Submitted Names Starting with M

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Ma f Sumerian Mythology
Means "land" in Sumerian. In Sumerian mythology, Ma is referred to as the mother of the mountain.
Ma f Chinese
From Chinese 馬 (mǎ) meaning "horse". Other Han characters are possible.
Ma f Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare)
Short for names beginning with Ma-, such as Margareta and Margrethe.
Ma f Filipino
Short form of Maria, most often spelled as "Ma.", this name is most commonly used in legal documents and the like when paired with another name following it (example: Ma... [more]
f & m Portuguese
Diminutive of Maria, Mariana, and Mario.
Maa f Mongolian
Possibly a short form of names ending with the feminine suffix маа (maa).
Maa m & f Finnish
Means "country, land, earth, ground, soil, suit" in Finnish.
Maa f Japanese
From Japanese 真 (ma) meaning "true, reality" combined with 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia", 阿 (a) meaning "mountain" or 愛 (a) meaning "love, affection". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Maaa f Japanese
From Japanese 真 (ma) meaning "true, reality", 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia" combined with 々, a phonetic character indicting a duplication of the beginning kanji. Other kanji combinations are possible.
Ma'aataéestse'henáhe m Cheyenne
Means "Iron Shirt" in Cheyenne.
Ma'acah m & f Biblical
Variant transcription of Maacah.... [more]
Ma'achah m & f Biblical
Variant transcription of Maacah.... [more]
Maachi f Japanese
From Japanese 舞 (ma) meaning "dance", 彩 (a) meaning "colour" combined with 知 (chi) meaning "wisdom" or 三月 (maachi) meaning "March". Other kanji combinations are possible.... [more]
Maadai m Biblical
Means "pleasant, testifying" in Hebrew.
Maadïr-ool m Tuvan
Means "hero boy" in Tuvan.
Maađrân f Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami form of Matrona.
Maadyr-ool m Tuvan
Combination of Tuvan маадыр (maadyr) meaning "hero" and оол (ool) meaning "boy, son".
Maahe m Cheyenne
Means "arrow" in Cheyenne.
Maahin m Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Sinhalese, Indian, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Nepali, Kannada
Means "causing or feeling joy, dominion, mighty or powerful, blithe".
Maaja f Estonian
Estonian form of Maia.
Maakah m & f Biblical
Variant transcription of Maacah.... [more]
Maako f Japanese
From Japanese 愛 (ma) meaning "love, affection", 有 (a) meaning "exist" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Maalaviaq f Greenlandic
Younger form of Mâlaviaĸ.
Maalia f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Mâlia.
Maaliaanna f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Mâliãna.
Maame f Central African (Latinized, Rare)
Maame comes from Africa, and is said to mean 'pearl', or 'mother', depending on the variation.
Maan m Arabic
A historic name of a leader in old Arabian Peninsula. it means the cloud heavy with water.
Maan m & f Finnish
Means "earth" in Finnish.
Maan f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of Mary Ann.
Maan m Dutch, Flemish
Short form of Emmanuel and Immanuel. This name was borne by Emmanuel Marie Joseph Antony "Maan" Sassen (11 September 1911 – 20 December 1995), a Dutch politician.
Maan f Dutch (Modern), Flemish (Modern, Rare)
Of debated origin and meaning; theories include a derivation from Dutch maan "moon", a cognate of Luna.
Maana f Somali
Possibly a variant of Maanah.... [more]
Maanah f Arabic
Means "easy; light" in Arabic.
Maanape m Literature
Maanape is a character in the 1928 novel Macunaíma, o herói sem nenhum caráter (Macunaíma in English) by Brazilian writer Mário de Andrade. The novel is considered one of the founding texts of Brazilian modernism.
Maanda m & f Venda
Means "power, stength" in Tshivenda.
Maano m Estonian (Rare)
Short form of Maanus.
Maanooq m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Mânôĸ.
Maanus m Estonian
Estonian form of Magnus.
Maanusi m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Mânuse.
Ma'anutai m Polynesian
Means "floating sea" in Bellonese.
Maaouya m Western African
A known bearer is Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya (1941-), a Mauritanian military officer who served as the president of Mauritania from 1984-2005.
Maappa f Yakut
Yakut form of Marfa.
Maaqujuk m & f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Mâĸujuk.
Maarah f Romani
Romani form of Mara 1.
Maaraq f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Mâraĸ.
Maare f Estonian
Variant of Mare.
Maaʹren f Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami form of Marina.
