Hebrew Submitted Names

These names are used by Hebrew speakers. See also about Jewish names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Usiel עֻזִּיאֵל m Hebrew, Biblical
Variant transcription of Uzziel.
Uz עוּץ m Hebrew
Means "counselor" in Hebrew, from the verb עוּץ (utz or uz) "to counsel, to devise". In the Bible, this was the name of the firstborn son of Nahor and Milka.
Uziya עזיה m Jewish, Hebrew
Uziya is a Hebrew given name meaning “G-d is my power.” In the Torah this is the name of one of King David’s warriors.
Vardiel f Hebrew
Means "rose of God" in Hebrew.
Vardiya f American, Yiddish, Hebrew
Yiddish form of Vardina.
Viv m & f Hebrew
Short form of Aviv
Viva f Hebrew
Short form of Aviva
Wineva f Hebrew
This name has been in occasional use in the U.S. since the 19th century, particularly in the area of Missouri and Iowa.... [more]
Ya’ad יעד m & f Hebrew
Goal, Objective, Aim, Destination.
Yaalom יהלום f Hebrew
Means "dimond" in hebrew.
Ya'ari יערי m Hebrew
From Hebrew יער ya'ar meaning "forest".
Ya'arit f Hebrew
Variant form of Yaara.
Yadin ידין m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "(he) will judge" in Hebrew, also the Hebrew form of Jadon
Yaela f Hebrew
Variant of Yael.
Yaeli יעלי f Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of Yael.
Yaffit יפית f Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of Yaffa.
Yafit f Hebrew
biblicle (Psalm)- you have become butiful
Yagel יגל m Hebrew (Modern)
he will rejoice
Yagil יגיל m Hebrew
Means "he will rejoice" in Hebrew.
Yahalom יהלום f & m Hebrew
Modern Israeli name. ... [more]
Yahannyah f Hebrew
a gift from God
Yahav יַהַב m & f Hebrew
The name Yahav has some meanings: ... [more]
Yahel יהל f & m Hebrew
Means "to shine, to make a halo" in Hebrew (see Hila).
Yahela יהלה f Hebrew
Derived from a verb from the Bible “YAHEL”, meaning “to shine and carry light, to create a halo”.
Yaheli יהלי f & m Hebrew
Variant of Yahel and Yali.
Yaira יָאִירָה f Hebrew
Feminine form of Yair.
Yakir יקיר m Hebrew
Masculine form of Yakira.
Yali יהלי m & f Hebrew (Modern)
The meaning of the name is "God with me". It's a combination of two words "Ya" (יה) meaning God and "Li" (לי) meaning me/for me.... [more]
Yali יהלי m & f Hebrew (Modern), Jewish
The meaning of the name is "God with me". It's a combination of two words "Ya" (יה) meaning God and "Li" (לי) meaning me/for me.... [more]
Yalin ילין m & f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "(he) will host" in Hebrew.
Yalon ילון m Hebrew (Rare)
Original Hebrew form of Jalon.
Yam ים f & m Hebrew
Means "sea" in Hebrew.
Yamit ימית f Hebrew
Means "small sea" in Hebrew, it ccomes from the name Yam.
Yanai m Hebrew
Derived from Hebrew ya'anay meaning "he answers" or "Yahweh answers". This was the name of a Jewish poet from the 7th century AD.
Yannai m Hebrew
Variant of Yanai.
Yaphet m Hebrew, African American
Variant of Japheth reflecting the Hebrew pronunciation.
Yara יַעֲרָה f Hebrew, Italian
Italian form and variant transcription of Yaara.
Yariel m Spanish, Hebrew
Of Hebrew & Spanish origin, meaning "Lion of God". Possibly related to the names Yadiel and Ariel.
Yarin ירין m & f Hebrew
Masculine and feminine variant of Yaron.
Yariv יריב m Hebrew
Means "rival" or "he will fight" in Hebrew.
Yashaul m Hebrew
A given son or “A prayed for” of Yahuah (Creator God) salvation,
Yasur יַסְעוּר m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Yasur is a first name and a last name that refers to some types of birds that live near the sea.... [more]
Yedidiya ידידיה m Hebrew
Hebrew form of Jedidiah.
Yeela יְעֵלָה f Hebrew (Modern)
Yehadit יהודית f Hebrew
Variant of Yehudit.
Yekutiel m Biblical Hebrew, Jewish, Hebrew
Older form of Jekuthiel, though some sources offer additional possible meanings of "God will nourish" or "doubtful". This was one of the ten names Moses was called throughout his life.
