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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is June; and the birth day is 12
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Ádám PintérNotable Athletes
Adriana LimaNotable Actors and Actresses
Aleksandr KazakevičOlympic Medalists
Álex MumbrúOlympic Medalists
Andranik MargaryanOther Leaders
Anne FrankNotable Writers
Anthony EdenBritish Prime Ministers
Antony MatkovichOlympic Medalists
Bert SakmannNobel Prize Winners
Bill CowleyHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Bill FosterHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Bruno SorianoNotable Athletes
Bryan HabanaNotable Athletes
Christine SinclairOlympic Medalists
Ryang Chun-hwaOlympic Medalists
Cosimo I de' MediciOther Royalty
Dave FrancoNotable Actors and Actresses
Eamonn WalkerNotable Actors and Actresses
Egon SchieleNotable Artists
Eleanor GarattiOlympic Medalists
Eren DerdiyokNotable Athletes
Eugene GalekovićNotable Athletes
Farid SimaikaOlympic Medalists
Felecia M. BellNotable Actors and Actresses
Frances O'ConnorNotable Actors and Actresses
Fritz Albert LipmannNobel Prize Winners
Gary FarmerNotable Actors and Actresses
George H. W. BushAmerican Presidents
Gaozong of SongChinese Emperors
Gwen TorrenceOlympic Medalists
Hagen StammOlympic Medalists
Harold MullerOlympic Medalists
Héctor García OteroOlympic Medalists
Jason MewesNotable Actors and Actresses
Jenilee HarrisonNotable Actors and Actresses
Jeron JohnsonNotable Athletes
Joanne FoxOlympic Medalists
Jrue HolidayNotable Athletes
Juan Antonio San EpifanioOlympic Medalists
Julia DujmovitsOlympic Medalists
Junius MatthewsNotable Actors and Actresses
Klaus BadeltNotable Musicians
Klaus BerntsenDanish Prime Ministers
Lara DavenportOlympic Medalists
Luzius RüediOlympic Medalists
Martha RandallOlympic Medalists
Mauricio IslaNotable Athletes
Maybelis MartínezOlympic Medalists
ReizeiJapanese Emperors
Pat JenningsNotable Athletes
Peter LangOlympic Medalists
Pierre Théoma Boisrond-CanalHaitian Presidents
Riikka NieminenOlympic Medalists
Robbie HenshawNotable Athletes
Robert CowellOlympic Medalists
Ryo TateishiOlympic Medalists
Samantha ToljNotable Actors and Actresses
Sergio RodríguezNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Seyi AjirotutuNotable Athletes
Sol WhiteHall-of-Famers
Soledad GarcíaOlympic Medalists
Stole AranđelovićNotable Actors and Actresses
Tae SatoyaOlympic Medalists
Tim Nanai-WilliamsNotable Athletes
Timir PineginOlympic Medalists
Tineke SchoutenNotable Actors and Actresses
Tom OliverNotable Actors and Actresses
Tomás CubelliNotable Athletes
Valentin PopârlanNotable Athletes
Vic DamoneNotable Musicians