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Variant spelling of ZAAHIRA.
ZAAIDA f Arabic
Means "shining" or "bright" in Arabic.
ZAAIN f Arabic
From Arabic "zaain" meaning "beauty".
ZAAKI m Arabic
Means "one who increases in growth and goodness" in Arabic.
ZAAKIR m South African
Form of ZAKIR used especially in South Africa.
ZAAKIRA f Arabic
Feminine form of ZAKIR.
ZAARAH f Arabic (?)
Arabic name
ZAAVAN m English, Biblical
Means "trembling". In the Bible, this is the name of a descendant of SEIR.
ZABABA m Near Eastern Mythology
The name of a Mesopotamian war god.
ZABAD m Biblical
Zabad is the name of seven men in the Hebrew Bible. Zabad means "gift" or "endowment."
ZABANA f Persian
Means "flame (as of a candle)" in Persian.
Means "strong, powerful, great" in Uzbek.
Means "chrysolite" in Uzbek.
ZABAVA f Slavic Mythology, Russian
Means "cheerful, funny" in Old Slavic.
ZABDI m Biblical
Zabdi, son of ZERAH, of the Tribe of JUDAH, was the father of CARMI and the grandfather of ACHAN, according to Joshua 7:1... [more]
ZABDIEL m Biblical (All)
The name of two men in the Bible. The first was the father of JASHOBEAM, and the second was an overseer.
ZÂBEL f Konkani
Konkani form of ISABEL.
ZABEL f Konkani, Indian (Christian)
Konkani form of ELIZABETH, borrowed from Portuguese ISABEL and used by Konkani Catholics.
ZABEL f Galician
Short form of ISABEL.
ZABELA f Armenian
Variant of ZABEL.
ZABETE f Galician
Short form of ELISABETE.
ZABIBE f Arabic (Rare), History
Most likely derived from Arabic زَبِيب (zabīb) meaning "raisin". This was the name of a queen of Qedar, an ancient Arab nomadic tribe.
ZABIRA f Kazakh, Bashkir
Feminine form of Zabir.
ZABIT m Karachay-Balkar
Means "graceful, elegant" in Karachay-Balkar.
ZABOU f French
Diminutive of ISABELLE. French actress and director Zabou Breitman is a known bearer.
ZABRIANA f English (American, Anglicized, Modern, Rare, ?)
Name similar to SABRINA, history is unknown
ZABRIEL m English (Modern, Rare)
Probably an invented name, possibly a variant of SABRIEL or a blend of similar names such as Zane and GABRIEL.
ZABRINA f Various
Variant of SABRINA.
ZABUD m Biblical
Zabud, meaning “endowed.” The son of NATHAN, a priest and friend of King SOLOMON, according to 1 Kings 4:5.
ŽAC m Croatian
Short form of ŽELJKO.
ZACARIA m Filipino, Maguindanao
Maguindanao form of ZAKARIYYA.
ZACÀRIAS m Occitan
Occitan form of ZECHARIAH.
ZACCARIA m Sicilian, Sardinian
Sicilian and Sardinian form of ZACHARIAS.
ZACCHEO m Italian
Italian form of ZACCHAEUS.
ZACCUR m Biblical
Zaccur of the house of REUBEN was the father of SHAMMUA, a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River according to Numbers 13:4.
ZACHAEL m English (Modern, Rare)
Means "God remembers" from Hebrew element זָכַר (zakhar) meaning "to remember" and אֵל ('el) meaning "God".... [more]
ZACHAR m Russian
Variant transcription of ZAKHAR.
ZACHARA f English (Rare)
Feminine form of ZACHARY.
Greek feminine form of ZACHARIAS.
ZACHARIÁŠ m Czech (Rare), Slovak (Rare)
Czech and Slovak form of ZACHARIAS.
The form of ZACHARIAS used in Czech Bible translations.
Greek feminine form of ZACHARIAS.
ZACHE m Romani (Caló)
Derived from Caló zaché "happy; blessed". Used as a Caló equivalent of FELIX.
ZACHÉE m French
French form of ZACCHAEUS.
Dutch form of ZACCHAEUS.
Polish form of ZACCHAEUS.
ZACHIEJUS m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of ZACCHAEUS.
ZACHRIEL m Ancient Hebrew (Rare)
The Angel of Memory in all three of the main Abrahamic faiths.
