f Swedish
Diminutive of Viktoria.
Vicke m & f Swedish
Swedish diminutive of Victor or Victoria.
Vicktor m Swedish
Variant of Viktor.
Vida f Swedish (Modern), Norwegian, Danish (Rare)
Feminine form of Vide or short form Arvida, Alvida, or other names ending with -vida.
Vigbjörn m Swedish (Rare)
Swedish modern form of Vighbiorn.
Vigg m Swedish
Diminutive of Vigge and Viggo.
Vigge m Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Derived from the Old (West) Norse name Vígi, a short form of other masculine names containing the element víg "war, battle". (The name Vígi belonged to one of King Ólafr Tryggvasson's hounds.) As a Swedish name it is sometimes used as a diminutive of Viktor, and can also be inspired by the word vigg meaning "lightning".
Vigo m Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare), Croatian, Dutch (Modern), Galician
Croatian and Galician form and Swedish and Danish variant of Viggo as well as a Dutch borrowing of the Scandinavian name.
Vigor m Croatian, Serbian, Italian, French, Swedish
From Latin vigor meaning ''liveliness, activity, power, strength''.
Vilda f Swedish
Short form of Alvilda. It is also associated with the Swedish vocabulary word meaning "wild one(s)" (Danish and Norwegian vilde).
Vilde m Swedish (Modern)
From Swedish vild meaning "wild, untamed".
Vilgot m Swedish
Combination of Old Norse name elements vil, vili meaning "will, desire" and probably góðr "good". Despite its Norse elements, this name is a relatively modern creation first used in the 19th century.
Villemo f Swedish, Norwegian (Rare), Literature
This name was first used by the Swedish writer August Strindberg (1849-1912) for one of his poems. He may have based it on the names Vellamo or Wilhelma, or perhaps he combined the Old Norse name element vil, vili "will, desire" with Scandinavian mor "mother" (compare Lillemor, Moa).
Villy m & f Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
Scandinavian form of Willy, predominantly used by men.
Vimar m Swedish
Swedish form of Vígmarr.
Vimund m Old Swedish, Swedish
Old Swedish form of Vímundr.
Vinifred f Swedish (Rare)
Swedish adoption of Winifred.
Vinter m & f Old Swedish, Swedish (Modern, Rare), Danish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
Old Swedish form of Vetr meaning "winter" as well as the modern Scandinavian word for "winter" (see Winter).
Vinterny f Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Swedish vinter "winter" and ny "new".
Violett f English (Modern), Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Hungarian (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
English variant and Swedish form of Violet as well as a Hungarian borrowing of French Violette. This name coincides with the Swedish word violett "purple (the color)".
Viran f Swedish (Rare)
Diminutive of Elvira.
Virvla f Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Directly taken from the Swedish word virvla "to swirl; to whirl".
Vivan f Swedish
Diminutive of Viveka and Vivianne.
Vivica f English (Rare), Swedish (Rare), German (Modern, Rare), Danish (Rare)
Variant of Viveca. A famous bearer is actress Vivica Fox.
Volger m Swedish
Variant of Wolfger or Volker.
Volter m Finnish, Swedish (Rare)
A variant of Wolter.... [more]
Wåge m Swedish
Variant of Våge.
Weine m Swedish
Variant of Veine.
Weiron m Swedish (Rare)
Of unknown origin and meaning.
Wilgot m Swedish
Variant of Vilgot.
Williot m Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Probably a blend of any name starting with the Germanic element wil (like William or Vilgot), and Elliot
Witigis m Polish, Swedish (Archaic)
Polish and Swedish form of Witiges.
Wynja f Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Allegedly derived from the rune ᚹ (equivalent to Old English Ƿ (wynn) and Gothic � (winja)). The rune is associated with the words joy and bliss, probably because the name of the rune is ultimately derived from Proto-Germanic *wunjō "joy, delight".
Yenni f Finnish, Swedish
Variant of Jenni.
Ylvali f Swedish (Modern)
Combination of Ylva and the popular name suffix -li (compare Novalie).
Ylwa f Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Ylva.
Yngvor f Swedish
Modern Swedish form of Yngvǫr.
Yngwie m Swedish (Rare)
Likely an anglicized form of Yngve, used by Swedish musician Yngwie Malmsteen (born Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck in 1963).
Yohanna f Amharic, Swedish (Rare), Nigerian (Rare), Various
Amharic form of Johanna as well as a variant in other languages. In Amharic, this makes it the feminine form of Yohannes.
Yrja f Icelandic, Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Feminine form of Yrjan and Yrjar as well as a variant of Irja as well as a derivation from Old Norse yrja "drizzling rain".
Yrjan m Norwegian, Swedish
Younger form of Yrian.
Yrla f Popular Culture, Swedish
Fictional name invented by the Swedish screenwriter Christina Herrström for the TV series Ebba och Didrik (1990). According to Christina Herrström, the name is a combination of the Swedish vocabulary words yra and virvla, both meaning "to whirl".
Yrsa f Ancient Scandinavian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese
Of unknown meaning. Theories include a derivation from an Ancient Norse word for "she-bear" with the same roots as Latin ursa (compare Ursula, which used to be used as a Latinization of Yrsa), even though this seems rather unlikely... [more]
Yrse f Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Yrsa.
Yrsi f Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Yrsa.
Zabina f Swedish, Danish
Variant of Sabina.
Zachris m Swedish, Finnish
Short form of Zacharias.
Zackarias m Swedish
Swedish variant of Zacharias.
Zakris m Swedish (Rare, Archaic)
Swedish short form of Zakarias.
Zäta m & f Swedish (Rare)
From the Swedish name for the letter Z. Often a nickname for someone whose name (either first or last) start with Z, it is sometimes used as a given name in its own right.