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Meaning unknown.
OAKmPopular Culture, English
English named for the oak tree, a symbol of strength and endurance which has many mythological associations.
Variant of Oak.
OAKENmPopular Culture
A character from the Disney movie 'Frozen'.
OAKESm & fEnglish
Transferred use of the surname Oakes.
OAKLANDm & fEnglish (Rare)
This name is derived from the place name and surname of the same name. The place name & surname is derived from Old English āc and land and it, obviously, means "oak land."
OAKLEYm & fEnglish
From the traditionally English habitational surname meaning "oak clearing", from the Old English oak 'oak' and leah 'clearing'.
OAKLYNfEnglish (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Oakley using the popular suffix lyn.
Transferred use of the surname Oaks.
Means "oriole" in Vietnamese. An oriole is a type of bird.
OATISmAmerican (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Oatis. Also may be used as a variation of Otis.
Transferred use of the surname Oats.
From Sami oaván meaning "brave".
OBAfYoruba, African Mythology
Mythology: the goddess who rules the rivers.
OBAD-HAImPopular Culture
The god of Nature in the role playing game Dungeons & Dragons.
Croatian form of Obadiah.
OBAFEMImNigerian, Yoruba
Means "the king loves me" in Yoruba.
OBAIDULLAHmArabic, Afghani, Pakistani
Means "little servant of God".
Obal, was a son of Joktan according to Genesis 10:28, 1 Chronicles 1:22.
OBAMAmEnglish (American)
Obama is given to honor the Forty-fourth President of the United States, Barack Obama.
OBATALAmAfrican Mythology
In the religion of the Yoruba people, Obàtálá is the creator of human bodies, which were supposedly brought to life by Olorun's breath. Obàtálá is also the owner of all ori or heads. Any orisha may lay claim to an individual, but until that individual is initiated into the priesthood of that orisha, Obàtálá still owns that head... [more]
OBBAfFrisian, Icelandic
Frisian and Icelandic feminine form of Obbe.
OBBEmFrisian, Old Swedish, Swedish
Frisian short form of Germanic names containing the first element AUD and a last element beginning with -b... or an Old Swedish and Swedish form of Ubbi.
Frisian variant of Obbe.
A short form of names with the first element WULF "wulf" or OD "wealth" and a second element starting in b- (like BERAHT or BRAND).
OBED-EDOMmEnglish (Puritan), Biblical
Means "servant of Edom". This is the name of several minor characters in the Bible.
OBEDIENCEfEnglish (Puritan)
From the English word obedience, the act of obeying. This name was used by the Puritans.
OBÉLINEfFrench (Rare), French (Quebec, Rare), English (Canadian, Rare, Archaic)
Means "spit, nail, rod, pointed pillar, horizontal line". From the Greek obelos (ὀβελός) with the French diminutive ending of -ine, -ie, or -ia.
OBERYNmLiterature, Popular Culture, English
Variant of Oberon. Oberyn Martell is a character in 'Game of Thrones' and it's origin series 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George R. R. Martin.
OBEYm & fEnglish (Puritan)
Meaning, "behave in accordance with (a general principle, natural law, etc.)." Referring to fearing and obeying God.
Allegedly means "born at the time of plenty" in Igbo.
OBICHUKWUmIgbo, Nigerian
"Heart of God," which could be the same as OBINNA.... [more]
Uzbek feminine name meaning "devout worshipper".
Diminutive of names that begin with Ob-, like Obadiah, Obed and Oberon.
Meaning, "promised."
Obil was an Ishmaelite, a keeper of camels in the time of David, according to 1 Chronicles 27:30.
OBINNAmIgbo, Nigerian
Means "dear to my father", literally "father's heart" from Igbo obi "heart" (compare Obi) combined with nna "father" (compare Ikenna, Adanna). This name is usually given to the first son in a family.
OBIOMAf & mAfrican, Igbo, Nigerian
Grace, Goodness, Favor. Literally - "Good Heart"
Igbo name meaning "The mind of the People".
