Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals

These lists are comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional stage plays and musicals.
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Jean1 character, 1 hero2
Macbeth2 villains2
Tommy1 character, 1 hero2
Ado1 character1
Alexandra1 character1
Algernon1 character1
Amalia1 hero1
Amaryllis1 character1
Annie1 character1
Anthony1 character1
Antonio1 character1
Ariel1 character1
Arpad1 character1
Beatrice1 hero1
Benedick1 hero1
Benvolio1 character1
Billy1 character1
Blanche1 character1
Bob1 character1
Carrie1 character1
Cecily1 character1
Charlie1 character1
Claudia1 character1
Claudio1 character1
Claudius1 villain1
Cordelia1 hero1
Cosette1 character1
Curly1 hero1
Demetrius1 character1
Desdemona1 character1
Edmund1 villain1
Elisabeth1 hero1
Eliza1 hero1
Emily1 character1
Enoch1 character1
Éponine1 character1
Erik1 character1
Eulalie1 character1
Fantine1 character1
Fiona1 hero1
Franz1 character1
Freddy1 character1
Georg1 hero1
Gertrude1 character1
Giovanni1 character1
Goneril1 villain1
Gwendolen1 character1
Hamlet1 hero1
Harold1 character1
Helena1 character1
Henry1 character1
Hermia1 character1
Hero1 character1
Ilona1 character1
Jack1 character1
Jeff1 character1
John1 hero1
Joseph1 character1
Juan1 character1
Julia1 character1
Julie1 hero1
Juliet1 hero1
Julius1 character1
Katherina1 character1
Ladislav1 character1
Laurence1 character1
Laurey1 hero1
Lear1 character1
Louise1 character1
Lucius1 character1
Luigi1 character1
Lydia1 character1
Lysander1 character1
Macduff1 hero1
Marcellus1 character1
Marcus1 villain1
Marian1 hero1
Marius1 character1
Mark1 character1
Maxim1 character1
Meg1 character1
Mercutio1 character1
Miranda1 hero1
Nettie1 character1
Oberon1 character1
Olivia1 character1
Ophelia1 character1
Orsino1 character1
Othello1 hero1
Peter1 hero1
Petruchio1 character1
Polonius1 villain1
Portia1 hero1
Prospero1 character1
Regan1 villain1
Richard1 character1
Romeo1 hero1
Rudolf1 character1
Sebastian1 character1
Shylock1 character1
Sophie1 character1
Stanley1 character1
Stella1 character1
Stephen1 character1
Titania1 character1
Titus1 hero1
Tybalt1 villain1
Viola1 hero1
Wendy1 character1
Winthrop1 character1
Zaneeta1 character1
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