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Aberdeen f & m English
Means "mouth of the Don (river)" in Scottish Gaelic. This is the name of the name of a city in northern Scotland, as well as several other cities worldwide named after the Scottish city.
Anzac m & f English (Australian)
An acronym, given in honour of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps; originally those who served at Gallipoli during World War I, but now all who have served and died for Australia and New Zealand during military operations.
Arion m Ancient Greek, Greek, Greek Mythology, Popular Culture
In Greek mythology, Arion is the name of a divine immortal talking horse, who is the son of the gods Poseidon and Demeter. In real life, this name was borne by a Greek singer and poet of Methymna on Lesbos, skilled at the cithara and inventor of the dithyramb... [more]
Arrietty f Literature
Possibly a variant of Harriet. This is the name of a character from 'The Borrowers' by Mary Norton.
Aveley f English
Transferred use of the surname Aveley, named for the village of Aveley in Essex. The name is Old English, and means “Aelfgyth’s meadow”... [more]
Bambam m Indigenous Australian, Meriam
Means "yellow" in Meriam, spoken in Torres Strait, Queensland and few southern Australian islands.
Bexley f & m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Bexley.
Bluebell f English, Popular Culture
From the name of the flower, used to some extent as a first name when flower names were in vogue at the end of the 19th century.
Bodene m & f English (American)
Transferred use of the surname Bodene; a corruption of the French Baudouin.
Bon m English (Australian), Popular Culture
Given in honour of AC/DC rock star "Bon" Scott, who was born Ronald Scott. His nickname was given to him at school, to differentiate him from another Ronald in his class... [more]
Boronia f English (Australian, Rare)
An Australian shrub with pink or red flowers which are famed for their exquisite scent. The plant is named after Francesco Borone, a talented botanical field assistant who came to a tragic end.
Brindabella f Indigenous Australian
Locational name, from the Brindabella mountain range on the border of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Usually said to be from a local language, meaning "two hopping mice" - hopping mice are native Australian mice... [more]
Cadel m English (Australian)
Variant of Cadell. A famous namesake is Australian champion cyclist Cadel Evans.
Cardinia f Indigenous Australian, English (Australian, Rare)
A place name from the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria. Corruption of the Bunurong or Wadawurrung word Kar-din-yarr, meaning "look to the sunrise", because it was to the east of the Wadawurrung peoples' land.
Chaxiraxi f Spanish (Canarian), Guanche Mythology
Means "she who sustains the firmament" in the Guanche language (source: Dr. Ignacio Reyes García). This is the name of the mother goddess in Guanche mythology. After the conquest of the Canary Islands and their subsequent Christianization, Chaxiraxi became identified with the Virgin of Candelaria, an alleged appearance of the Virgin Mary on the island of Tenerife.
Cheviot m English
Derived from the Cheviot Hills, on the border between England and Scotland; the meaning of their name is unknown, but is presumed to be Celtic. They were the site of the famous Battle of Otterburn in the 14th century, immortalised in "The Ballad of Chevy Chase", a popular favourite in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Chilli f English (Australian, Modern, Rare)
Named for the spicy fruit from Central and South America used in cooking. The word is from the Nahuatl language. Has gained some interest in Australia since restaurateur Pete Evans chose this name for his eldest daughter around 2005.
Colebee m Indigenous Australian
This was the name of two famous Australian Aborigines, recorded in the early history of Sydney. The meaning of the name is yet unknown. Also, this particular spelling may be an anglicized form of the original Aboriginal name, since it is close in appearance to English (sur)names like Coleby and Colby.
Corinda f English, Dutch (Rare)
Elaboration of Cora influenced by names ending in -inda such as Clarinda and Dorinda.
Cornelian m & f English (Rare)
Named for the deep red gemstone which is also known as a carnelian. The word comes from the Latin cornum, meaning "cornel cherry" - a flowering dogwood tree with small, dark red fruit.... [more]
Correa f English (Australian)
A small Australian shrub whose leaves give off a fruity smell when crushed. Named in honour of the Portuguese botanist José Correia da Serra; Correia is a common Portuguese surname meaning “leather strap”, originally given to those who worked in the leather trade.
Daku m Indigenous Australian
Means "sand hill" in Diyari.
