Shortly after the death of Christ the title of saint, in Latin sanctus, was given to the Apostles, Evangelists and other early Christian martyrs and confessors.

In Catholicism, the papacy has claimed the exclusive right of bestowing the title since the 12th century. These days the process of declaring a person to be a saint can be lengthy. One may be considered for sainthood no sooner than five years after death. If research proves the candidate lived a virtuous life then the title of venerable is bestowed. After evidence of at least one miracle has been accepted then the person is beatified and given the title of blessed. Finally, a posthumous miracle ensures canonization and the title of saint.

Orthodox churches have their own processes, called glorification or canonization, for recognizing saints. As such, Orthodox traditions may include saints not venerated by Catholics, and vice versa.

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Aaron2 saints2
Abbán1 saint1
Abbo2 saints2
Abdas1 saint1
Abdiesus1 saint1
Abdon1 saint1
Abel1 saint1
Abercius1 saint1
Abiatha1 saint1
Abibus2 saints2
Abra1 saint1
Abraham7 saints7
Abran1 saint1
Abundantius1 saint1
Abundius6 saints6
Acarius1 saint1
Acca1 saint1
Aceolus1 saint1
Acepsimas1 saint1
Achaicus1 saint1
Achillas2 saints2
Achilleus3 saints3
Acius1 saint1
Acutius1 saint1
Acyllinus1 saint1
Acyndinus1 saint1
Ada1 saint1
Adalar1 saint1
Adalbald1 saint1
Adalbero2 saints2
Adalbert2 saints, 1 blessed3
Adalgis2 saints2
Adalgott1 saint1
Adalhard1 saint1
Adalsindis2 saints2
Adam1 blessed1
Adamnan1 saint1
Adauctus2 saints2
Adaucus1 saint1
Adela2 saints2
Adelaide2 saints2
Adele1 saint1
Adelelmus2 saints2
Adelin1 saint1
Adelina1 saint1
Adeloga1 saint1
Adeodatus1 saint1
Aderald1 saint1
Adílio1 blessed1
Adjutor1 saint1
Ado1 saint1
Adolf1 saint1
Adolph1 blessed1
Adolphus2 saints2
Adomnán1 saint1
Adrian7 saints, 1 blessed8
Adrianus1 saint1
Adulf1 saint1
Aedesius1 saint1
Aedh1 saint1
Aelred1 saint1
Æthelwine1 saint1
Aetherius1 saint1
Afra1 saint1
Africus1 saint1
Agabius1 saint1
Agabus1 saint1
Aganus1 saint1
Agape2 saints2
Agapetus1 saint1
Agapitus2 saints2
Agapius5 saints5
Agatha6 saints6
Agathangelo1 blessed1
Agathangelus1 saint1
Agathius1 saint1
Agatho2 saints2
Agathodorus1 saint1
Agathonica1 saint1
Agathopodes1 saint1
Agathopus1 saint1
Ageranus1 saint1
Agericus1 saint1
Agia1 saint1
Agilbert1 saint1
Agilberta1 saint1
Agileus1 saint1
Agilulfus1 saint1
Agilus1 saint1
Agnellus1 saint, 1 blessed2
Agnes6 saints, 5 blessed11
Agnese1 saint1
Agnofleda1 saint1
Agobard1 saint1
Agofredus1 saint1
Agostina1 saint1
Agostino1 saint, 2 blessed3