ZACHRIS m Swedish, Finnish
Short form of ZACHARIAS.
Swedish variant of ZACHARIAS.
ZACKERIYA m Arabic, Turkish
Modern spelling of ZAKARIYYA or Zekeriya influenced by some English forms of that name.
ZACKIE m English (Rare)
Diminutive of ZACHARY.
ZACKY m English
Diminutive of ZACHARY.
Derived from Polish zacny "noble, respectable, upright" combined with Slavic slav "glory".
ZACU m Sardinian
Variant of JACU.
ZADA f Arabic, English (American)
Feminine form of ZAYD.
ZADA f Hungarian
Cognate of ZAIDA, meaning "to increase".
ZADDOCK m English (Rare)
(Anglicized) variant of ZADOK. A bearer of the variant Zadock was Congressman Zadock Pratt (1790-1871), a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York.
ZADEN m Georgian Mythology
Variant transcription of ZADENI.
ZADENI m Georgian Mythology
Most likely derived from Persian یزدان (yazdân) meaning "god, divinity, angel". Zadeni (also transcribed as ZADEN) was a pagan god of fruitfulness and the harvest in pre-Christian Georgian mythology.
ŽADGAILAS m Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with old Lithuanian gailas, which usually means "strong, potent" but has also been found to mean "sharp, jagged" as well as "angry, fierce, violent" and "miserable, sorrowful, remorseful"... [more]
ŽADGAILĖ f Lithuanian
Feminine form of ŽADGAILAS.
ZADIE f English
Variant of SADIE. A known bearer of this name is British author Zadie Smith (1975-), who was born Sadie Smith.
ZADIG m Armenian
From Armenian Զատիկ (zadig / zadik) meaning "Easter".
Dutch form of ZADKIEL.
ZADKIEL m Hebrew, Judeo-Christian Legend
Means "righteousness of God" in Hebrew. Rabbinic tradition considers him to be the Angel of Mercy and some believe him to be the Angel of the Lord that prevented Abraham from killing his son Isaac.
ŽADMANTAS m Lithuanian
The first element of this name is derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise". The second element is either derived from Lithuanian mantus meaning "intelligent" (see DAUMANTAS) or from Lithuanian manta meaning "property, estate" as well as "wealth, riches, fortune".
ŽADMANTĖ f Lithuanian
Feminine form of ŽADMANTAS.
ŽADMINAS m Lithuanian (Rare)
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with the Lithuanian verb minėti meaning "to celebrate" as well as "to remember, to commemorate".
ZADOQUE m Portuguese
Portuguese form of ZADOK.
ZÁDOR m Hungarian
Derived from an old Hungarian word for "violent".
ZÁDORKA f Hungarian
Feminine form of ZÁDOR, meaning "violent".
ZADRIAN m American (Modern, Rare)
Created from the name ADRIAN by adding an initial letter Z.
ŽADVAINAS m Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with the old Lithuanian noun vaina meaning "cause, reason" as well as "fault".
ŽADVAINĖ f Lithuanian
Feminine form of ŽADVAINAS.
ŽADVILAS m Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with Baltic vil meaning "hope" (see VILTAUTAS).
ŽADVILĖ f Lithuanian
Feminine form of ŽADVILAS.
ŽADVYDAS m Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with Baltic vyd meaning "to see" (see VYTAUTAS). Also compare other names that end in -vydas, such as ALVYDAS and TAUTVYDAS.
ŽADVYDĖ f Lithuanian
Feminine form of ŽADVYDAS.
ZADYN m English (Modern), English (American, Modern)
Variant of ZAYDEN. Zadyn was given to 27 boys in 2014 according to the SSA.
ZADZISAI m & f Shona
Means "fulfill" in Shona.
ZAEA f Indian
Meaning: Beauty
ZAEDIN m American
Variant of ZAYDEN.
ZAEIM m Arabic
Means "leader" in Arabic.
ZAELEE f English (American, Modern, Rare)
Variant of ZAYLEE. Zaelee was given to 8 girls in 2017 according to the SSA.
ZAELYNN f English (Modern, Rare)
A recently created name, formed using the popular name suffix lyn.
ZAENAB f Indonesian
Indonesian form of ZAYNAB.
ZAENAL m Indonesian
Variant of ZAINAL.
ZAER m Arabic
Means "revolutionist, rebel, insurgent" in Arabic.
