Submitted Names with "lucky" in Meaning

This is a list of submitted names in which the meaning contains the keyword lucky.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Astruc m Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Provençal, Medieval Jewish, Judeo-Catalan
Derived from Provençal astruc "lucky", ultimately from Greek aster "star" and thus having the extended meaning of "born under a good star".... [more]
Auðhelga f Old Norse
Ancient Scandinavian feminine name with the combination of auðr "prosperity, fortune, riches" and heill "lucky".
Avigad m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Avi and Gad which possibly means "my father is the lucky one" in Hebrew. It's quite rare name in Israel.
Aykut m Turkish
Means "lucky moon" in Turkish.
Aymani f Chechen
Derived from Arabic أَيْمَن (ʾayman) meaning "right-handed, lucky".
Bakhita f Arabic
Means "lucky; fortunate" derived from the Arabic roots ب-خ-ت (b-ḵ-t) ultimately from the Ancient Persian word *bagta- meaning “assigned; allotted; fate”. ... [more]
Baxtli f Uzbek
Means "fortunate, lucky, blessed" in Uzbek.
Bhagyashi f Marathi
Meaning "Lucky".
Cát f & m Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 吉 (cát) meaning "auspicious, lucky, good".
Cheikaba m Manipuri
Means "lucky" in Meitei.
Chunzhen f & m Chinese
From Chinese 纯 (chún) meaning "pure, clean, simple" and 甄 (zhēn) meaning "examine, discern, distinguish" or 禎 (zhēn) meaning "lucky, auspicious"... [more]
Ditlume f Albanian
From the Albanian dit meaning "to know" or ditë meaning "day" and lum meaning "lucky, blessed".
Essaïd m Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic السَّعِيد (as-saʿīd) meaning "the happy" or "the lucky" (see Sa'id). A notable bearer is Essaïd Belkalem (1989-), an Algerian footballer.
Evagrius m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Greek Εὐάγριος (Euagrios), which was derived from Greek εὔαγρος (euagros) meaning "lucky in the chase, blessed with success".
Eyolf m Norwegian
Old Norse, meaning "Lucky Wolf." Also appears in Henrik Ibsen's play "Little Eyolf."
Farkhondeh f Persian
Means "lucky, fortunate, blessed" in Persian.
Fatbardhe f Albanian
Means "lucky, fortunate" or "bringing good fortune" in Albanian.
Fatlume f Albanian
From the Albanian fat meaning "fate, destiny" and lum meaning "blessed, lucky".
Feliça f Occitan, Catalan (Rare)
Occitan and Catalan cognate of Felisa as well as a derivation from Catalan feliç "happy, glad; lucky, fortunate".
Felicián m Hungarian
Variant of Félix, meaning "happy, lucky".
Félix m Hungarian
Cognate of Felix, meaning "happy, lucky".
Fortunate f African (Rare)
From the English word Fortunate, "favoured by or involving good luck; lucky."
Fortunátó m Hungarian
Variant of Fortunát, meaning "lucky ,blessed, happy"
Heng m Khmer
Means "lucky" in Khmer.
Herinambinina m & f Malagasy
From the Malagasy hery meaning "force, power" and nambinina meaning "prosperous, lucky".
Huizhen m & f Chinese
From Chinese 会 or 會 (huì) meaning "meeting, gathering", 蕙 (huì) meaning "orchid", 慧 (huì) meaning "bright, intelligent", or 惠 (huì) meaning "favour, benefit" combined with 珍 (zhēn) meaning "precious, rare", 貞 (zhēn) meaning "virtuous, chaste, loyal", or 禎 (zhēn) meaning "lucky, auspicious"... [more]
Jetlume f Albanian
From the Albanian jetë meaning "life" and lum meaning "lucky, blessed".
Jiei m Chinese
From the Chinese character 吉 () meaning "lucky, auspicious" combined with 诶 (éi) meaning "to call attention to". ... [more]
Jiye m Chinese
From the Chinese character 吉 () meaning "lucky, auspicious" combined with 叶, 葉 () meaning "leaf" or 业, 業 () meaning "business, trade, merits, achievements". ... [more]
Kamea f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "lucky charm" in Hebrew.