Dennys m Literature
Variant of Dennis. This was the name of one of the twin boys in the "Time Quintet" by Madeleine L'Engle.
Devereaux m & f English
Transferred use of the surname Devereaux.
Digger m English (Australian)
Slang term for an Australian soldier, with strong patriotic overtones, and links to the Anzac legend. Most often used as a nickname or a middle name.
Dorrigo m Literature
The name of a town in New South Wales whose name was originally Don Dorrigo, from either the Gumbaynggirr word Dunn Dorriga, meaning "tallowwood tree", or from dundorrigo, meaning "stringybark tree"... [more]
Drury m English
Transferred use of the surname Drury. Drury Lane is a famous street in London, home to the Theatre Royal, and well known as the nursery rhyme locale of The Muffin Man.
Dural m Indigenous Australian
Locational name meaning "gully, valley" in Dharug.
Elanora f Indigenous Australian (Rare)
Australian locational name. Derived from an Australian Aboriginal word meaning "home by the sea" or "home by the water".
Elfyn m Welsh
Possibly a Welsh form of Ælfwine. Also see Elfin. A famous bearer is Welsh rally driver Elfyn Evans (1988-).
Elika f Persian, Mazanderani
Means "a blooming, fruitful tree" in Persian.
Eveleigh f English (Australian, Rare), English (British, Rare), English (American)
Australian locational name taken from the name of an English estate. Variant of Everley. In American English, it is also a variant of Evelie.
Faithful m & f English (Archaic), English (Puritan), Literature, Nigerian
Virtue name meaning "loyal" or "having faith (in God)" that has been in use since the 16th century, initally mostly for boys, later also for girls.... [more]
Floreat f English (Rare, Archaic)
Means "let (it) flourish, may (it) prosper, long live" in Latin. This is often used as a motto, or as part of a motto, which may help explain its use as a personal name; for example, a common scholastic motto is floreat nostra schola meaning "may our school flourish"... [more]
Fuifui m Polynesian
Tongan meaning "love love", to indicate "greatly loved". A famous namesake is Tongan-born international rugby league footballer Fuifui Moimoi.
Gallipoli f & m English (Australian)
Named for the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, whose name comes from the Greek meaning "beautiful city". The site of the infamous Gallipoli Campaign during World War I.
Gatsby m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Gatsby.
Gough m Welsh (Rare), Irish (Rare)
Welsh: nickname for a red-haired person, from Welsh coch ‘red’.... [more]
Guelph m English (British, Rare, Archaic)
Transferred use of the surname Guelph.... [more]
Heston m English
Transferred use of the surname Heston. A famous namesake is British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.
Iluka m Indigenous Australian
Named for the village of Iluka in northern New South Wales. Often translated as "by the sea" in an Australian Aboriginal language, it is probably derived from the Djangati term yiluga, of unknown meaning.
Inala f Indigenous Australian (Rare)
A suburb of Brisbane which literally means "rest time, night time" in a local language, but is often glossed as "place of peace".
Jaeger m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Jaeger.
Jarli m Indigenous Australian
Means "barn owl" in the Jiwarli language. While the last speaker of Jiwarli passed away in 1986 a dictionary was able to be made and many people continue speak words or phrases in the language.
Jedda f Indigenous Australian, Noongar, Popular Culture
Means "wren" or "little wild goose" from djida, a word in Noongar, spoken in South West Region, Western Australia. ... [more]
Jharal m English (Australian)
Name given in honour of Australian rugby league footballer, Jharal Yow Yeh. The name was invented by Yow Yeh's grandmother, who arranged the initials of family members James, Harold, Anthony, Reece, Arthur and Linc into a name.
Jiemba m & f Indigenous Australian
Possibly from the Pallanganmiddang word djimba meaning "star". Some sources claim it means "laughing star" in Wiradjuri.
Jindalee f Indigenous Australian
Locational name thought to mean "a bare hill" in an unknown dialect from New South Wales.
Jinty f Scots, Popular Culture
Caithness Scots diminutive of Janet. A famous namesake is British historian Dame Janet "Jinty" Nelson. "Jinty" was also a girls' comic published in Britain in the 1970s and early 1980s.
