Harry Potter Characters

This is a list of characters from the Harry Potter series of books by author J. K. Rowling.
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Aberforth1 character1
Alastor1 character1
Albus2 characters2
Alecto1 character1
Alice1 character1
Alicia1 character1
Amelia1 character1
Amos1 character1
Amycus1 character1
Andromeda1 character1
Angelina1 character1
Anthony1 character1
Antioch1 character1
Antonin1 character1
Arabella1 character1
Aragog1 character1
Arcturus1 character1
Argus1 character1
Ariana1 character1
Arthur1 character1
Augusta1 character1
Augustus1 character1
Aurora1 character1
Bane1 character1
Bartemius2 characters2
Bathilda1 character1
Bathsheba1 character1
Beedle1 character1
Bellatrix1 character1
Bertha1 character1
Blaise1 character1
Buckbeak1 character1
Cadmus1 character1
Cedric1 character1
Charity1 character1
Charlie1 character1
Cho1 character1
Colin1 character1
Cormac1 character1
Cornelius1 character1
Crookshanks1 character1
Cuthbert1 character1
Dean1 character1
Dedalus1 character1
Dennis1 character1
Dilys1 character1
Dirk1 character1
Dobby1 character1
Dolores1 character1
Draco1 character1
Dudley1 character1
Elphias1 character1
Emmeline1 character1
Ernie1 character1
Errol1 character1
Fang1 character1
Fawkes1 character1
Fenrir1 character1
Filius1 character1
Firenze1 character1
Fleur1 character1
Fluffy1 character1
Frank2 characters2
Fred1 character1
Fridwulfa1 character1
Gabrielle1 character1
Garrick1 character1
Gellert1 character1
George1 character1
Gilderoy1 character1
Ginevra1 character1
Godric1 character1
Grawp1 character1
Gregory2 characters2
Griphook1 character1
Hannah1 character1
Harry1 character1
Hedwig1 character1
Helena1 character1
Helga1 character1
Hepzibah1 character1
Hermione1 character1
Hokey1 character1
Horace1 character1
Ignotus1 character1
Igor1 character1
Irma1 character1
James2 characters2
Justin1 character1
Katie1 character1
Kingsley1 character1
Kreacher1 character1
Lavender1 character1
Lee1 character1
Lily2 characters2
Lucius1 character1
Ludo1 character1
Luna2 characters2
Mafalda1 character1
Magorian1 character1
Marcus1 character1
Marietta1 character1
Marjorie1 character1
Marvolo1 character1
Mary2 characters2
Merope1 character1
Michael1 character1
Millicent1 character1
Minerva1 character1
Molly1 character1
Morfin1 character1
Mundungus1 character1
Muriel1 character1
Myrtle1 character1
Nagini1 character1
Narcissa1 character1
Neville1 character1
Newt1 character1
Nick1 character1
Nicolas1 character1
Nigellus1 character1
Nymphadora1 character1
Oliver1 character1
Olympe1 character1
Padma1 character1
Pansy1 character1
Parvati1 character1
Patricia1 character1
Peeves1 character1
Penelope1 character1
Percy1 character1
Peter1 character1
Petunia1 character1
Phineas1 character1
Pigwidgeon1 character1
Pius1 character1
Pomona1 character1
Poppy1 character1
Quirinus1 character1
Rabastan1 character1
Reginald1 character1
Regulus1 character1
Remus1 character1
Rita1 character1
Rodolphus1 character1
Rolanda1 character1
Romilda1 character1
Ronald1 character1
Ronan1 character1
Rosmerta1 character1
Rowena1 character1
Rubeus1 character1
Rufus1 character1
Salazar1 character1
Seamus1 character1
Septima1 character1
Severus2 characters2
Sirius2 characters2
Stan1 character1
Sturgis1 character1
Susan1 character1
Sybill1 character1
Ted1 character1
Teddy1 character1
Terry1 character1
Theodore1 character1
Tom1 character1
Trevor1 character1
Vernon1 character1
Viktor1 character1
Vincent2 characters2
Voldemort1 character1
Walden1 character1
Wilhelmina1 character1
William1 character1
Winky1 character1
Xenophilius1 character1
Zacharias1 character1
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