Khadra f Somali
Means "lucky, fortunate" in Somali
Kichizo m Japanese (Rare)
吉 (Kichi) means "Lucky, Fortunate" and 三 (Zou) means "Three". It can be pronounced "Yoshizo" as well.
Kio m Astronomy
The ancient Chinese name for Spica, the common name for Alpha Virginis, a blue giant binary star and the brightest in the constellation Virgo. From the Chinese for "horn, spike", as it is seen as "the horn of Jupiter"... [more]
Kosal m Khmer
Means "good deed, merit" or "fortunate, lucky" in Khmer.
Laki m Samoan
Means "lucky" in Samoan.
Lakkhana f Thai
Means "good-looking, lucky, fortunate" in Thai.
Lakshminarayan m Indian, Sanskrit, Hinduism
From Lakṣmīnārāyaṇa, "the lucky mark of the path of man" in Sanskrit. In Hinduism, it is a manifestation of Vishnu.
Liangji m & f Chinese
From Chinese 亮 (liàng) meaning "bright, radiant, light" or 良 (liáng) meaning "good, virtuous, respectable" combined with 吉 () meaning "lucky, good", 基 (jī) meaning "base, foundation, basis" or 骥 (jì) meaning "good horse"... [more]
Luckere f Ijaw
Means "lucky woman" in Ijaw.
Lumbardha f Albanian
From the Albanian lum meaning "blessing" or "lucky, blessed" and bardhë meaning "white".
Lumnije f Albanian
Perhaps from the Albanian lum meaning "lucky, blessed".
Mahfiruz f Ottoman Turkish
From Ottoman Turkish "favorable moon": mah, meh - "the moon" and fîrûz - "favorable", "lucky, fortunate".
Mahlatse m & f Sotho
Means "lucky" in Sotho.
Mananjara m & f Malagasy
Means "lucky" in Malagasy.
Martua m Batak
Means "happy, lucky" in Batak.
May f Vietnamese (Rare)
Means "lucky" in Vietnamese
Mazel f Yiddish
In Hebrew, the word is generally transliterated as mazal, and literally refers to a "star" or "planet in the night sky" or "zodiac constellation." It came to mean "lucky" in medieval times due to the widespread belief in astrology and that the planets and constellations can influence one's fate.
Mubarak m & f Arabic, Urdu
Means "blessed, fortunate, lucky" in Arabic. It is solely used as a masculine name in Arabic-speaking countries while it is sometimes feminine in South Asia.
Nashira f Astronomy
Nashira, also known as Gamma Capricorni, is a bright star in the constellation of Capricornus. ... [more]
Nasira f Hungarian
Cognate of Nashira, meaning "the lucky one" or "bearer of good news".
Nesibeli f Kazakh
Means "lucky, favoured" in Kazakh.
Nobuyoshi m Japanese
Nobu means "Stretch, Prolong", and "Trust, Faith, Believe" and Yoshi means "Righteous", "Good, Excellent", "Lucky, Fortunate", "Fond, Like", etc.
Olcay m Turkish
Means "luck, lucky" in Turkish.
Osego f Tswana
Means "she is lucky" in Setswana.
Oyyorqin f Uzbek
Derived from oy meaning "moon" and yorqin meaning "bright, vivid", "clear" or "happy, lucky".
Papewes m Cree
Means "lucky man" in Cree.
Phylecia f African American
Phylecia is a variant of Felicia. From Latin roots, Phylecia means "lucky" or "successful".
Rouzbeh m Persian
Means "lucky, happy" in Old Persian.
Sadako f Japanese
From Japanese (sada) "chastity; virtue, faithfulness, uprighteousness" or "chaste; virtuous, faithful, uprighteous", (sada) "season", (sada) "determined", or (sada) "lucky, auspicious" or "blessed, good fortune" combined with Japanese (ko) "child".... [more]
Samiyuq m & f Quechua
Means "lucky" in Quechua.
Sargylana f Yakut
Means "happy, lucky" in Yakut.
Sargyn m Yakut
Means "happy, lucky" in Yakut.