OBI-WANmPopular Culture
Obi is the Japanese word for the sash used to tie a kimono; it may connote the Jedi knight's status as a martial arts master. Similarly, Wan sounds like the Japanese honorific suffix san... [more]
Of Germanic origin, though the meaning is unknown. Possibly from the roots aud "wealth" or hug "mind, thought, heart, spirit".
Derived from obodon meaning "flourishing" and gul meaning "rose, flower".
Derived from obodon meaning "flourishing" and toj meaning "crown".
ÖBORGfOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Øyborg.
OBORNEm & fEnglish
The name Oborne comes from "Oborne Road" in Sherborne, Dorset. It means "A rich narcissist" in old latin.
OBOROm & fJapanese
Haziness, gloominess or dreariness
Variant of Abram.
Mordvin form of Abraham.
Uzbek feminine name meaning "respect, esteem, honour".
OBSIDIANmAmerican (Modern, Rare), Popular Culture
Derived from obsidian, the English name for a specific type of volcanic glass. The name is ultimately derived from Latin obsidianus meaning "of Obsidius", after the Roman (also called Obsius in some instances) who supposedly was the first to discover this type of volcanic glass... [more]
A character in the novel, "The Pilgrim's Progress."
The name Obulor mean "Peace filled mind" or "I am now relaxed" from all worries.... [more]
Meaning: "Am I The Creator?"... [more]
OCÁNfRomani (Caló)
Means "sun" in Caló. Ocán is the Caló equivalent of Sol.
OCCYmEnglish (Australian)
Given in honour of surfer Mark Occhilupo, whose nickname is "Occy", short for his Italian surname, which means "eyes of the wolf". At the same time it is a play on the word "occy straps", short for "octopus straps" - used by surfers to tie their surfboards to a car roof.
OCÉANmFrench (Rare)
French form of Okeanos via its latinized form Oceanus. Also compare the French noun océan meaning "ocean".
OCEANAfEnglish (Rare), Brazilian (Rare, ?), German (Rare, ?)
Feminine form of Oceanus. As an English name, this was coined in the early 19th century.
OCÉANOmSpanish (Archaic)
Spanish form of Okeanos via its latinized form Oceanus. Also compare the Spanish noun océano meaning "ocean".
OCEANOmItalian (Archaic), Portuguese (Archaic)
Italian and Portuguese form of Okeanos via its latinized form Oceanus. Also compare the Italian and Portuguese noun oceano meaning "ocean".
"Asefi," meaning "enough daughters" is a given name sometimes given when the parents were hoping for a son, but had a girl instead. The name stems from the comparatively greater value placed on sons in traditionally conservative Haitian culture.
OCHAm & fPet
From Japanese ocha, a type of Japanese green tea.
OCHAKOfPopular Culture
In the case of the character Ochako (Ochaco) Uraraka (麗日 お茶子) from 'My Hero Academia', her name is made up of お茶 (ocha), referring to tea, usually green tea, from honorific お (o) and 茶 (cha, sa) meaning "tea," and 子 (shi, su, tsu, (-)ko, -ne) meaning "child."
From Nivkh otgan meaning "garbage, waste".
Derived from ochil- meaning "to relax, cheer up", "flower, blossom", "light up" or "to get bright, lighten".
Derived from ochil- meaning "to relax, cheer up", "flower, blossom", "light up" or "to get bright, lighten" and gul meaning "rose, flower".
Derived from ochil- meaning "to relax, cheer up", "flower, blossom", "light up" or "to get bright, lighten" and oy meaning "moon".
OCHIMOSmGreek Mythology
Probably derived from the Greek verb ὀχέω (ocheo) meaning "to bear, to carry, to hold fast, to sustain", which is closely related to the Greek verb ἔχω (echo) meaning "to have, to hold, to possess"... [more]
OCHIMUSmGreek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Ochimos. In Greek mythology, Ochimus was the eldest of the Heliadae and lived on the island of Rhodes, of which he was also the king.
OCHOPINTREmGeorgian Mythology
Combination of ოჭო (ocho) which is related to the name of the god Bochi and პინტრე (pintre) which is related to the Greek god Pan. Ochopintre is the spirit of the forest and protector of wild animals... [more]
OCHREm & fEnglish (Rare, Archaic)
From Old French ocre, via Latin from Greek ōkhra ‘yellow ocher.’
