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ZURAB   m   Georgian
Georgian form of SOHRAB.
ZURI   f   Eastern African, Swahili
Means "beautiful" in Swahili.
ZURIEL   m   Biblical
Means "my rock is God" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this name was borne by a chief of the Merarite Levites at the time of the Exodus.
ZURIÑE   f   Basque
Derived from Basque zuri "white".
ZUSA   f   Yiddish
Means "sweet" in Yiddish.
ZUSMAN   m   Yiddish
Means "sweet man" in Yiddish.
ZUZA   f   Slovak, Polish
Slovak and Polish diminutive of SUSANNA.
ZUZANA   f   Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of SUSANNA.
ZUZANKA   f   Czech, Slovak
Diminutive of ZUZANA.
ZUZANNA   f   Polish, Latvian (Rare)
Polish and Latvian form of SUSANNA.
ZUZEN   m   Basque
Means "just, fair" in Basque.
ZUZIA   f   Polish
Polish diminutive of ZUZANNA.
ZUZKA   f   Czech, Slovak
Diminutive of ZUZANA.
ZVEZDANA   f   Serbian, Slovene
Serbian and Slovene form of ZVJEZDANA.
ZVI   m   Hebrew
Variant transcription of TZVI.
ZVIAD   m   Georgian
Derived from Georgian ზვიადი (zviadi) meaning "proud, arrogant".
ZVIADI   m   Georgian
Variant of ZVIAD.
ZVJEZDANA   f   Croatian
Derived from Croatian zvijezda meaning "star".
ZVONIMIR   m   Croatian, Medieval Slavic
Derived from the Slavic elements zvonu "sound, chime" and miru "peace, world".
ZVONIMIRA   f   Croatian
Feminine form of ZVONIMIR.
ZVONKO   m   Croatian
Diminutive of ZVONIMIR.
ZYANYA   f   Native American, Zapotec
Means "forever, always" in Zapotec.
ŽYDRŪNAS   m   Lithuanian
Possibly from Lithuanian žydras "blue".
ZYGFRYD   m   Polish
Polish form of SIEGFRIED.
ZYGMUNT   m   Polish
Polish form of SIGMUND.
ZYTA   f   Polish
Possibly a Polish form of ZITA (1), or possibly a short form of FELICYTA.
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