ZAERLE f Yiddish, Medieval Jewish
German Yiddish diminutive of SARAH, first recorded between the late 1300s and early 1400s.
ZA'FARON m Uzbek
Means "saffron" in Uzbek.
ZAFARULLAH m Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Means "victory of God" from Arabic ظَفَر (ẓafar) meaning "success, victory" combined with ALLAH.
Derived from the Uzbek zafar meaning "victory" and xo'ja meaning "master".
Variant of ZAFEIRIS.
From Greek ζαφείρι (zafeíri), derived via Italian from Ancient Greek σάπφειρος (sáppheiros) (see SAPPHIRE) through Latin (compare Zafeiro).
From Greek ζαφείρι (zafeíri), derived via Italian from Ancient Greek σάπφειρος (sáppheiros) (see SAPPHIRE) through Latin (compare Zafeiris).
Feminine form of ZAFEIRIS, using the diminutive suffix -ούλα (-oula).
Means "saffron" in Sicilian Arabic, from Arabic زعفران (za'farān), "saffron".
ZAFFIRA f Italian
Feminine form of ZAFFIRO.
ZAFFIRO m Italian
Means "sapphire" in Italian, from the Latin sapphirus.
ZAFIR m Arabic
Variant of ZAFAR.
ZAFIRA f Arabic (Rare), Judeo-Arabic
Variant transcription of SAPPHIRA.
ZAFIRA f Hungarian
Cognate of SAPPHIRE, meaning "sapphire".
ZAFIRIS m & f Greek
From Greek ζαφείρι ή σαπφειρός meaning "sapphire".
ZAFIRO f Spanish (Modern)
Spanish feminine name derived from the word zafiro meaning "sapphire". This is a modern coinage.
ZAFRAN m Urdu, Malay, Indonesian
From Arabic زَعْفَرَان (zaʿfarān) meaning "saffron".
ZAFRINA f Muslim, Literature
Variant of Zafreen.... [more]
ZAFRINA f Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Current theories, however, link this name to ZEFERINA.
ZAFRIR m Hebrew
Variant of TZAFRIR.
ZAFRIRA f Hebrew (Rare)
Feminine form of ZAFRIR.
ZAGA f Serbian, Croatian
Croatian and Serbian diminutive of ZAGORKA.
ZAGE m English (Modern, Rare)
Newly created name combining the letter (Z) and the popular name suffix -age. Zage was given to 6 boys in 2017 according to the SSA.
ZAGIP m Tatar
Tatar masculine form of SABIHA.
ZAGIR m Bashkir (Russified), Dagestani (Russified)
Russian form of ZAAHIR (1) or ZAAHIR (2), used particularly in Bashkortostan and Dagestan.
ZAGORKA f Serbian (Rare), Croatian (Rare)
From Croatian and Serbian загорје (zagorye) meaning "up behind the mountains, plains". It may also designate an inhabitant of Hrvatsko Zagorje, an area of Croatia.
ZAGRÉE m French
French form of ZAGREUS.
ZAGREO m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of ZAGREUS.
ZAGREU m Catalan, Portuguese
Catalan and Portuguese form of ZAGREUS.
ZAGREUS m Greek Mythology
Possibly derived from Greek ζαγρεύς (zagreus), which was a term used to refer to a hunter that catches live animals. The term would technically mean "great hunter", as it was derived from the Greek prefix ζα (za) meaning "very" combined with Greek αγρεύς (agreus) meaning "hunter"... [more]
ZAHA f Hebrew, Arabic
Means "clear; pure" in Hebrew from the root צ־ח־ח‎ (ts-kh-kh). It also means "bright; shine" in Arabic.... [more]
ZAHANI f Sanskrit
Variant of Shahani.
Derived from Arabic زهرة (zahra) meaning "flower".
ZAHARI m Malay
Derived from Arabic زهر (zahara) meaning "to shine".
ZAHARIA m Romanian (Rare)
Romanian form of ZACHARIAS.
Variant transcription of ZACHARIAS.
ZAHARIN m Bulgarian (Rare)
Bulgarian masculine form of ZAHARINA.
Possibly derived from Arabic زَاهِر (zāhir) meaning "shining, radiant".
ZAHARIRA f Hebrew (Rare)
Elaboration or variant of ZAHARA. Famous bearer is Zaharira Harifai, Israeli actress.
Variant transcription of ZACHAROULA.