Sayuu f Japanese
From Japanese 幸 (sa) meaning "fortunate; lucky" combined with 優 (yuu) meaning "easily, skillfully". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Seon-gil m Korean
From Sino-Korean 善 "good, virtuous, charitable, kind" and 吉 "lucky, propitious, good".
Shermake m Somali
Means "someone who is really lucky and brings good fortune along with them" in Somali.
Šťastný m Czech (Rare, Archaic)
From Czech šťastný "lucky, happy".
Swastik m Indian, Bengali, Odia
From Sanskrit स्वस्तिक (svastika) meaning "lucky or auspicious object".
Tadashi m Japanese
From Japanese 正 (tadashii) meaning "right, correct, true", 禎 (tadashii) meaning "lucky, auspicious", 忠 (tadashii) meaning "loyalty, devotion", as well as other kanji characters that can spell this name.
Untung m Indonesian
Means "gain, profit, lucky, happy" in Indonesian.
Yaiphaba m Manipuri
Means "very lucky" in Meitei.
Yerchanig f Armenian
Means "happy, lucky, fortunate" in Armenian.
Yomna f Arabic (Egyptian)
Feminine form of Arabic أَيْمَن (ʾayman) "rightmost; lucky".
Yorqin m Uzbek
Means "bright, vivid" or "happy, fortunate, lucky".
Yorqinoy f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek yorqin which can mean "bright, vivid", "clear", or "lucky, fortunate, happy"; and oy meaning "moon".
Yoshihira m Japanese
Yoshi means "Fortunate, Lucky", "Fond, Like", "Excellent, Good", "Righteous", etc. and Hira means "Peace, Flat, Level, Even".
Yoshihiro m Japanese
From Japanese 吉 (yoshi) meaning "good luck", 愛 (yoshi) meaning "love, affection", 伊 (yoshi) meaning "Iraq, Iran", 允 (yoshi) meaning "to grant, to allow, to consent", 佳 (yoshi) meaning "beautiful, good", 可 (yoshi) meaning "passable", 嘉 (yoshi) meaning "praise, auspicious", 賀 (yoshi) meaning "congratulate, greet, celebrate", 歓 (yoshi) meaning "happy, pleased, glad", 喜 (yoshi) meaning "rejoice", 宜 (yoshi) meaning "best regards", 義 (yoshi) meaning "right conduct; righteousness; justice; morality", 圭 (yoshi) meaning "jade pointed at top", 恵 (yoshi) meaning "favour, benefit", 慶 (yoshi) meaning "celebrate", 厳 (yoshi) meaning "strict, rigorous, rigid, stern", 垢 (yoshi) meaning "grime", 好 (yoshi) meaning "fondness; what one likes", 孔 (yoshi) meaning "hole, aperture, opening", 克 (yoshi) meaning "gram, gramme", 善 (yoshi) meaning "good, virtuous, charitable, kind", 禎 (yoshi) meaning "lucky, auspicious, good omen", 美 (yoshi) meaning "beautiful", 芳 (yoshi) meaning "fragrant", 由 (yoshi) meaning "cause, reason", 良 (yoshi) meaning "good, virtuous, respectable" or 贇 (yoshi) meaning "affable, agreeable, pleasant" combined with 洋 (hiro) meaning "ocean"... [more]
Yoshinari m Japanese
From Japanese 吉 (yoshi) meaning "lucky, good" and 成# meaning "completed".
Yoshitsugu m Japanese
From Japanese 禎 (yoshi) meaning "lucky, auspicious, good omen" combined with 丞 (tsugu) meaning "to help, to rescue". Other kanji combinations are also possible.... [more]
Yoshizo m Japanese (Rare)
This name can be formed with 吉 (Yoshi) meaning "Lucky" , 佳 (Yoshi) meaning "Beautiful, Excellent", or 好 (Yoshi) meaning "Fond,Like", and 三 (Zo) means "Three", it might refer to a third son. There are other kanji combinations too, these are just standard options... [more]
Yukiyoshi m Japanese
This name is a combination of 雪 (yuki) "snow", 幸 "happiness", and (yoshi) 吉 "fortunate, lucky", 良 "good, excellent", 好 "fond, like".
Zhafirra f Indonesian
Islamic name... [more]