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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
QAAMMATIP-INUAmGreenlandic, Inuit Mythology
Means "man in the moon". This is the name of a character in Greenlandic mythology.
Younger form of K'âneĸ.
Younger form of K'aerĸuk.
Arabic transliteration of Cain.
QADANm & fMongolian
Means "cliff" in Mongolian.
QADIRAfArabic, Muslim
Feminine form of Qadir.
Means "power, fate" in Arabic.
Means "chicken" in Hmong.
Arabic form of Caesar.
Qalea means castle in Arabic.
Younger form of K'alipak.
From masculine قَمَرِيّ (qamariyy) or feminine قَمَرِيَّة (qamariyya), both meaning "lunar, related to the moon" in Arabic. It may therefore be seen as a strictly feminine variant of Qamar.
Albanian form of Jamal.
QAMRAfArabic (Rare), Malay (Rare)
Possibly from Arabic قَمَر (qamar) meaning "moon" (see Qamar).
Younger form of K'anak.
QANDILmKurdish (Modern, Rare)
name of one of the mountain in kurdistan,symbol of defending
Greenlandic younger form of K'anik.
QAPLANmGeorgian (Archaic)
Derived from Old Turkic kaplan meaning "tiger" (also see Kaplan).
Means "be bright" in Xhosa.
Younger form of K'aĸe.
Meaning "black" in Mongolian.
Qarad means monkey in Arabic.
Younger form of K'arasaĸ.
Meaning and origin unknown. He is a 4th saint venerated in Chaldean Catholic Church, Assyrian Church of the East, Syro-Malabar Church. Mar Qardagh (Mar means "lord" and it's like "holy"a honorific title) was a Sassanid prince who was martyred for converting to Christianity... [more]
Younger form of K'artuvat.
Greenlandic name meaning "lightweight red wood". It was also a term for a piece of soft red wood shaped as human with a weapon and placed in the inner forefront of a qajaq to ward off witches, since it was believed that they were afraid of this piece of wood... [more]
Younger form of K'asaloĸ.
Younger form of K'asape.
Greenlandic younger form of K'avak.
QAYSmMedieval Arabic (Moorish)
From Arabic قَيْس (qays), the verbal noun of قَاسَ (qāsa) "to measure, to compare".... [more]
Albanian form of Kazem.
QEBEHSENUEFmEgyptian Mythology
Means "he who refreshes his brothers".... [more]
Albanian form of Cemal.
From qendër "center, middle", with -ak adjective suffix.
Means "stance" in Albanian.
QEPPARMIUf & mGreenlandic
Means "one who roams in the middle" in Greenlandic.
Means "pretty" in Kurdish.
QESHETf & mAncient Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew transcription of Keshet.
QETSIYAHfAmerican (Modern, Rare), Popular Culture
Variant of Keziah. A character in TV show The Vampire Diaries bears this name.
Means "one who watches, one who monitors" in Quechua.
Variant of Qhispi.
Quechua feminine name derived from the word qhispikay meaning "freedom, free".
Variant of Qura.
QIm & fChinese
The logograph 氣 is read with two Chinese pronunciations, the usual qi 氣 "air; vital energy" and the rare archaic 氣 "to present food" (later disambiguated with 餼).... [more]
Meaning "thousand sails" in Chinese. Combined with 前 (qián) "front, forward" and 番 (fān).
Means "rose" in Chinese.
Chinese female name meaning "rose" or "rambler rose, wild rose".
QIANGYINGm & fChinese
Qiangying means tough in Chinese.
From Chinese 巧 (qiǎo) meaning "skillful".
Chinese form of George.
Variant of Chidi.
Means "she, who is asking the spirits" in Greenlandic.
QIMMIQm & fInuit
Means "dog" in Inuit.
Qing means "young,blue,green" and Chun means "season of spring".
QINGFANGf & mChinese
From Chinese 清 (qīng) meaning "clear, clean" or "fair, honest, upright" combined with 芳 (fāng) meaning "fragrant", as well as other character combinations.