OCIEmAmerican (Rare)
Unisex name of unknown origin used primarily in the southeastern US.
Ocran was a member of the house of Asher according to Numbers 1:13. He was the father of Pagiel.
OCRIDIONmGreek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Okridion. In Greek mythology, Ocridion is the name of a mortal man who was engaged to Cydippe before she was stolen from him by her uncle Cercaphus.
Possible diminutive of Octavia.
OCTAAFmDutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
Dutch form of Octavius. A known bearer of this name was the Belgian composer Octaaf de Hovre (1876-1951).
OCTANDERmNorwegian (Archaic)
Combination of Latin oct- "eight" and Greek -ander "man" given to children born in October or to the eighth child of the family.
Short form of Octavian.
Catalan form of Octavius.
Catalan form of Octavia.
Catalan form of Octavian.
OCTAVIAANmDutch (Archaic)
Archaic Dutch form of Octavian.
Spanish form of Octavian.
French form of Octavian.
OCTAVIENNEfFrench (Rare)
French feminine form of Octavius.
OCTOBERm & fLiterature, Popular Culture, English
Derived from Latin octo , meaning eight. It was the name of the eighth month, and is now our tenth month. Ray Bradbury wrote a group of stories called "Octoberland." One of the characters is named October.
OCYPETEfGreek Mythology
Means "swift wing". This is the name of a Harpy in Greek mythology, also known as Ocypode and Ocythoe.
OCYPODEfGreek Mythology
Means "swift foot". This is another name of the harpy Ocypete in Greek mythology.
OCYTHOEfGreek Mythology
Means "swift runner". This is another name for the harpy Ocypete.
ODmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Oddr.
Icelandic form of Oda.
ODAFINmYoruba (?)
Literally meaning 'lawmaker' or 'the establisher of laws'.
Variant transcription of Uday.
ODALmSwedish (Rare)
Short form of Germanic names containing the name element odal.
ODALFRIDmAncient Germanic
Derived from Germanic odal or uodal "heritage, fatherland" (also see Odalric) combined with the Old High Germanic element fridu "peace".
Variant spelling of Odalfrid, as well as the modern German form.
ODÁLIAfPortuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of Odalia. Also compare Odélia and Odília.
ODALIEfFrench (Rare)
French form of Odalia. Also compare Odélie and Odilie.
ODÁLIOmPortuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Portuguese form of Odalio. Also compare Odélio and Odílio.
ODALIOmSpanish (Latin American, Rare)
Spanish masculinization of Odalia. Also compare Odelio and Odilio.
ODALRIKmOld High German
Old High German variant spelling of Odalric.
ODALYSISfAmerican (Hispanic)
A variant of Odalys or Odalis influenced by the French word for lily, which is lys. The meaning of Odalis being "fatherland" or "wealth, fortune," the meaning of Odalysis could be interpreted as "lily of the fatherland" or "wealth of lilies."
ODANIfIndian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, Hinduism
Name: Odani ओदनी... [more]
Name: Odanika ओदनीका... [more]
Irish masculine name meaning "dark, grey-brown".
ODDBERGURmIcelandic (Rare)
Icelandic masculine form of Oddbjörg.
ODDBJÖRGfIcelandic, Swedish
Icelandic and Swedish younger form of Oddbjǫrg.
Derived from Old Norse oddr "point of a sword" combined with Old Norse björg "protection, help".
ODDBJǪRGfAncient Scandinavian
Derived from the Germanic name elements oddr "point" and bjǫrg "help".
From Old Norse oddr “sharp point” and bjǫrn “bear”.
ODDEmNorwegian, Old Swedish, Swedish
Norwegian form of Oddr.
ODDERmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Oddr.
ODDFRIDfNorwegian (Rare)
Norwegian younger form of Oddfríðr.
Faroese modern form of Oddfríðr.
ODDFRÍÐRfAncient Scandinavian
Old Norse combination of oddr 'point of a weapon' and fríðr 'beautiful', originally 'beloved'.
Norwegian new male form of Oddgerðr.
Faroese modern form of Oddgerðr.