Maaret f Finnish
Finnish variant of Maret or Maarit.
Maarifatuddin f Arabic
Means "knowledge of the faith", meaning "knowledge of Islam".
Maarij m & f Arabic (Rare)
Maarij is the plural form of the Arabic word "mi'raaj" which means "ascent". It is a masculine name in the Arab world, but a feminine name in Indo-Pak culture as well. It is also the name of the 70th chapter in the Quran.
Maaris f & m Estonian (Rare)
As a feminine name, this is a variant of Maris 1, while as a masculine name, it is an Estonian borrowing of Māris.
Maaritsi f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Mâritse.
Maarius m Estonian
Estonian form of Marius.
Maariya f Yakut
Yakut form of Mariya.
Maarj m Indian
Variant of Marj.
Määʹrjaž f Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami form of Marja.
Maarouf m Arabic
Alternate transcription of Arabic معروف (see Maruf).
Maaryya f Yakut
Yakut form of Mariya.
Maasa f Japanese
From Japanese 真 (ma) meaning "real, genuine" combined with 麻 (asa) meaning "hemp, flax, linen". Other combinations of kanji can form this name as well.
Maasa f Yakut
Yakut form of Masha.
Maasbert m Dutch (Rare)
Combination of Maas with a name that contains the Germanic element beraht meaning "bright", such as Gerbert.... [more]
Maasiai m Biblical
Means "worker of Jehovah" in Hebrew. This was one of the priests resident at Jerusalem at the Captivity I Chronicles 9:12
Maasje f Dutch
Feminine form of Maas.
Ma'at f Egyptian Mythology
Ma'at refers to the ancient Egyptian concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice. Maat was also the goddess who personified these concepts, and regulated the stars, seasons, and the actions of mortals and the deities who had brought order from chaos at the moment of creation... [more]
Ma'ata f Hawaiian, Maori
Variant of Maata.
Maaʹtfi m Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami form of Matvei.
Maath f Biblical Hebrew
A biblical girl's name meaning "Wiping away, breaking, fearing, smiting"
Maat-hor f Ancient Egyptian
From Egyptian mꜣꜣt-ḥr.(w) meaning "she who sees Horus", derived from mꜣꜣ "to see, look at; sight, vision" and the name of the god Horus. This was a royal epithet used for queens in early ancient Egypt.
Maathorneferure f Ancient Egyptian
From Egyptian mꜣꜣt-ḥr-nfrw-rꜥ meaning "one who sees Horus, the beauty of Ra", derived from mꜣꜣt "seeing" combined with the name of the god Horus and nfrw "beauty, perfection" combined with the name of the god Ra.
Maatje f Dutch
Feminine form of Maat.
Maatla f Tswana
Means "strength, power" in Setswana.
Määttaž f Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami form of Matrona 1.
Maaxiiriwia f Indigenous American, Hidatsa
Means "buffalo bird woman". Name borne by a Hidatsa woman known for maintaining many aspects of the traditional Hidatsa lifestyle, including gardening and cooking.
Maaya f Japanese
Means "curious", "annoying", "stubborn", "lost", "bewildered" and "kind"
Maaya f Tagalog, Filipino, Cebuano
Derived from the Tagalog and Cebuano word maaya meaning "cheerful".
Ma'ayan f & m Hebrew
Alternate transcription of Hebrew מַעֲיָן (maayan) (see Maayan).
Maayl m Manx
Manx form of Michael.
Maayo f Cebuano
Means "good" in Cebuano.
Maayu f Japanese
From Japanese 真 (ma) meaning "real, genuine", 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia" combined with 由 (yuu) meaning "cause, reason". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Maayystaan f Yakut
Pet form of Maaryya.
Maaziah m Biblical
Meaning, "consolation of Jehovah."
Maban m Medieval Breton, Cornish (Archaic)
Derived from Proto-Brythonic mab "son".
Mabasen m & f Khoekhoe
Name mainly used by damara speaking people in Namibia.The name means "stand for yourself" used to encourage and teach an individual independance.
Mabasi f Tswana
Mabasi is an African Tswana Name... [more]
Mabayoje m & f Yoruba
Means "do not destroy joy" in Yoruba.
Mabbina f Medieval Irish (Anglicized)
Early Anglicization of Meadhbh via the Latinization Meba.
Mábel f Hungarian
Hungarian borrowing of Mabel.
Mabel f Spanish
Contraction of María Isabel.