Jobe m English (Australian), English (Puritan)
Transferred use of the surname Jobe. Famous namesakes includes Australian Rules football star Jobe Watson, and soccer player Jobe Wheelhouse.... [more]
Jolet f English
Transferred use of the surname Jolet. A famous namesake is fashion designer Jolet Ucchino.
Karalee f Indigenous Australian
A Brisbane suburb thought to mean "grass around a waterhole" in a local language.
Kareela f Indigenous Australian
Australian locational name. Derived from an Australian Aboriginal word which means "place of trees and water" or "south wind".
Keid m Astronomy
The common name for Omicron2 Eridani, or 40 Eridani, a triple star system in the constellation Eridanus. In the TV series Star Trek, 40 Eridani is the location of the planet Vulcan, home of Mr Spock... [more]
Kepler m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Kepler.... [more]
Kerrod m English
Transferred use of the surname Kerrod. A famous namesake is former rugby league star Kerrod Walters.
Kio m Astronomy
The ancient Chinese name for Spica, the common name for Alpha Virginis, a blue giant binary star and the brightest in the constellation Virgo. From the Chinese for "horn, spike", as it is seen as "the horn of Jupiter"... [more]
Krisnan m Indian
Variant of Krishna. A famous namesake is rugby league player Krisnan Inu.
Kuparr m Indigenous Australian
Means "red earth, burnt earth", referring to red ochre, in Ngiyampaa.
Laniakea f & m Hawaiian, Astronomy
The name Laniakea means "immeasurable heaven" in Hawaiian, from "lani" for 'heaven' and "akea" for 'spacious' or 'immeasurable'. Laniakea is the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way, the Solar System and Earth... [more]
Lenah f Indigenous Australian
Means "kangaroo" in the Palawa language of Tasmania. Lenah Valley is a suburb of Hobart.
Leumeah f Indigenous Australian (Rare)
From the Tharawal language of the Macarthur region of Sydney, Leumeah was the name of a land grant given to convict explorer John Warby in 1816. Appropriately the word is believed to mean ‘here I rest’ and is now the name of an outer Sydney suburb in the same area.
Lockyer m English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Lockyer. Can be given in honour of retired Australian rugby league star Darren Lockyer, or after the Lockyer Valley in Queensland, Australia named after the explorer Edmund Lockyer.
Lutana f Indigenous Australian
Means "the moon" in the Palawa language of Tasmania. There is a suburb of Hobart with this name. A famous namesake is Lutana Spotswood, a language worker who gave a eulogy in Palawa at the funeral of a Tasmanian premier.
Maida f English, Literature
This name became popular after the Battle of Maida (1806), which took place near the Italian town of Maida and ended in a victory for Britain. In 18th- and 19th-century America it was used as a diminutive of both Madeline and Magdalena... [more]
Mandela m & f African American, Xhosa
Transferred use of the surname Mandela given in honour of Nelson Mandela, South African revolutionary hero and statesman... [more]
Manuka m Maori
A New Zealand name for the flowering shrub/tree whose scientific name is Leptospermum scoparium, famous for the strong honey produced from its blossoms. The tree gets its name from Maori tradition, because Manuka was the name of one of the great ocean-going canoes which brought the Maoris to New Zealand... [more]
Melbourne m English, Romani (Archaic)
After the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. It is named for the British prime minister William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. His title comes from his estate, Melbourne Hall in Derbyshire, whose name means "mill stream"... [more]
Merindah f Indigenous Australian
Means "beautiful" in one of the Indigenous languages of the Sydney area, possibly Darug.
Merri f Indigenous Australian
Means "rocky" in Wurungjeri.
Montrose m & f English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Montrose.... [more]
Myaree f Indigenous Australian
Locational name believed to be derived from an Australian Aboriginal word meaning "foliage".
Namaha f Indian
Sanskrit word which forms an element of sacred Vedic mantras. It means “to surrender with love”, and literally, “to bow (in a gesture of homage and respect)”.
Nazareth f & m English (Puritan)
Biblical place name, now an Arabic city in northern Israel. In the New Testament it is referred to as the home town of Jesus Christ, and is used as one of his titles: Jesus of Nazareth. The meaning is uncertain; it may be from Hebrew neser, meaning "branch", or Hebrew nasar, meaning "watch, guard, keep".
Nokuthula f Zulu
Means "peace and tranquillity" in Zulu.
