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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is March; and the birth day is 20
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Henrik Ibsen1828-1906Notable Writers
Joe McGinnity1871-1929Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Sergei Rachmaninoff1873-1943Notable Musicians
Eugène Schueller1881-1957Notable Businesspeople
René Coty1882-1962French Presidents and Prime Ministers
Harlan "Pat" Page1887-1965Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
B. F. Skinner1904-1990Notable Philosophers and Thinkers
Alfonso García Robles1911-1991Nobel Prize Winners
Sister Rosetta Tharpe1915-1973Notable Musicians
Rudolf Kirchschläger1915-2000Austrian Chancellors and Presidents
Pierre Messmer1916-2007French Presidents and Prime Ministers
Vera Lynn1917-Notable Musicians, Title Characters
Fred Rogers1928-2003Notable Hosts and Presenters
Ringaudas Songaila1929-2019Lithuanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Chuck Darling1930-Olympic Medalists
Tetsuo Okamoto1932-2007Olympic Medalists
Azeglio Vicini1933-2018Notable Athletes
David Malouf1934-Notable Writers
Vaughn Meader1936-2004Grammy Award Winners
Brian Mulroney1939-Canadian Prime Ministers
Kenji Kimihara1941-Olympic Medalists
Erwin Neher1944-Nobel Prize Winners
Pat Riley1945-Hall-of-Famers
Chip Zien1947-Notable Actors and Actresses
Bobby Orr1948-Hall-of-Famers, Most Valuable Players, Notable Athletes
William Hurt1950-Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Ljubo Jurčić1954-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Sandy Neilson1956-Olympic Medalists
Spike Lee1957-Notable Filmmakers
Holly Hunter1958-Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Rickey Jackson1958-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Eckhard Leue1958-Olympic Medalists
Robertas Žulpa1960-Olympic Medalists
Tina Keeper1962-Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Yelena Romanova1963-2007Olympic Medalists
David Thewlis1963-Notable Actors and Actresses
Eric Viscaal1968-Notable Athletes
Michael Rapaport1970-Notable Actors and Actresses
Wietske de Ruiter1970-Olympic Medalists
Daniela Hunger1972-Olympic Medalists
Greg Searle1972-Olympic Medalists
Yvon Jaspers1973-Notable Hosts and Presenters
Roel van Velzen1978-Notable Musicians
Reidun Tatham1978-Olympic Medalists
Bianca Lawson1979-Notable Actors and Actresses
Freema Agyeman1979-Notable Actors and Actresses
Keven Mealamu1979-Notable Athletes
Silvia Navarro1979-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Netta Garti1980-Notable Actors and Actresses
Krista Guloien1980-Olympic Medalists
Declan Bennett1981-Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Afroditi Skafida1982-Notable Athletes
Eiji Kawashima1983-Notable Athletes
Fernando Torres1984-Notable Athletes
Nabila Tizi1984-Notable Athletes
Robert Almer1984-Notable Athletes
Valtteri Filppula1984-Olympic Medalists
Nicolas Lombaerts1985-Notable Athletes
1987-Notable Athletes
Rollo Weeks1987-Notable Actors and Actresses
James Foad1987-Olympic Medalists
Tamim Iqbal1989-Notable Athletes
Marcos Rojo1990-Notable Athletes
Alexis Pinturault1991-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Obum Gwacham1991-Notable Athletes
Lara Arruabarrena1992-Notable Athletes
Jalen Collins1993-Notable Athletes