Mabelie f Medieval Dutch, Medieval Flemish
Medieval Dutch variant of Mabilia.
Mabelyn f Obscure
Mabelyn Ow is a Singaporean producer.
Mabiley f Medieval Welsh
Variant of Mabilia recorded in medieval Wales.
Mabilia f Medieval French, Medieval English, Gascon
Latinized form of Mabile, recorded in 15th-century French-speaking Switzerland.
Mabille m & f French (Rare)
derived from the Old French word “mabile,” meaning “mable” or “mable stone.”
Mabini m Filipino, Tagalog
Transferred use of the surname, which means "modest" in Bikol and Tagalog, from the roots "ma-" indicating a quality and "bini" meaning modesty.
Mabior m Dinka, African Mythology
Means "white bull" in Dinka. The white bull is the most prized and is sought after for sacrifices in celebration.
Mabire m Norman
Norman form of Mabille.
Mabli f Welsh
Welsh form of Mabel. It was coined circa 1900.
Mablung m Literature
Mablung is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium.... [more]
Mabok m Dinka
Means "grey bull" in Dinka.
Mabott f Medieval English
Diminutive of Mabel.
Mabratu m Amharic
Means "his lamp" in Amharic.
Mabrouk m Arabic
Alternate transcription of Arabic مبروك (see Mabruk).
Mabruk m Arabic
Means "blessed, happy" or "congratulations" in Arabic.
Mabry f & m English
Transferred use of the surname Mabry.
Mabsuthat m & f Astronomy
This was the traditional name of the star 31 Lyncis in the constellation Lynx. The name derives from Arabic المبسوطة (al-mabsūtah) meaning "the outstretched (paw)".
Ma'buda f Uzbek
Means "goddess" in Uzbek.
Mabuz m Arthurian Cycle
Anglo-Norman form of Mabon. This is a character in 'Lanzelet', an Arthurian romance written by Ulrich von Zatzikhoven after 1194; Mabuz the Enchanter is the cowardly lord of the Schatel le Mort, or "Castle of the Dead".
Mabvuto m & f Nsenga
Name given to a child born when there was trouble/problem in the family or community. For instance war, drought, pestilence
Maca f Croatian, Serbian, Slovene
Diminutive of Marija, used as a given name in its own right.
Macabres m Arthurian Cycle
A king and brother of the pagan king Helisier.
Macacuna m Maranao
Means "robust" in Maranao.
Macadamia f English (Rare)
From the popular tropical Hawaiian nut.
Macajah m American
Variant of Micajah.
Macalda f Medieval Italian
Medieval Italian form of Matilda. Also compare Mafalda.... [more]
Macammád m Afar
Afar form of Muhammed.
Macareno m Spanish
Masculine form of Macarena.
Macareo m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Macareus.
Macareu m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Macareus.
Macareus m Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Greek Μακαρεύς (Makareus), which is a variant form of Makarios (see Macario). This is the name of several characters in Greek mythology, one of them being a companion to Odysseus on his voyages.
Macari m Catalan, Gascon, Provençal
Catalan, Provençal and Gascon form of Macarius (see Macario).
Macària f Provençal
Feminine form of Macari.
Macário m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Makarios via it's Latinized form Macarius.
Macariu m Sicilian
Sicilian form of Macario.
Macariy m Russian (Archaic)
Archaic spelling of Makariy.
Macarthur m American
Transferred use of the surname Macarthur.... [more]
Macauly m English
Variant of Macauley.
Macawi f Sioux
Means "coyote" in Lakota.
Macbetto m Theatre (Italianized)
Italian form of Macbeth. This is the form used by Giuseppe Verdi for the main character in the opera 'Macbeth' premiered in 1847 based on Shakespeare's masterpiece.
Maccabea f Italian
Feminine form of Maccabeo.
Maccabee m Ancient Aramaic (Anglicized), Mormon
The name of an ancient Jewish warrior, Judah Maccabee, meaning "the hammer". ... [more]
Maccio m Italian
Short form of pet names ending with the diminutive suffix -maccio such as Giacomaccio and Guglielmaccio.
Maccius m Ancient Roman
An Ancient Roman family name.
Macco m East Frisian (Archaic)
Younger form of Makko, first recorded in the 1500s and eventually faded into oblivion in the 1700s.
Maccus m Old Irish
Old Irish version of Magnus.
Macdha m Irish
Means "virile" or "manly" in Gaelic.