Nullah m Popular Culture
The name of the young Australian mixed-Aboriginal boy in Baz Lurhman's epic 2008 film "Australia", played by Brandon Walters.... [more]
Occy m English (Australian)
Given in honour of surfer Mark Occhilupo, whose nickname is "Occy", short for his Italian surname, which means "eyes of the wolf". At the same time it is a play on the word "occy straps", short for "octopus straps" - used by surfers to tie their surfboards to a car roof.
Ochre m & f English (Rare, Archaic)
From Old French ocre, via Latin from Greek ōkhra ‘yellow ocher.’
Omeo m Indigenous Australian
Australian place name, a town in Victoria. Means "mountains, hills" in Gunaikurnai.
Orange f & m English
First found as a feminine given name in medieval times, in the forms Orenge and Orengia. The etymology is uncertain, and may be after the place in France named Orange... [more]
Orchid f English (Modern, Rare)
From the eponymous flowering plant. The plant's name derives from Latin orchis borrowed from Ancient Greek ὄρχις (órkhis) “testicle” (the name was given to the plant because of the testicle-shaped subterranean parts of some European orchids).
Orry m Manx
Variant and Anglicization of Gorry. Godred Crovan or "King Orry" is an important figure in Manx folklore, surviving in folk songs and local legends... [more]
Paddington m Literature, African
Transferred use of the surname Paddington.
Pandorea f English (Australian)
A genus of climbing vines native to Australasia. Named after Pandora from Greek mythology, because the plant's tightly packed seed pod recalls the myth of "Pandora's box".
Paterson m English (Rare), Scottish (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Paterson.
Penna f American
The Latin word for "feather, wing". American actor Ian Ziering has a daughter named Penna, born 2013.
Rafka f Slovene
Diminutive of Rafaela.
Rainbird m & f English
Transferred use of the surname Rainbird.
Rebel f & m English (Rare)
From the Old French rebelle, from the Latin rebellis 'waging war again; insurgent', from rebellō 'I wage war again, fight back', from re- 'again, back' and bellō 'I wage war'.
Richmond m English
English place name used as a first name. Richmond is a historic town in North Yorkshire. Its name comes from the town of Richemont in Normandy; its name means "rich hill" in Old French.
Ryu m Japanese
Variant transcription of Ryuu.
Sassafras f & m American (Modern, Rare)
Named for the tree, which is native to North America and Asia. The name comes from French, derived from the Latin saxifraga or saxifragus, meaning "stone-breaking".
Satanica f Popular Culture
Feminisation or Latinisation of Satan. Often associated with death metal music.
Serpentine f English
Vocabulary word meaning "sinuous, winding, curving". There are several places or features with this name, such as Lake Serpentine in London, and it's possible that people with this name may have been named for these locations.... [more]
Sharrod m African American, American (South)
Transferred use of the surname Sharrod. A famous namesake is basketball player Sharrod Ford.
Shiseido f English (American, Rare)
This rare name originates from the name of the Japanese company, Shiseido (also spelled as Shiseidō). The brand name is written as 資生堂 with 資 (shi) meaning "assets, be conductive to, capital, contribute to, data, funds, resources", 生 (shou, sei, i.kiru, i.keru, -u, u.mare, o.u, ki,, ha.eru) meaning "birth, genuine, life" and 堂 (dou) meaning "hall, public chamber."... [more]
Silvander m Literature
Derived from Silvanus. Used as a literary name in the 17th and 18th centuries; one example is the character of Silvander in Thomas Killigrew's play "Claricilla" (c 1641).
Sippie f Popular Culture, American (South)
The stage name of blues singer Sippie Wallace, born Beulah Thomas. Sippie was a nickname she gained in childhood, as a gap between her two front teeth meant that she "sipped" on food and drink.
Slater m English
Transferred use of the surname Slater.
Sorell m & f English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Sorell. A famous namesake is biologist Sir Julian Sorell Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley.
Sturt m English
Transferred use of the surname Sturt.
Suede m & f English
The word comes from the French Suède, which literally means "Sweden".
Tango f & m English
Vocabulary name referring to a South American dance style that utilises an embracing hold. Its name may come from the Latin tangere, meaning "touch".... [more]
Tarni f Indigenous Australian
Means "surf, wave, breaker" in Kaurna. The original form of Tahnee.