ZAHARY m Malay
Variant of ZAHARI.
ZAHAVA f Hebrew
Derived from Hebrew זָהָב (zaháv) meaning "gold".
ZAHAVAH f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant transcription of ZEHAVA.
ZAHAVIT f Hebrew
Variant form of ZAHAVA.
ZAHEEDA f Arabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of ZAHIDA.
ZAHEEN m & f Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
From Urdu ذہین (zahīn) meaning "intellectual, sagacious, clever".
ZAHEERA f Arabic
Possibly means "shining" or "brilliant". May also be an alternative spelling of ZAHIRA or a feminine form of ZAHEER.
ZAHHAK m Persian Mythology
Means "he who owns ten thousands of horses". Zahhak was an evil emperor in Persian Mythology who was revolted against by the blacksmith KAVEH.
ZAHIDÄ f Tatar
Tatar form of ZAHIDA.
ZAHIDƏ f Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of ZAHIDA.
ZAHIDE f Albanian
Albanian form of ZAHIDA.
ZAHIRƏ f Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of ZAHIRA.
ZAHIRAH f Malay, Indonesian
Malay and Indonesian form of ZAHIRA.
Means "helper of the faith" or "defender of the faith", derived from Arabic ظهير (ẓahir) meaning "helper, assistant" combined with الدين (ad-dīn) "the faith, the religion".
ZAHIRE f Albanian
Albanian form of ZAHIRA.
ZAHIRUDDIN m Arabic, Malay, Bengali
Variant transcription of ZAHIR AL-DIN.
ZAHIT m Tatar
Tatar form of ZAHID.
ZAHNENY m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "wise and peaceful" in Hebrew
ZƏHRA f Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of ZAHRA.
ZAHRAA f Arabic, Muslim
Possibly from Arabic زُهْرَة (zuhra) "brilliance, light, brightness" (see ZAHRA).
ZAHRAH f Malay, Indonesian
Malay and Indonesian form of ZAHRA. It is often paired with FATIMAH in reference to the Arabic title for the daughter of the Prophet MUHAMMAD, فاطمة الزهراء (Fatimah Az-Zahrā’), meaning "Fatimah the Splendid".
ZAHRE f Arabic
Alternate transcription of زهري (ZAHRI)
ZAHREDDINE m Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare)
Maghrebi variant of ZAHIR AL-DIN (chiefly Algerian and Tunisian).
ZAHRI f Arabic
Means "pink" in Arabic.
ZAHRIE f Arabic
Variant of ZAHRA and feminine variant of Zahr, meaning “blossom” or “beauty” in Arabic
ZAHRO f Uzbek
Uzbek form of ZAHRA or ZAHRAH.
ZAHUR m Swahili
Means "flower" in Swahili.
ZAI m & f English
ZAIA f Arabic
meaning 'precious'
ZAIANAB f Arabic
Variant of ZAINAB.
ZAIB f & m Pashto, Urdu
Means "beauty" in Pashto and "ornament" in Urdu ultimately from Persian زیب zib.
ZAIBAA f Pakistani
Urdu form of Ziba.
ŽAIBAS m Lithuanian (Rare)
Derived from the Lithuanian noun žaibas meaning "lightning".
ZAIDAH f Malay
Malay form of ZAIDA.
ZAIDE f Arabic
Variant of ZAIDA.
ZAIDE m & f English
Variant of ZADE or ZAYDE and short form of ZAIDEN
ZAIDENN m English (American, Modern, Rare)
Variant of ZAIDEN. Zaidenn was given to 5 boys in 2018 according to the SSA.
ZAIGA f Latvian
Derived from Latvian zaigot "to glisten, to glimmer".
ZAIJIRŌ m Japanese
Japanese masculine name derived from 在 (zai) "be at, consist in", 二 (ji) "two" and #郎 (rou) "son".
ZAIM m Arabic, Bosnian, Albanian
From Arabic zaim ''leader''.
Hausa form of ZAYNAB.
ZAINAH f Arabic, Malay, Indonesian
Arabic alternate transcription of ZAYNA as well as the Malay and Indonesian form.
ZAINAL m Arabic, Malay, Indonesian
First part of compound Arabic names beginning with زين ال (Zayn al) meaning "beauty of the" (such as ZAYN AD-DIN).