Yemina ימינה f Hebrew, Spanish
A Hebrew name meaning "right hand". This name signifies strength.
Yerah m Hebrew (Rare, Archaic)
Meaning, "moon, lune."
Yeshaya יְשַׁעְיָה m Hebrew
Variant of Yeshayahu.
Yesmin יסמין f Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Bengali
Bengali form of Yasmin, as well as an alternate transcription of Arabic يسمين, Hebrew יסמין, or Urdu یسمین (see Yasmin).
Yesu m Hebrew
Alternate form of Jesu.
Yifat יפעת f Hebrew
Means "splendor" in Hebrew.
Yigael m Hebrew
Means "he will Liberate"
Yinam יִנְעָם m & f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "it will be pleasant" in Hebrew.
Yinon ינון m Hebrew
Means "he shall flourish" from Hebrew נוּן (nun) meaning "to propagate, to increase".
Yita f Hebrew (Rare), Yiddish (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Yetta.
Yitav יִיטַב m & f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "it will be good" in Hebrew.
Yitzak m Hebrew, English
Variant of Itzak
Yitzchak יצחק m Hebrew
Alternate transcription of Hebrew יִצְחָק‎ (see Yitzhak).
Yitzchok m Hebrew
Variant of Yitzhak.
Yizhar יִזְהָר m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "he will shine" in Hebrew.
Yoad יועד m Hebrew
From Hebrew יועד, in the Old Testament was mentioned as part of a dynasty of returning Hebrew settlers from exile. (Following the Cyrus deceleration)... [more]
Yochannah f Hebrew
"Yahveh-favored," "Yahveh-graced" or "Yahveh-inclined"... [more]
Yochi יוכי f Hebrew
Diminutive of Yocheved.
Yodfat יודפת f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Used as a female name in modern Hebrew, Yodfat is a variant of the Hebrew name Yotvat, which is derived of the Hebrew root TOV, meaning good. ... [more]
Yofiel יופיאל f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Jophiel.
Yogev יוגב m Hebrew
Means "farmer, earthworker" in Hebrew. It may be the Hebrew version of the name George because they have the same meaning.
Yogi יוגי m Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of Yogev.
Yohad יוהד m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Modern Hebrew acronym for "Judgment Day" (Hebrew: יום הדין).
Yon יון m Hebrew
Short form of Yonah.
Yoqtan יָקְטָן m Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew form of Joktan.
Yosefa יוספה f Hebrew
Feminine form of Yosef.
Yosi יוסי m Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of Yosef.
Yossi יוֹסִי m Hebrew
Diminutive of Yosef.
Yotvat יטבת f Hebrew (Modern, Rare, Archaic)
Used as a female name in modern Hebrew, Yotvat is derived of the Hebrew root TOV, meaning good. ... [more]
Ysaac m Hebrew
Variant of Isaac.
Yuda יודא m Hebrew (Rare, Archaic)
Rare Hebrew form of Judah. Predominantly used by the Jewish communities in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.
Yuli יוּלִי f & m Hebrew (Modern)
Modern name, inspired from the month of July. It can be also used as a diminutive of names like Yuval or Yoel.
Yuta f Hebrew
Variant of Yehudit.
Yuva f Hebrew (Modern)
Feminine short form of Yuval.
Yuvi יוּבִי m & f Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of Yuval.
Zadkiel צדקיאל m Hebrew, Judeo-Christian Legend
Means "righteousness of God" in Hebrew. Rabbinic tradition considers him to be the Angel of Mercy and some believe him to be the Angel of the Lord that prevented Abraham from killing his son Isaac.
Zafrir צפריר m Hebrew
Variant of Tzafrir.
Zafrira צַפְרִירָה f Hebrew (Rare)
Feminine form of Zafrir.
Zaha צֶחָה f Hebrew, Arabic
Means "clear; pure" in Hebrew from the root צ־ח־ח‎ (ts-kh-kh). It also means "bright; shine" in Arabic.... [more]
Zaharira זַהֲרִירָה f Hebrew (Rare)
Elaboration or variant of Zahara. Famous bearer is Zaharira Harifai, Israeli actress.
Zahava זהבה f Hebrew
Derived from Hebrew זָהָב (zaháv) meaning "gold".
Zahavah זֶהָבָה f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant transcription of Zehava.
Zahavit f Hebrew
Variant form of Zahava.
Zahneny m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "wise and peaceful" in Hebrew
Zakai m Hebrew
Variant of Zaccai.