Tasma f English (Australian)
Originated as the pen name of distinguished Australian novelist, journalist and feminist Jessie Couvreur (1848-1897), who was raised and educated in Tasmania, and took her pen name from the name of the island state... [more]
Tasman m English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Tasman. Used in honour of the 17th century Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who claimed the island now known as Tasmania in 1642... [more]
Tewa m Indigenous American
Means "mocassin" in Keres.... [more]
Thula f Zulu
Means "peace" in Zulu.
Thulie f Zulu
Diminutive of Nokuthula.
Toci f Aztec and Toltec Mythology
Means "our grandmother" in Nahuatl. This was the name of an Aztec goddess of cleansing and healing, venerated by healers and midwives. She was also a goddess of war.
Traverse m English
Virtue name after the vocabulary word traverse, to suggest a journey (through life) or transferred use of the surname Traverse.
Trigg m English
Transferred use of the surname Trigg from the Old Norse name Tryggr, meaning “trustworthy, faithful, true”... [more]
Truganina f Indigenous Australian
Locational name derived from Truganini.
Truganini f Indigenous Australian
Means "grey saltbush" (scientific name: Atriplex cinerea) in Palawa. Truganini is believed to have been the last "full-blood" Palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) woman; she died in 1876.
Ulanni f Polynesian
Variant of Ulani.
Verdi m & f English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Verdi. A famous person with the surname is Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. A famous namesake is Australian Olympic weightlifter Verdi "Vern" Barberis, who is in the AWF Hall of Fame.
Vivonne f English (Modern, Rare)
French place name used as a personal name; Vivonne is a town in western France whose name is derived from the nearby River Vonne.
Vogue f English (British)
From late 16th century (in the vogue, denoting the foremost place in popular estimation) from French, from Italian voga ‘rowing, fashion’, from vogare ‘row, go well’.
Waratah f Indigenous Australian
An Australian native flowering bush with a distinctive (usually) crimson flower-head. Its name comes from the Eora language indigenous to the Sydney region. The floral emblem of New South Wales.
Warragul m Indigenous Australian
Place name; a town in the West Gipppsland region of rural Victoria in Australia. Its name is derived from warrigal, from a local language meaning "wild, wild dog (dingo)".
Warrin m Indigenous Australian
Means "winter, season of wet and cold" in one of the Indigenous languages from around the Sydney area.
Warrior m & f English
A person engaged in battle or warfare, and by extension, anyone fighting for a particular cause. The word comes from Anglo-Norman warrier, from Old French guerreier, derived from Latin guerra, "war"... [more]
Waverley f & m English
Variant of Waverly.
Westleigh m & f English (Rare)
Rare variant of Westley.
Winsome f English, Jamaican Patois
From the English word meaning "charming, engaging", derived from the Old English roots wynn "joy" and sum.
Yannathan m Indigenous Australian
Place name; a rural suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Its name is from a local language and means "walk about, travel, journey, roam".
Yarramundi m Indigenous Australian
Means "deep water" in Darug. Yarramundi was a famous 18th/19th century Indigenous leader from the western Sydney area; many of his descendants still live in the area.
Yasi m & f Fijian
Means "sandalwood" in Fijian.
Yeo-jin f Korean
From Sino-Korean 麗 "beautiful, magnificent, elegant" and 珍 "precious, valuable, rare". A famous bearer is Australian fashion designer Yeojin Bae.
Yindi f Indigenous Australian, Yolngu
Means "to descend" in Yindjibarndi and "mother" in Yolngu. Possibly also means "sun" in other Aboriginal languages.
Zen m & f English
This name is derived from either the word that is the Japanese on'yomi/reading of the Chinese word chán (禅), which is derived from the Sanskrit word dhyāna, meaning 'absorption, meditative state' or, in the case of U.S. soccer/football defender Zen Luzniak, a shortened form of Zenon.... [more]
Zenouska f Obscure
Invented by Paul Mowatt and Marina Ogilvy, the daughter of Princess Alexandra of Kent, for their daughter born 1990, allegedly inspired by the American novel Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974; see also Zen) and Eno, the surname of English musician Brian Eno (1948-)... [more]
Zot m Russian
Short form of Izot. ... [more]