Agrecius1 saint1
Agricola3 saints3
Agrippina1 saint1
Agrippinus1 saint1
Aichardus1 saint1
Aidan2 saints2
Aigulf2 saints2
Ailbe1 saint1
Ailerán1 saint1
Aimo1 saint, 1 blessed2
Alain2 blessed2
Alban3 saints3
Alberic2 saints2
Alberico1 blessed1
Albert9 saints, 3 blessed12
Albertinus1 saint1
Alberto2 saints, 1 blessed3
Albina1 saint1
Albinus1 saint1
Alburga1 saint1
Alcmund1 saint1
Alda1 blessed1
Aldate1 saint1
Aldebrandus1 saint1
Aldegonde1 saint1
Aldegrin1 saint1
Aldemar1 saint1
Aldericus1 saint1
Aldhelm1 saint1
Aldo1 saint1
Aldric1 saint1
Alena1 saint1
Alessandro1 saint, 1 blessed2
Alessio1 saint1
Alexander18 saints, 1 blessed19
Alexandra1 saint1
Alexandrina1 blessed1
Alexius1 saint, 2 blessed3
Aleydis1 saint1
Alfano1 saint1
Alferius1 saint1
Alfonso1 saint, 3 blessed4
Alfred1 saint1
Alfreda1 saint1
Alfredo2 blessed2
Alfrick1 saint1
Alfwold1 saint1
Alicja1 blessed1
Alipius1 saint1
Alix1 blessed1
Allucio1 saint1
Almachius1 saint1
Almirus1 saint1
Almus1 saint1
Alnoth1 saint1
Alodia1 saint1
Alonso3 saints, 3 blessed6
Aloysius1 saint, 2 blessed3
Alpaïs1 blessed1
Alphaeus1 saint1
Alphege2 saints2
Alphius1 saint1
Alphonsa1 saint1
Alrad1 blessed1
Altfrid1 saint1
Altigianus1 saint1
Altmann1 saint1
Alto1 saint1
Alvarado1 blessed1
Alvarez1 blessed1
Alvitus1 saint1
Amabilis2 saints2
Amadeus1 saint, 2 blessed3
Amalberga3 saints3
Amalburga1 saint1
Amandus4 saints4
Amantius3 saints3
Amarand1 saint1
Amarin1 saint1
Amasius1 saint1
Amaswinthus1 saint1
Amata1 saint, 1 blessed2
Amator2 saints2
Amatus3 saints, 1 blessed4
Ambrogio1 blessed1
Ambrose5 saints, 2 blessed7
Ambrosio2 blessed2
Amicus2 saints2
Ammianus1 saint1
Ammon3 saints3
Ammonaria2 saints2
Ammonius2 saints2
Amor1 saint1
Amparo2 blessed2
Ampelius1 saint1
Ampelus1 saint1
Amphilochios1 saint1
Amphilochius3 saints3
Ampliatus1 saint1
Amulwinus1 saint1
Amunia1 saint1
Ana3 blessed3
Anacletus1 saint1
Ananias3 saints3
Anastasia4 saints4
Anastasius18 saints18
Anatole1 saint1
Anatolia2 saints2
Anatolius2 saints2
Andeolus1 saint1
Andre2 saints, 2 blessed4
Andrea3 saints, 5 blessed8
Andreas1 saint1
Andres1 blessed1
Andrew17 saints, 7 blessed24
Andriy1 blessed1
Andronicus3 saints3
Andrzej1 saint1
Anectus2 saints2
Angadresma1 saint1
Ángel1 blessed1
Angela1 saint, 6 blessed7
Angelelmus1 saint1
Angelina1 blessed1
Angélique1 blessed1
Angelo1 saint, 8 blessed9
Angilbert1 saint1
Anglinus1 saint1
Angus1 saint1
Anianus2 saints2
Anicetus2 saints2
Ann1 saint1
Anna7 blessed7
Anne5 saints, 6 blessed11
Annemund1 saint1
Annibale1 blessed1
Anno1 saint1
Annobert1 saint1
Annunziata1 blessed1
Ansanus1 saint1
Ansbald1 saint1
Ansbert1 saint1