Zamir זמיר m Hebrew
Means "nightingale" in Hebrew.
Zamirah זמירה f Hebrew
Feminine form of Zamir.
Zani m Hebrew
Hebrew, Meaning gift from God
Zared m Hebrew
Means "trap" in Hebrew
Zayit m Hebrew
Zaza זזא m Hebrew, Biblical
Means "moving around in a cyclic way" from the Hebrew root זוז (zwz).... [more]
Zazu f & m Hebrew, Popular Culture
Possibly a variant of Zaza (Biblical name) and a diminutive of Elisheva. It is also said to be one of the words to say "movement" in Hebrew.... [more]
Zecharias m Hebrew
A variant of Zechariah which comes from the name Zachary
Zecharya זְכַרְיָה m Hebrew
Form of Zechariah.
Zedekias m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Hellenized form of Tzidqiyyahu (see Zedekiah).
Ze'ev זאב m Hebrew
Alternate transcription of Zeev.
Zeeva זְאֵבָה f Hebrew
Feminine variant of Ze'ev.
Zeff m Hebrew
Meaning: God has hidden
Zehara f Hebrew
Means "brightness" in Hebrew.
Zehari זהרה f Hebrew
"to shine, brightness"
Zehava זהבה f Hebrew
Variant transcription of Zahava.
Zehavah f Hebrew
Zehavi זְהָבִי f Jewish, Hebrew
Hebrew/Jewish equivalent for the English name “Goldie.”
Zelman m Hebrew
Variant of Solomon
Zemirah f Hebrew
Variant of Zemira.
Zephanin צפנין m Hebrew
Means 'Yahweh is in the clouds' originating from Hebrew in accordance to Zeph or Zeph...
Zera f Arabic, Hebrew, French (Rare), Swahili
The name Zera is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "seeds, beginnings".... [more]
Zerlinda f Hebrew, German
Supposedly from Hebrew זֵרַח (see Zerah) "shining, dawning" and Spanish and Portuguese Linda "beautiful", therefore meaning "beautiful dawn".
Zeruya צְרוּיָה f Hebrew (Rare)
Hebrew form of Zeruiah. This is borne by Israeli novelist Zeruya Shalev (1959-).
Zeva f English (Rare), French (Rare), Indonesian (Rare), Hebrew (Rare)
As an English name, it is most likely a variant of Ziva or Zeeva.
Zia m Biblical, Hebrew
Possibly means "sweat, swelling" in Hebrew. Hebrew name of a man mentioned in the Old Testament, 1 Chronicles 5:13, in a genealogical list. This "has been used as a first name in Britain since the 1960s, but is likely to be mistaken for a girl's name" (Dunkling & Gosling, 1986)... [more]
Zila צילה f Hebrew
Alternative spelling of Tsila.
Zimra f Hebrew, Dutch (Rare), Hungarian
Feminine form of either Zimri or Zimran. In the Netherlands, a known bearer of this name is the model and journalist Zimra Geurts (b... [more]
Zimran זִמְרָן m Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew
Meaning uncertain. Some sources say that the name means "musical" or "musician" and is ultimately derived from Hebrew zimrah meaning "melody, song (in praise of God)". If this is true, then the name is etymologically related to Zimri... [more]
Ziona ציונה f Hebrew, Jewish, English, Afrikaans
Feminine form of Zion.
Zipi ציפי f Hebrew
Diminutive of Zipporah.
Zivia צביה f Jewish, Hebrew
Zivya צִבְיָה f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant of Zivia.
Zohara זהרה f Hebrew
Strictly feminine form of Zohar.
Zophiel m Hebrew (Hellenized), Judeo-Christian Legend, Literature
Apparently either means "watchman of God" or "rock of God" in Hebrew. It could also be a variant of Jophiel, since the angel Jophiel is also regularly called Zophiel in various sources... [more]
Zuff צוף m & f Hebrew
Variant of Tzuf.
Zuzah f Hebrew
Variant of Zuza.
Zuzu f Yiddish, Czech, Polish, Hebrew
Means "sweet" in Yiddish and "lily" in Slavic and Hebrew. It is also a diminutive of Susanna in Czech and Polish.
Zvika צביקה‎ m Hebrew
Variant transcription of Tzvika.
Zviya צְבִיָּה f Hebrew
Feminine form of Zvi.
Zyron m Hebrew (?), English (?)
Either means "gift from God" or "sent by God" in Hebrew