British Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of British Prime Ministers. The Prime Minister is appointed by the British monarch, the nominal head of state, and governs in the monarch's name. In modern times the Prime Minister is regarded as the real leader of the country.

The position evolved slowly and was never created by any law. Robert Walpole (1676-1745) is generally viewed as the first Prime Minister after he became the First Lord of the Treasury in 1721.

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NameYearsOther Names
Robert Walpole1721-1742
Spencer Compton1742-1743
Henry Pelham1743-1754
Thomas Pelham-Holles1754-1756; 1757-1762
William Cavendish1756-1757
John Stuart1762-1763
George Grenville1763-1765
Charles Watson-Wentworth1765-1766; 1782
William Pitt the Elder1766-1768
Augustus FitzRoy1768-1770(Henry)
Frederick North1770-1782
William Petty1782-1783
William Cavendish-Bentinck1783; 1807-1809(Henry)
William Pitt the Younger1783-1801; 1804-1806
Henry Addington1801-1804
William Grenville1806-1807(Wyndham)
Spencer Perceval1809-1812
Robert Jenkinson1812-1827(Banks)
George Canning1827
F. J. Robinson1827-1828(Frederick, John)
Arthur Wellesley1828-1830; 1834
Charles Grey1830-1834
William Lamb1834; 1835-1841
Robert Peel1834-1835; 1841-1846
John Russell1846-1852; 1865-1866
Edward Smith-Stanley1852; 1858-1859; 1866-1868(George, Geoffrey)
George Hamilton-Gordon1852-1855
Henry John Temple1855-1858; 1859-1865
Benjamin Disraeli1868; 1874-1880
William Ewart Gladstone1868-1874; 1880-1885; 1886; 1892-1894
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil1885-1886; 1886-1892; 1895-1902(Arthur, Talbot)
Archibald Primrose1894-1895(Philip)
Arthur Balfour1902-1905(James)
Henry Campbell-Bannerman1905-1908
Herbert Henry Asquith1908-1916
David Lloyd George1916-1922
Bonar Law1922-1923(Andrew)
Stanley Baldwin1923-1924; 1924-1929; 1935-1937
Ramsay MacDonald1924; 1929-1935(James)
Neville Chamberlain1937-1940(Arthur)
Winston Churchill1940-1945; 1951-1955
Clement Attlee1945-1951(Richard)
Anthony Eden1955-1957(Robert)
Harold Macmillan1957-1963(Maurice)
Alec Douglas-Home1963-1964(Alexander, Frederick)
Harold Wilson1964-1970; 1974-1976(James)
Edward Heath1970-1974(Ted, Richard, George)
James Callaghan1976-1979(Leonard)
Margaret Thatcher1979-1990(Hilda)
John Major1990-1997
Tony Blair1997-2007(Anthony, Charles, Lynton)
Gordon Brown2007-2010(James)
David Cameron2010-2016(William, Donald)
Theresa May2016-2019(Mary)
Boris Johnson2019-2022(Alexander, de Pfeffel)
Liz Truss2022(Mary, Elizabeth)
Rishi Sunak2022-