Ansegisus1 saint1
Anselm4 saints4
Anselmo1 blessed1
Ansfried1 saint1
Ansgar1 saint1
Ansovinus1 saint1
Anstrudis1 saint1
Ansueris1 saint1
Ansuinus1 saint1
Ansurius1 saint1
Anterus1 saint1
Anthelm1 saint1
Anthia1 saint1
Anthim1 saint1
Anthimus2 saints2
Antholian1 saint1
Anthony12 saints, 12 blessed24
Antide1 saint1
Antidius1 saint1
Antigones1 saint1
Antiochus1 saint1
Antipas1 saint1
Antoine2 saints, 1 blessed3
Anton1 blessed1
Antoni1 saint, 1 blessed2
Antonia4 blessed4
Antoniette1 blessed1
Antonina2 saints2
Antonino1 saint1
Antoninus4 saints4
Antonio6 saints, 11 blessed17
Antonius2 saints2
Anysia1 saint1
Anysius1 saint1
Apelles1 saint1
Aphian1 saint1
Aphrahat1 saint1
Aphrodisius1 saint1
Apollinaris5 saints, 1 blessed6
Apollo2 saints2
Apollonia1 saint1
Apollonius5 saints5
Apollos1 saint1
Apphia1 saint1
Appian1 saint1
Apronia1 saint1
Apronian1 saint1
Aprus1 saint1
Aquila2 saints2
Aquilina1 saint1
Aquilinus3 saints3
Arator1 saint1
Arbogast1 saint1
Arcadius3 saints3
Arcangelo1 blessed1
Archangela1 blessed1
Archelais1 saint1
Archelaus1 saint1
Archippus1 saint1
Ardalion1 saint1
Ardanus1 saint1
Ardo1 saint1
Arduinus1 saint1
Aredius3 saints3
Arethas1 saint1
Argeus1 saint1
Argimirius1 saint1
Ariadne1 saint1
Arialdo1 saint1
Arian1 saint1
Aristarchus1 saint1
Aristides1 saint1
Aristobulus1 saint1
Ariston1 saint1
Armagillus1 saint1
Armentarius2 saints2
Armogastes1 saint1
Arnaldo1 blessed1
Arnold4 saints, 1 blessed5
Arnulf4 saints4
Arsacius1 saint1
Arsenius2 saints2
Artaldus1 saint1
Artemas2 saints2
Artemide1 blessed1
Artemius2 saints2
Arthur1 blessed1
Arwald1 saint1
Asaph1 saint1
Ascelina1 saint1
Ascensión1 saint1
Asclepiades1 saint1
Asella1 saint1
Aspasius1 saint1
Aspren1 saint1
Assicus1 saint1
Asteria1 saint1
Astericus1 saint1
Asterius3 saints3
Astion1 saint1
Astius1 saint1
Astrik1 saint1
Asyncritus1 saint1
Athanasia1 saint1
Athanasius10 saints10
Athelm1 saint1
Athenodorus2 saints2
Athenogenes1 saint1
Athracht1 saint1
Atilano1 saint1
Attala1 saint1
Attalas1 saint1
Attalia1 saint1
Atticus2 saints2
Attilanus1 saint1
Atto3 saints3
Aubert2 saints2
Aucejas1 saint1
Audaldus1 saint1
Augulus1 saint1
Augurius1 saint1
August1 blessed1
Augusta1 saint1
Augustalus1 saint1
Auguste1 saint1
Augustin1 saint1
Augustine9 saints, 2 blessed11
Aunacharius1 saint1
Aurea4 saints4
Aurelia1 saint1
Aurelian3 saints3
Aurelius2 saints2
Auspicius1 saint1
Austindus1 saint1
Austreberta1 saint1
Austregisilus1 saint1
Austremonius1 saint1
Autbod1 saint1
Autonomous1 saint1
Auxanus1 saint1
Auxentius2 saints2
Auxilius1 saint1
Ava1 saint1
Aventine1 saint1
Aventinus3 saints3
Avertanus1 blessed1
Avilius1 saint1