ODDGERÐRfAncient Scandinavian
Derived from the Germanic name elements oddr "point (of a weapon)" and garðr "enclosure", "protection".
Icelandic younger form of Oddgerðr.
New combination of oddr "point of a weapon" and gunnr "battle, fight".
Norwegian form of Oddhildur.
ODDHILDURfIcelandic (Rare)
Icelandic combination of oddr "point" (of a weapon) and hildr "battle", "fight".
ODDIEm & fEnglish (Rare)
Variant of Odie.
ODDKELLmAncient Scandinavian, Icelandic (Rare, Archaic)
Ancient Scandinavian and Icelandic name with the combination of oddr "point" (of a weapon) and ketill "cauldron hat", "helmet".
ODDKJELLmNorwegian (Rare)
Norwegian younger form of Oddkell.
ODDLAUGfAncient Scandinavian, Norwegian, Icelandic
Old Norse combination of oddr "point of a weapon" and laug possibly meaning "betrothed woman". Name day in Norway is May 23.
Faroese form of Oddlaug.
ODDLYfNorwegian (Rare)
Norwegian combination of oddr "point of a weapon" and -ly.
ODDNÝfAncient Scandinavian, Icelandic, Faroese
Combination of Old Norse oddr "point of a weapon" and nýr "new".
ODDOLFmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of UddulfR.
Diminutive form of ODDO. Oddone of Savoy, son of Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, and the Cardinal Oddone di Monferrato were two well-known bearers of this name.
ODDRÚNfAncient Scandinavian, Icelandic, Faroese
Combination of oddr "point of a sword" and rún "secret lore".
Norwegian form of Oddrún.
Icelandic combination of oddr 'point of a weapon' and steinn 'stone'.
ODDULFmOld Swedish
Old Swedish variant form of Oddolf.
ODDURmFaroese, Icelandic
Faroese and Icelandic form of Oddr.
Norwegian form of Oddvaldur.
Faroese name with the combination of oddr "spear" and valdr "ruler, mighty one, powerful one".
Norwegian combination of oddr "point" (of a weapon) and vǫrðr "guard".
A relatively modern Scandinavian name, it is derived from Old Norse oddr "point of a sword" combined with Old Norse veig "strength".
Icelandic younger form of Oddvǫr.
Faroese form of Oddvǫr.
ODDVǪRfAncient Scandinavian
Old Norse combination of oddr "point of a sword" and vár "spring (season)".
ODDVORfNorwegian (Rare)
Norwegian younger form of Oddvǫr.
Estonian diminutive of Eudokia and its associate names.
ODEIm & f?
Hebrew form of Adel or Adele, also means "Thanks to God", which is making it relative to Odelia. ... [more]
ODÉLIAfFrench (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian)
French variant of Odélie and Portuguese form of Odelia. Also compare Odília.
Variant transcription of the Hebrew feminine name Odeliah or Odelyah, which is derived from a Hebrew phrase that means "I will thank God", which is said to consist of Hebrew ode "I will thank, praise" combined with Hebrew leya or lya meaning "to God" (also compare Elyah, which is a variant of Eliyyahu).
ODÉLIEfFrench (Quebec, Rare)
French form of Odelia, which is a variant of Odilia. Also compare Odalie and Odilie.
ODELINAfMedieval English
Feminine double diminutive of Odo.
ODELINDEfOld High German
Combination of uodal "inheritance" and lindi "weak, soft, flexible".
ODÉLIOmPortuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of Odelio. Also compare Odílio.
ODELIOmItalian (Rare), Spanish (Latin American)
Italian and Spanish masculinization of Odelia.
May be a variant of Odelia or a feminization of Odell.
Probably a variant of ODALYS
Means "ruby" in Hebrew. (see Ruby), or "red". Making it relative to Adam or Shani (1). In the Modern Hebrew it means "lipstick".
ODERAm & fNigerian
Nigerian name meaning "fate, fortune, destiny".
ODÉRICmFrench (Archaic)
French form of Auderic via its variant form Odoric.
Feminine form of Odorico.
Meaning uncertain. This was the name of a Benedictine abbot of Monte Cassino who is venerated as a saint; Abbot Oderisius I (not to be confused with his relative Abbot Oderisius II), born at Marsi, Italy, acted as mediator between the Crusaders and the Greek emperor Alexicus.