From Chinese 清 (qīng) meaning "clear, clean, pure" combined with 峰 (fēng) meaning "peak, summit", as well as other character combinations.
QINGLONGmFar Eastern Mythology
From Chinese 青 (qīng) meaning "blue, green" and 龍 (lóng) meaning "dragon". This is the name of the Azure Dragon in Chinese mythology.
QINGMEIf & mChinese
Combination of Qing and Mei. Alternatively, the first character can be used as 清 (qīng) meaning "pure, clean," 庆 (qìng) meaning "celebration" or 晴 (qíng) meaning "clear/fine weather."... [more]
Meaning "Celebrating Goodness"
QINGYANGm & fChinese
From Chinese 慶 (qìng) meaning "to celebrate, celebration" combined with 陽 (yáng) meaning "light, sun", as well as other character combinations that can form this name.
Means "ice sludge" in Greenlandic.
Greenlandic younger form of K'iperoĸ.
QIQIRNm & fNew World Mythology, Inuit Mythology
In Inuit mythology, Qiqirn is a large, bald dog spirit.
QIRINmAfrican American
A chimerical creature from East Asian mythology (Chinese/pinyin: qílín, Japanese kirin).
QITEQf & mGreenlandic
Younger form of K'iteĸ.
Younger form of K'iteraĸ.
Greenlandic younger form of K'itornaĸ.
Greenlandic younger form of K'ítôra.
Greenlandic younger form of K'ítûla.
Greenlandic younger form of K'itura.
QIVIOQm & fGreenlandic
Greenlandic unisex name meaning "fluff, down".
Greenlandic younger form of K'ôĸa.
Younger form of K'ôrĸa.
Means "dove, rock pigeon" in Chechen.
Variant of Qura.
Means "writer" in Somali.
Variant of Quri.
Q'ORIANKAfNative American, Quechua, English (American, Modern, Rare)
Quechua feminine name derived from the words qori meaning "gold" and anka which means "eagle".
Greenlandic younger form of K'orsuk.
Greenlandic younger form of K'uâ.
Transferred use of the surname Quade.
Brother of Massasoit who may have introduced popcorn to the Pilgrims.
Means "ancient" in Arabic.
Means "fortieth" in Latin, from quadraginta "forty". The number 40 has many biblical references, including the 40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness before beginning his ministry, and the 40 hours he lay in the tomb before the resurrection... [more]
French form of Quadratus.
Roman cognomen, meaning "quartered" and used as a feminine form of Quadratus. ... [more]
Derived from Latin quadratus meaning "square." This name has been borne by several saints, such as Quadratus the Apologist of Athens.
QUAIDmEnglish (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Quaid.
QUAILm & fEnglish, Irish (Anglicized), Scottish Gaelic (Anglicized)
Respelling of the surname Quayle, the English and Scottish Anglicization of Mac Phàil (Scottish), Mac Phóil (Irish), and Mac Phaayl (Manx). Irish variation is Coill, French variation is Quaille.
Means "pillar of (the) faith" in Yoruba.
QUANmAfrican American
Borrowing of Quân or Kwan, used primarily by African Americans.
QUANDAfAfrican American
Derived from the element Quanda. A merged form of Quanna and Shonda.
QUANTISm & fAfrican American
Probably from the surname, possibly related to the surname Quant, derived from a nickname from Middle English cointe, quointe "known", ultimately from Latin cognitus "known".
QUANTUMmEnglish (Modern, Rare)
From Latin, neuter of quantus.
etymology: from Latin quantus... [more]
QUAOARm & fNew World Mythology, Astronomy
Also known as Chingichngish, Ouiamot, Tobet and Saor, Quaoar is the name of an important figure in the mythology of the so-called Mission Indians of coastal Southern California, a group of Takic-speaking peoples, today divided into the Payomkowishum (Luiseño), Tongva (Gabrieliño and Fernandeño), and Acjachemem (Juaneño) tribes or peoples... [more]
Greenlandic younger form of K'uaraĸ.