Avitus3 saints3
Aybert1 saint1
Aymard1 saint1
Ayrald1 blessed1
Azas1 saint1
Babolen1 saint1
Babylas1 saint1
Bacchus1 saint1
Bademus1 saint1
Badilo1 saint1
Badulfus1 saint1
Bagnus1 saint1
Baithin1 saint1
Balbina1 saint1
Baldassare1 blessed1
Baldegundis1 saint1
Balderic1 saint1
Baldomerus1 saint1
Baldwin2 saints2
Balendin1 saint1
Balthasar1 blessed1
Balther1 saint1
Balthild1 saint1
Bandaridus1 saint1
Baptist5 saints, 2 blessed7
Baptista2 blessed2
Baptiste2 saints2
Barachisius1 saint1
Baradates1 saint1
Barbara2 saints2
Barbasymas1 saint1
Barbatus1 saint1
Barbe1 saint1
Bardo1 saint1
Barhadbesciabas1 saint1
Barlaam2 saints2
Barnabas1 saint1
Barsanuphius1 saint1
Barsimaeus1 saint1
Bartholomew5 saints, 5 blessed10
Bartolo1 blessed1
Bartolomé3 blessed3
Bartolomea1 saint, 1 blessed2
Bartolomeo4 blessed4
Bartolomeu2 blessed2
Basil5 saints5
Basileus2 saints2
Basilides2 saints2
Basiliscus1 saint1
Basilissa5 saints5
Basinus1 saint1
Basolus1 saint1
Bassa1 saint1
Bassian1 saint1
Bassus1 saint1
Bathus1 saint1
Battista1 saint, 2 blessed3
Baudacarius1 saint1
Bautista1 blessed1
Bavo1 saint1
Beatrice3 saints, 2 blessed5
Beatus1 saint1
Bede1 saint1
Begga1 saint1
Belina1 saint1
Bellinus1 saint1
Benedetta1 blessed1
Benedetto3 saints, 2 blessed5
Benedict14 saints, 2 blessed16
Benedicta2 saints2
Benignus6 saints6
Bénilde1 saint1
Benildis1 saint1
Benjamin1 saint1
Benno2 saints, 1 blessed3
Benoît1 saint1
Benvenuta1 blessed1
Benvenuto1 saint, 2 blessed3
Beoadh1 saint1
Beocca1 saint1
Berach1 saint1
Berard1 saint1
Berarius1 saint1
Bercharius1 saint1
Bercthun1 saint1
Beregisius1 saint1
Berencardus1 saint1
Berengarius1 blessed1
Berenice1 saint1
Beretta1 saint1
Berlinda1 saint1
Bernadette1 saint1
Bernard11 saints, 4 blessed15
Bernarda1 saint1
Bernardina1 blessed1
Bernardino2 saints, 2 blessed4
Bernardo1 saint, 3 blessed4
Bernhard1 blessed1
Berno1 saint1
Bernward1 saint1
Bertha4 saints, 1 blessed5
Berthaldus1 saint1
Bertharius1 saint1
Berthold2 saints2
Bertilia1 saint1
Bertilla2 saints2
Bertinus1 saint1
Bertoara1 saint1
Bertram1 saint1
Bertrand2 saints, 1 blessed3
Bertulf2 saints2
Bertwald1 saint1
Betto1 saint1
Bibiana1 saint1
Bilhild1 saint1
Birgitta1 saint1
Birillus1 saint1
Birinus1 saint1
Birnstan1 saint1
Bladulf1 saint1
Blaesilla1 saint1
Blaise1 saint1
Blaithmaic1 saint1
Blandina1 saint1
Blandine1 blessed1
Blath1 saint1
Blitmund1 saint1
Bobinus1 saint1
Bobo1 saint1
Bodagisil1 saint1
Boetharius1 saint1
Boethius1 saint1
Bogdan1 saint1
Bogumilus1 saint1
Boisil1 saint1
Bolcan1 saint1
Bolesława1 blessed1
Bona1 saint1
Bonaventura1 saint, 3 blessed4
Bonaventure1 saint1
Bonfilius1 saint1
