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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is March; and the birth day is 16
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Abraham NúñezNotable Athletes
Admir MehmediNotable Athletes
Aisling BeaNotable Actors and Actresses
Aladár GerevichOlympic Medalists
Alan TudykNotable Actors and Actresses
Andy NajarNotable Athletes
NinkoJapanese Emperors
Bailie KeyNotable Athletes
Bernardo BertolucciNotable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
Caroline HerschelNotable Scientists and Inventors
C. Vivian StringerHall-of-Famers
Cindy BrownOlympic Medalists
Daisuke TakahashiOlympic Medalists
Dav WhatmoreNotable Athletes
Édison MéndezNotable Athletes
Emilio LunghiOlympic Medalists
Erik EstradaNotable Actors and Actresses
Felipe ReyesNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Fernando PlatasOlympic Medalists
Franchesca SalcedoNotable Actors and Actresses
Frédéric François-MarsalFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
Frederick ReinesNobel Prize Winners
Gaëtan de RochebouëtFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
Georg OhmNotable Scientists and Inventors
George FordNotable Athletes
Gerbrand Adriaenszoon BrederoNotable Writers
Heath StreakNotable Athletes
Isabelle HuppertNotable Actors and Actresses
Ismael La RosaNotable Actors and Actresses
Ivana JelčićNotable Athletes
Izabela DylewskaOlympic Medalists
James MadisonAmerican Presidents
Jens StoltenbergNorwegian Prime Ministers
Jerome FlynnNotable Actors and Actresses
Jerry LewisNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Joe DeLamielleureHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Karlheinz BöhmNotable Actors and Actresses
Lauren GrahamNotable Actors and Actresses
Leo McKernNotable Actors and Actresses
Leslie SavageOlympic Medalists
Lloyd WanerHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Lyle SendleinNotable Athletes
Matías DíazNotable Athletes
Matthew FlindersNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Mercedes McCambridgeNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Oddvar BråOlympic Medalists
Ozzie NewsomeHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Pat NixonAmerican First Ladies
Pierre HarmelBelgian Prime Ministers
Pieter Corneliszoon HooftNotable Writers
Nong QunhuaOlympic Medalists
Sienna GuilloryNotable Actors and Actresses
Simon ZeboNotable Athletes
Sophie HunterNotable Filmmakers
Sully PrudhommeNobel Prize Winners
Sybille BedfordNotable Writers
Tancrède AugusteHaitian Presidents
Thelma HopkinsOlympic Medalists
Thomas RupprathOlympic Medalists
Tramon WilliamsNotable Athletes
Valerio AspromonteOlympic Medalists
Veiko ÕunpuuNotable Filmmakers
Victor GarberNotable Actors and Actresses
XuandeChinese Emperors