QUARTAfTheology, Late Roman
Catholic saint and martyr.
Derived from Latin quartus, this name means "four". In Roman times, it was usually given to a woman who was the fourth born.
Italian form of Quartinus.
Diminutive of Quartus. This name was borne by a Roman usurper from the 3rd century AD.
Italian form of Quartus.
Borne by an obscure saint who was martyred by beheading in 259 at Carthage, with Saint Montanus and others.
QUARTUSmAncient Roman
Roman praenomen, or given name, which means "fourth" in Latin.
QUARTZm & fEnglish (Rare)
Derived from Middle High German twarc, probably from a West Slavic source (compare Czech tvrdy and Polish twardy, both coming from Old Church Slavonic tvrudu meaning "hard," which is derived from Proto-Slavic *tvrd- and then a Proto-Indo-European root *(s)twer- meaning "to grasp, hold, hard.")... [more]
QUASHAWNm & fAfrican American (Rare)
Combination of the prefix Qua with the name Shawn.
QUASHONDAfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the prefix Qua with the name Shonda.
QUASIMODOmLiterature, Popular Culture
Best known from the novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", where the main character was named after Quasimodo Sunday, this first name literally means "half-formed".
QUAVOmPopular Culture
Derived from the rapper Quavo
QUBILAHfAfrican American (Rare)
Qubilah is the name of one of Activist Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz's six daughters.
Derived from Arabic قدوس (quddūs) meaning "The Most Holy". In Islamic tradition, Al-Quddus is one of the 99 names of Allah.
Derived from Arabic قُدْرَة (qudra) meaning "power, capability, ability".
QUEfEnglish (Rare)
Meaning uncertain. This name may possibly be a short form of any feminine given name containing -que-, such as Quentina and Jacqueline.... [more]
Meaning unknown, possibly a short form of Quentin. In the USA, it was given to 8 boys born in the USA in 2008.
QUEENETTAfEnglish (Rare), African American (Rare), Popular Culture
Combination of Queen and the suffix etta. This name is borne by Queenetta Carpenter, a character from the American sitcom 'Best Friends Forever'.
Short form of Miquel.
In L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (1900), Quelala is a once mentioned character in the prior history of Oz, who saved a race of Winged Monkeys from being destroyed by putting them into servitude... [more]
QUENAfMedieval English, English (Modern, Rare)
Derived from Old English cwén "woman", this name was originally a diminutive of names containing said element.... [more]
QUENAfSpanish (Latin American)
Its usage in Mexico and South America is likely due to the quena, or qina in Quechua, the traditional flute of the Andes.
Means "eagle drink" in Comanche.
Catalan form of Kenan.
QUENBYf & mEnglish
Transferred use of the surname Quenby.
QUENEVAfMedieval English
Middle English form of Cwengifu.
QUENILDAfMedieval English
Medieval form of Cwénhild, documented in 1332.
QUENIVAfMedieval English
Derived from Old English cwen "woman, wife; queen" and gifu "gift", this is the medieval English form of Cwéngifu.
QUENNELmAfrican American
Famous bearer is singer Quennel Gaskin.... [more]
QUENNELLmEnglish (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Quennell.
QUENTINEfFrench (Archaic), French (Quebec, Archaic)
French form of Quintina. Also compare the masculine counterpart Quentin.
QUENTYNmEnglish, Literature
Variant of Quentin. Used in George R. R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series.
QUERELLAfRoman Mythology
Means "complaint, lamentation" in Latin. In Roman mythology Querella was the personification of mockery, blame, ridicule, scorn, complaint and stinging criticism, equivalent to the Greek daemon Momos (who was expelled from heaven for ridiculing the gods).
Means "dear", "beloved", or "darling" in Spanish.
QUESHONmAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Variant of KeShawn or KeShaun.
From the English word for a search, ultimately from from Medieval Latin questa "search, inquiry".
QUETILOmSpanish (Rare)
Spanish form of Kjeld.
