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Subject: CAF
Author: ceruleanskylark   (Authenticated as ceruleanskylark)
Date: November 5, 2019 at 2:50:57 PM

Surname: Starts with L and Ends with E.

Parent1: First name Starts with H and Ends in N. Middle name Starts with E and Ends in E.

Parent2: First name Starts with T and ends in S. Middle name relates to a calendar.

D: First name Starts with M and is 3 syllables. Middle name Begins with P and is 2 syllables.

S: First name Begins with P and is 2 syllables. Middle name must End in N.

D: First name must End in L. Middle name relates to nature.

S: First initial is T. Middle name is some variation of parent2’s middle name.

S: First initial is L. Middle name must End in T.

D: First name Begins with H and is not very common. Middle name is ranking in the top 50 for wherever you reside.

D: First name is ultra feminine and Must End in E. Middle name is a surname.

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