Macdonald m English (American, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname MacDonald/MacDonald
Macduff m Theatre, History
A character from William Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth'
Mace m Popular Culture
Mace Windu is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise where he is known for being a Jedi Master (with a purple lightsaber) and a member of the Jedi High Council during the final years of the Galactic Republic... [more]
Mace m Medieval English
Medieval diminutive of Thomas.
Macé m Medieval French, Norman
Old Norman and medieval French (and as such recorded in 15th-century Paris) form of Mathieu.
Macedon m Ancient Greek
From Greek makednos meaning "tall" or from Illyrian maketia meaning "cattle".
Macedoni m Catalan
Catalan form of Macedonius.
Macedonia f Spanish (Rare)
Feminine form of Macedonio. It is also part of a name of the country (officially Republic of Macedonia/The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) in south-eastern Europe.
Macedonio m Spanish (Rare), Italian (Rare)
This name is derived from Latin Macedonius meaning "Macedonian," which is derived from Greek Makedones. That word literally means "highlanders" or "the tall ones," which is related to makednos meaning "long, tall" and makros "long, large."... [more]
Macée f Medieval French
Feminine form of Macé.
Macéj m Kashubian
Kashubian form of Matthias.
Macel f English (American)
Meaning unknown, possibly a dialectical variant of Marcelle.
Macette f Norman, French (Archaic)
Feminine form of Macé, recorded from the early 1600s onwards.
Maceuhqui m Nahuatl
Means "dancer" in Nahuatl.
Mach f Khmer
Means "melody" in Khmer.
Macha f Irish, Irish Mythology
Possibly from Proto-Celtic *makajā "plain (level country)". In Irish legend this was the name of a war goddess, sister of the Morrígan and the Badb... [more]
Macha f French (Modern, Rare)
French transliteration of Russian Маша (see Masha).
Macha f Manipuri
Means "little; tiny" in Meitei.
Machai m African American (Modern, Rare), History (Ecclesiastical)
Likely used as a variant of Makai, Mekhi or Micaiah. It also coincides with the Greek word μάχαι (machai) meaning "fights, battles", the plural form of μάχη (mache); in Greek mythology the Machai were personified as daemons/spirits of battle, sons or daughters of Eris... [more]
Machakw m Hopi
Means "toad eye" in Hopi.
Machanda m & f Nyoro
Machanda is the Bunyoro month where sesame seeds are planted and sown.
Machanidas m Ancient Greek, History
The first element of this name is possibly derived from the Doric Greek noun μαχανά (machana) meaning "machine, device, tool, contrivance", which is of the same etymology as the modern English word machine... [more]
Machaon m Greek Mythology
Derived from the Greek verb μαχάω (machao) meaning "to wish to fight". Also compare the related name Machon.
Machaqa f Aymara
Means "new" in Aymara.
Machar m Dinka
Means "black bull" in Dinka. Black bulls are the second most important for sacrifices.
Machathoiba m Manipuri
Means "victorious son" in Meitei.
Machathoibi f Manipuri
Means "victorious daughter" in Meitei.
Machbanai m Biblical
Hebrew for "Clad with a mantle, or bond of the Lord", one of the Gadite heroes who joined David in the wilderness I Chronicles 12:13
Machelm m German
"Strength, power, helmet"
Machi f Japanese
Derived from the Japanese kanji 萬 (ma) meaning "ten thousand" or 麻 (ma) meaning "hemp, flax" or 真 (ma) meaning "truth; pure; genuine" combined with 千 (chi) meaning "thousand" or 知 (chi) meaning "wisdom"... [more]
Machi m Biblical
Machi of the Tribe of Gad was the father of Geuel, a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River according to Numbers 13:15.
Machi f Greek
Diminutive of Andromachi.
Machie m & f Nigerian
Meaning the "replacement of a lost gem"
Machiko f Japanese
From Japanese 町 (machi) "town" and 子 (ko) "child".
Machín m Aragonese
Aragonese form of Maginus.
Machín m Medieval Spanish
Spanish form of Matxin.
Machiveyi f Shona
"What do you seek or covert?" Situational name given in circumstance where family has covetous neighbours or kin.
Machk m Algonquin
Means "bear" in Algonquin.
Machmud m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Mahmud.
Machon m Ancient Greek
Derived from the Greek noun μάχη (mache) meaning "battle". Also compare the related name Machaon.... [more]
Machtalena f German (Archaic)
Historic variant of Magdalena.
Machtelden f Medieval Dutch
Possibly a diminutive of Machteld.
