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Subject: Simple CAF #454 (with combos)
Author: Uilos   (Authenticated as Erme Ioainna)
Date: September 10, 2020 at 8:22 AM

Feel free to change short names/nicknames to full names, change the name to a different spelling/variant, and switch first and middle names.

SO: Barney Ralph, Nicky Mike, Kirby Dean, Al Henry, Jude Albert, Ernie Christian
SO: Teressa Ellen, Glynis Vicki, Juliana Jean, Frankie Beverly, Corina Veronica, Rosalinda Anne

DS: Ezra Damon, Vance Adrian, Timmy Alan, Daren Bobby, Myles Christian, Wilfredo Tony
DD: Carissa Bridget, Danette Yolanda, Stella Leah, Kayla Julia, Ingrid Brenda, Eleanor Bethany
DS: Virgil Mario, Jeramy Alan, Irving Johnathan, Randolph Lucas, Bernardo Jorge, Coty Alec
DD: Leeann Krista, Eliza Gabrielle, Rhiannon Miranda, Juanita Meghan, Roxanne Chloe, Sydnie Heather

Formerly known as Remora L.

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