QUETZALAfSpanish (Mexican)
From Quetzala, the name of a river in Mexico. Quetzala is likely derived from Nahuatl quetzalli, "quetzal feather". The word quetzalli also denotes something precious. The quetzal held great cultural and religious significance to the Aztecs, and other indigenous peoples of Central America... [more]
Means "feather flower" or "precious flower" in Nahuatl, from Nahuatl quetzalli "feather" or "precious" and xochitl "flower".
QUETZUNmCentral American
Guatemalan name referring to the Quetzal a native bird of Guatemala and Tecun Uman the last indigenious prince of Guatemala.
Portuguese form of Kevin.
QUHYARmAncient Persian
Was the last ruler of the Karenid dynasty (in modern Iran), ruling briefly in 839 until his assassination.
Means "turtle" in Vietnamese.
QUÍf & mVietnamese
Variant of Quý.
QUIARAfPortuguese (Rare)
Portuguese form (phonetic rendering) of Chiara.
QUICKSILVERmPopular Culture
Quicksilver is the 'mutant' name of a protagonist, and sometimes antagonist, of Marvel's line of X-Men and Avengers comics. His real name is Pietro Maximoff, and he is the son of Magneto. His mutant name is a reference to his ability of moving and thinking at superhuman speeds, and the fact he is typically depicted with silver hair... [more]
QUIDOmSlovak, Czech, Polish
Unknown, probably form of Guido
QUIÉMENCEfFrench (Rare, Archaic)
Local vernacular form of Clémence found in the Poitou-Charentes region.
QUIESELCHENfPopular Culture
This name comes from the popular German folk song 'Tanz, tanz, Quieselchen'.... [more]
QUIETAfAncient Roman, Italian (Rare), Romanian (Rare), English (Rare), German (Swiss, Rare), Caribbean (Rare)
Derived from Latin quietus, -a, -um "quiet". This was the name of a saint.
QUIETOmItalian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Quietus.
QUIETONmMedieval Czech
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Current theories, however, include a connection to Quentin.
QUIETUSmLate Roman
Roman cognomen which was derived from Latin quietus meaning "quiet, at rest, peaceful, tranquil". This name was borne by Roman general Lusius Quietus (2nd century AD) and Roman usurper Titus Fulvius Iunius Quietus (3rd century AD).
QUIGGmEnglish (Anglicized)
Diminutive of Quigley. Reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Cuaig. In County Down it is Anglicized as Fivey, as if from cúig ‘five’.
QUIGLEYm & fEnglish (Rare), Popular Culture
Transferred use of the Irish surname that originally appeared in Gaelic as O Coigligh, which may be derived from coigeal, which denotes "unruly appearance." See also diminutive Quigg.
QUIKINNA'QUmSiberian Mythology
Derived from a Koryak word meaning "big raven". In Koryak mythology, Quikinna'qu (or Kutkinnaku) is a shapeshifting deity who taught humans to hunt, fish, and create fire.
Aragonese form of Cyriacus.
QUILINAfSpanish (Latin American, Modern, Rare)
Spanish form of Chilina or Kilina (finally going back to Aquilina).
QUILLm & fEnglish
Diminutive of Aquilla.... [more]
QUILLAfNew World Mythology
An Inca name meaning the Moon... [more]
QUILLANmEnglish (Rare)
From an Irish surname which was derived from Gaelic Mac Uighilín "son of Huguelin" (Huguelin being a Norman personal name) or Mac Cuilinn, a patronymic of a personal name derived from cuileann "holly".
QUILLEf & mEnglish, African American
Variant of Quill, or a diminutive of Aquila or Shaquille. It may also be transferred use of the surname Quille.
QUILLIENmBreton (Archaic), French (Archaic)
Breton and French form of Killian, which is no longer in use as a given name today, but it still survives as a patronymic surname (which is most prevalent in Brittany and the rest of northwestern France).
QUILLONmAmerican (Rare)
Means "Crossed Swords" in French. Also the name of a town in Chile.
Short form of Joaquima.