ZAINAL ABIDIN m Malay, Indonesian
Malay and Indonesian form of ZAYN AL-ABIDIN.
ZAINE m English
Variant of Zane.
ZAINI m Indonesian, Malay
Means "my decoration" from Arabic زَيْن (zayn) meaning "ornament, decoration".
ZAINODIN m Filipino, Maguindanao
Maguindanao form of ZAYN AD-DIN.
ZAINON f & m Malay
From Arabic زَيْن (zayn) meaning "beauty".
ZAINUDIN m Indonesian, Malay
Indonesian and Malay form of ZAYN AD-DIN.
ZAÏR m Literature
Appears in medieval legends of the knight-errant AMADIS, perhaps related to ZAÏRE or a place name mentioned in the Old Testament (2 Kings 8:21), Za'ir meaning "little".
ZAIRE m African American
From a truncation of the Kongo phrase nzadi o nzere meaning "river swallowing rivers". It is the former name of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Diminutive of ZAIRA, not used as a given name in its own right.
ZAITON f Malay
Variant of ZAITUN.
ZAITUN f & m Arabic, Malay, Indonesian
Means "olive" in Arabic. It is sometimes used as a masculine name in Indonesia.
ZAIUS m Popular Culture
Rhyming variant of GAIUS used in the 1968 film 'Planet of the Apes'.
ZÁJA f Hungarian
Origin and meaning unknown. Possibly related to the Albanian and Hungarian surname Zaja.
ŽAK m Slovene
Slovene variant of JAKOB.
ZAKAI m Hebrew
Variant of ZACCAI.
ZAKAR m Armenian, Mordvin
Armenian and Mordvin form of ZAKHAR (see ZACHARIAH).
ZAKARAS m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of ZACHARIAS.
ZAKÁRIA f Hungarian
Feminine form of ZAKARIÁS.
ZAKARÍA m Icelandic
Icelandic form of ZAKARIA.
ZAKARIAA m Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim), Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Sinhalese
Form of ZECHARIAH in several languages, as well as an alternate transcription of Arabic زكريا or زَكَرِيّا (see ZAKARIYYA).
ZAKARIAH m Malay, Indonesian
Malay and Indonesian form of ZAKARIYYA.
ZAKARÍAS m Icelandic
Icelandic form of ZACHARIAS.
ZAKARIÁS m Hungarian
Hungarian form of ZACHARIAS.
ZAKARIJA m Croatian
Croatian form of ZECHARIAH.
Uzbek form of ZAKARIYA.
ZAKARYA m Arabic (Maghrebi)
Alternate transcription of ZAKARIYYA chiefly used in Northern Africa.
ZAKARYAN m Armenian
means "God has remembered". Diminutive of Zackary/Zachariah. Elaboration of Zakary and Ryan.
ZAKARYAS m Amharic
Amharic form of ZACHARY.
ZAKEUS m Hungarian
Hungarian form of ZACHARIAS.
ZAKHARIA f African American
Feminization of ZAKARY using the popular suffix -ia.
ZAKHARY m English
Variant of ZACHARY.
ZAKHEY m Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of ZACCHAEUS.
ZAKHIRA f Chechen, Karachay-Balkar, Tatar
Chechen, Balkar, and Tatar form of ZAHIRA.
ZAKHITE f Chuvash
Chuvash form of ZAHIDA.
ZÄKI m Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of ZAKI.
ZAKI m Arabic
Zaaki is an Arabic name for boys that means “one who increases in growth and goodness”, “virtuous”, “blessed”.
ZAKIA f Arabic, Bengali, Urdu
Arabic alternate transcription of ZAKIYYA as well as the Bengali and Urdu form.
ZAKIAH m American (Rare)
Possibly a variant of ZACCAI.
ZAKIEH f Persian
Persian form of ZAKIYYA.
ZAKIR m Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Tatar
From Arabic ذَاكَرَ (ḏākara) meaning "to memorise, to remember, to study".
ZAKIRYAN m Bashkir
Combination of ZAKIR and the suffix -йән (yän), which is derived from Persian جان (jân) meaning "soul, being" or "dear, darling".
ZAKIY m Uzbek
Means "bright, intelligent" in Uzbek.
ZAKIYAH f Arabic, Indonesian, Malay
Arabic alternate transcription of ZAKIYYA as well as the Indonesian and Malay form.
ZAKIYAT f Chechen
Chechen feminine form of ZAKI.
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