Machthard m Germanic
Old High German name composed of the elements maht "might, strength" and hard "brave, hardy".
Macia f English
Elaborated form of Macy. Probably influenced by names such as Maria, Lucia, etc.
Macià m Catalan
Catalan form of Matthias.
Macías m Medieval Galician
Medieval Galician form of Matthew.
Macieja f Polish (Rare)
Feminine form of Maciej.
Maciek m Polish
Diminutive of Maciej.
Maćij m Sorbian
Sorbian form of Mathias. Maćij Wjacław Jakula (German: Mathias Wenzel Jäckel), born 1655, was a Sorbian sculptor famous for his works in Prague.
Macintosh m English
Transferred use of the surname Macintosh.
Macistus m Greek Mythology
Doric Greek masculine name meaning "tallest" or "greatest".
Macit m Turkish
Turkish form of Majid.
Maciu m Fijian, Polynesian
Fijian form of Matthew.
Maciuś m Polish
Diminutive of Maciej.
Mack m Kashubian
Diminutive of Macéj.
Mackellan m & f English (Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Mackellan.
Mackensia f Haitian Creole (Rare)
Feminine form of Mackenson, or an elaboration of Mackenzie with the suffix -ia.
Mackenyu m Japanese (Modern, Rare)
From Japanese 真 (Ma) meaning "true, reality", 剣 (Ken) "sabre, sword, blade" and 佑 (Yuu) meaning "help, assist". Famous bearers include the Japanese actor Mackenyu Maeda (1996-)
Mackenzee f & m English (American)
Variant of Mackenzie
Mackenzeigh f & m Scottish Gaelic
Creative spelling of the name Mackenzie
Mackessa f African American (Modern, Rare)
Feminine form of Mack 1 using the suffix essa.
Mackey m & f Irish
Transferred from the surname "Mackey". A short version for any name starting with Mac-.
Mackinac m Indigenous American
Mean "big Turtle" in ojibwe
Mackinnon m English (Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Mackinnon.
Mackinson m Bahamian Creole
Transferred use of the surname Mackinson.
Macklin m English
Transferred use of the surname Macklin.
Maćko m Polish
Diminutive of Maciej.
Macky m & f English
Diminutive of Mack 1, Mack 2, Magnus, Mackenzie, McKinley, and other names containing a similar sound.
Maclaina f Romansh
Romansh form of Magdalena, traditionally found in Val Müstair.
Maclou m History (Ecclesiastical)
French form of Malo via the Latinization Maclovius.
Maclovi m Catalan
Catalan form of Malo.
Macmillan m English (African)
Transferred use of the surname MacMillan.
Macmod m Maranao, Maguindanao
Maranao and Maguindanao form of Mahmud.
Macnelly m South American (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Macnelly.
Macon m & f American (South, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Macon.
Macpalli m Nahuatl
Means "palm (of the hand)" in Nahuatl.
Måcrawe m Walloon
Walloon form of Macarius.
Macrian m Germanic
Macrian was the king of the Bucinobantes, an Alemannic tribe, in the late fourth century and the brother of Hariobaudes. Macrian tried to confederate all the north Germanic and Alemannic tribes together against Rome... [more]
Macrina f Late Roman, Spanish, Romansh (Archaic), Romanian, Moldovan, History (Ecclesiastical)
Feminine form of Macrinus. This name was borne by two saints, namely saint Macrina the Elder and her granddaughter saint Macrina the Younger.
Macrino m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Macrinus.
Macrinus m Late Roman, History
Roman cognomen, which because of the -inus suffix must be a diminutive, probably of what should be macrus. Macrus is either derived from Latin macer "thin, meagre", or a latinized form of Greek makros "large, long"... [more]
Macris f Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Greek Μακρις (Makris), which is possibly derived from Greek μακρός (makros) "large, long; far, distant" or μάκαρ (makar) "blessed, happy" (compare Makarios).
Macrobi m Catalan
Catalan form of Macrobius.
Macróbio m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Macrobius.
Macrobio m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Macrobius.
Macrobius m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Makrobios. This name was borne by a Roman grammarian and philosopher from the 5th century AD.
MacRoy m English
Transferred use of the surname MacRoy.
Macs m Welsh
Diminutive of Macsen
Macsi m Walloon
Walloon short form of Maximilien.
Macsyna f English
Variant of Maxina in the style of Macsen.
Macu f Spanish
Diminutive of Inmaculada.
Macuex m Nahuatl
Means "bracelet (of precious stones)" in Nahuatl.