QUIMBURGAfAnglo-Saxon (Latinized), Popular Culture
Quimburga is a latinisation of the Anglo-saxon name Cyneburga. Quimburga is the name of a notable cyclone in northern Germany in 1972.
QUIMBYm & fAmerican (Rare)
Derived from the English locational surname Quimby, which in turn derives its name from the English village Quenby and essentially means "the queen's manor".
Diminutive of Joaquin.
Diminutive of Joaquim.
Diminutive of Joaquin.
QUINCIAfSpanish (Rare), English (American, Rare)
Spanish form of Quintia and (American) English feminization of Quincy.
Catalan form of Quintianus.
Spanish form of Quintianus.
Portuguese form of Quintius.
Spanish form of Quintius.
QUINDARIOUSmAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
A modern invented name, based on Quin and Darius.
Catholic saint, hermit and bishop. He was originally a hermit in the region of Aix in Provence, France, becoming bishop of Vaison in that region.
QUINLEYm & fAmerican (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Quinley.
QUINNLYNfEnglish (Modern, Rare)
Elaboration of Quinn using the popular name suffix lyn.
Diminutive of Joaquín.
QUINTmCatalan, Dutch, English, German, French (Rare)
Catalan and French form of Quintus as well as the Dutch, English and German short form of any given name starting with Quint-, such as Quinten and Quintijn (Dutch), Quintus and Quintinus (German) and Quintin (English).... [more]
QUINTAfAncient Roman, Dutch (Rare), English (Rare), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Rare)
Feminine form of Quintus. However, it should be noted that in some modern-day countries, there are also cases where this name is a short form of names like Quintilla, Quintina and Quintiana.... [more]
QUINTANAfEnglish (American, Modern, Rare)
Perhaps from Latin quintanus "fifth-ranking", from quintus "fifth" (see Quintus) or a transferred use of the surname. In today's English-speaking world it is sometimes perceived as a feminine form of Quintin or Quentin.... [more]
Catholic saint.
QUINTELLEfEnglish (Rare)
Feminine diminutive of Quintus, using the suffix -elle.
This name comes from the word that can mean "a thing that is the most perfect example of its type" or, in its literal sense, "fifth essence." The word is derived from Middle French quinte essence, which is, ultimately originated from Medieval Latin quinta essentia, a combination of Latin quinta, the feminine equivalent of quintus meaning "five," and essentia meaning "essence."
Catalan form of Quintinus.
QUINTIANmEnglish (Rare), German (Rare)
English and German form of Quintianus.
QUINTIANOmPortuguese (Rare), Spanish (Rare)
Portuguese form of Quintianus and Spanish variant of Quinciano.
QUINTIANUSmAncient Roman, History
From the Roman cognomen Quintianus (originally written as Quinctianus), which was derived from the Roman nomen gentile Quintius. This was the name of the father and a nephew of the Roman general Tiberius Claudius Pompeianus (2nd century AD), as well as of several Roman Catholic saints.
QUINTIENmFrench (Rare)
French form of Quintianus. Not to be confused with Quentin.
QUINTIENNEfFrench (Archaic)
French form of Quintiana. Also compare the masculine counterpart Quintien.
QUINTILmCatalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Quintillus.
French form of Quintilis.
QUINTILAfSpanish (Rare), Portuguese (Rare)
Spanish and Portuguese form of Quintilla. Also compare the masculine counterpart Quintilo.
Catalan form of Quintilius.
QUINTÍLIAfPortuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Portuguese form of Quintilia. Also compare the masculine counterpart Quintílio.
Catalan form of Quintilianus (see Quintilian).
QUINTILIANOmItalian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Quintilianus (see Quintilian).
Sicilian form of Quintilianus (see Quintilian).
QUINTILIENmFrench (Rare), French (Quebec, Rare)
French form of Quintilianus (see Quintilian).
Portuguese form of Quintilius.
QUINTILIOmItalian, Spanish (Rare)
Italian and Spanish form of Quintilius.