German younger form of Authart and Audoard.
Polish diminutive of Odeta.
Possibly derived from Albanian deti "the sea; the ocean".
Variant of Odetta.
Hungarian form of Odett.
Derived from a Hebrew phrase meaning "I will thank God", which is said to consist of Hebrew ode "I will thank, praise" (compare the Hebrew name Odelia) combined with Hebrew ya, yah "Yahweh"... [more]
ÖDGÄRDfOld Swedish, Swedish
Old Swedish variant and younger form of Ödhgärdh.
ODGERmAncient Germanic, German
Variant form of Audogar. Also, this name is a cognate of Eadgar.
ÖDGERDfOld Swedish
Old Swedish variant of Ödhgärdh.
Feminine Mongolian name meaning "starlight".
ÖDGONfOld Swedish
Regional variant of Ödgun.
ÖDGUNfOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Eadgyð.
Old Swedish form of Óðinkárr.
ÖDHGÄRDHfOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Auðgærðr.
ÖDHGRIMmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of AuðgrímR.
ØDHGRIMmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of AuðgrímR.
ÖDHMARmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Otmar.
Anglicised form of Odhrán.
ÖDHSTENmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Auðstæinn.
ØDHSTENmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Auðstæinn.
ÖDHULFmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of AuðulfR.
ODIEm & fEnglish
Diminutive of names such as Otis, Odell, Odessa, and Oda.
ODIELm & fDutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
In the case of male bearers, this name is a Dutch form of Odilo via its French form Odile. In the case of female bearers, this name is a Dutch variant form of Odilia. A known bearer of this name was the Belgian road racing cyclist Odiel Defraeye (1888-1965), whose name was also frequently written as Odile Defraye.
ODIKAfSanskrit, Hinduism, Indian, Hindi, Tamil
Name: Odika ओडिका... [more]
ODILfMedieval English
Possibly a variant of Odile.
ODILmUzbek, Tajik (Rare)
Uzbek and Tajik form of Adil.
ODILIfAlsatian (Archaic)
Vernacular form of Ottilie.
Portuguese form of Odilia. Also compare Odélia.
Lithuanian form of Odilia.
ODÍLIOmPortuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of Odilio. Also compare Odélio.... [more]
ODILIOmItalian (Rare), Spanish (Latin American)
Italian and Spanish masculinization of Odilia.... [more]
ODILIYAfBulgarian (Rare)
Bulgarian form of Odilia.
Polish form of Odile.
ODILLYAfEnglish (Archaic)
Form of Odilia borne by a short-lived daughter (1598) of the poet Emilia Lanier and Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon.
ODILONEmItalian (Archaic)
Italian form of Odilo and/or Odilon.
ODÍNmGalician, Spanish
Galician and Spanish form of Odin.
Feminine form of Odin.
Means "it's in the hand of God" in Igbo, from o "it's", di "in", na "the", aka "hand" (compare Akachi) and Chukwu "God".
ODINKARmOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Óðinkárr.
Italian form of Odin.
A Benin name designating "the older twin".
ÖDISfOld Swedish
Old Swedish variant of Ødis.
ØDISfOld Swedish
Old Swedish form of Øydís.
ODISEJmBosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian
Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian form of Odysseus.
ODISEOmGalician, Spanish
Galician and Spanish form of Odysseus.
Romanian form of Odysseus.
Italian form of Odysseus.
ODISSEUmCatalan, Portuguese
Catalan and Portuguese form of Odysseus.
ODISSEYmRussian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of Odysseus.
ODMAmSanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Sinhalese
Odm /Odma ओद्म means- moistening, act of wetting. ... [more]
ÖDMARmOld Swedish
Old Swedish variant of Ödhmar.
Faroese variant of Árna.
ODOLENmCzech, Polish, Croatian, Serbian
It's an Old Czech name meaning "the man who resisted". Name Day celebrate 18th November.
ODOMIRmAncient Germanic
Variant spelling of Odomar. But with this spelling it is also possible that the second element is derived from Slavic mir "peace."