Boniface6 saints, 1 blessed7
Bonifacia1 blessed1
Bonitus2 saints2
Bonizella1 blessed1
Bonne1 blessed1
Bononio1 saint1
Boris2 saints2
Bosa1 saint1
Botuid1 saint1
Botwulf1 saint1
Braulius1 saint1
Bregwin1 saint1
Brendan2 saints2
Bretannion1 saint1
Brian1 blessed1
Briarch1 saint1
Brice1 saint1
Brictus1 saint1
Brigid1 saint1
Brigida1 blessed1
Brioc1 saint1
Brithwald1 saint1
Brito1 saint1
Britta1 saint1
Britwin1 saint1
Brocard1 saint1
Broccán2 saints2
Bron1 saint1
Brónach1 saint1
Bronislava1 blessed1
Bronislaw1 blessed1
Bruno6 saints6
Brynach1 saint1
Brynoth1 saint1
Bunkerd1 blessed1
Buonfiglio1 saint1
Burchard1 saint1
Cadfan1 saint1
Cadoc1 saint1
Cadwallader1 saint1
Caecilius1 saint1
Caedmon1 saint1
Caerealis1 saint1
Caesaria1 saint1
Caesarius3 saints3
Cagnoald1 saint1
Caimin1 saint1
Cainnech1 saint1
Caius1 saint, 1 blessed2
Calais1 saint1
Calepodius1 saint1
Caletricus1 saint1
Calixtus1 blessed1
Callinica1 saint1
Callinicus1 saint1
Calliope1 saint1
Calliopus1 saint1
Callistratus1 saint1
Callistus1 saint1
Callixtus1 saint1
Calminius1 saint1
Calocerus1 saint1
Calogerus1 saint1
Calupan1 saint1
Cambiagio1 blessed1
Camelian1 saint1
Camerinus1 saint1
Camilla1 saint1
Camillo1 saint1
Camillus1 blessed1
Candida4 saints, 1 blessed5
Candidus2 saints2
Cannatus1 saint1
Cannera1 saint1
Canog1 saint1
Cantius1 saint1
Canute2 saints2
Caomhán1 saint1
Capitolina1 saint1
Caprasius2 saints2
Caradoc1 saint1
Caralippus1 saint1
Caridad1 blessed1
Carina1 saint1
Carlo2 saints, 1 blessed3
Carlos3 blessed3
Carponius1 saint1
Carpophorus4 saints4
Carpus2 saints2
Carterius2 saints2
Carthach2 saints2
Casilda1 saint1
Caspar4 blessed4
Cassian4 saints, 1 blessed5
Cassius4 saints4
Castor1 saint1
Castora1 blessed1
Castorius1 saint1
Castrensis1 saint1
Castritian1 saint1
Castulus2 saints2
Castus2 saints2
Catald1 saint1
Catalina1 saint1
Caterina6 saints, 4 blessed10
Cathan1 saint1
Catherine2 saints, 3 blessed5
Cathróe1 saint1
Cecilia4 saints, 1 blessed5
Cedd1 saint1
Ceferino2 blessed2
Celechrist1 saint1
Celerinus1 saint1
Celestine2 saints2
Cellach2 saints2
Celsus2 saints2
Censurius1 saint1
Centola1 saint1
Ceolfrid1 saint1
Ceolwulf1 saint1
Ceraunus1 saint1
Cerealus1 saint1
Cermanus1 saint1
Ceslaus1 blessed1
Chad1 saint1
Chaeremon1 saint1
Chanton1 saint1
Charalampus1 saint1
Charbel1 saint1
Charitina1 saint1
Charlemagne1 blessed1
Charles5 saints, 5 blessed10
Charlotte1 blessed1
Chelidonia1 saint1
Chiara1 saint, 4 blessed5
Chionia1 saint1
Christian1 saint, 1 blessed2
Christina3 saints, 4 blessed7
Christopher2 saints, 5 blessed7
Chrodegang1 saint1
Chromatius1 saint1
Chrysanthus1 saint1
Cían1 saint1
Cianán1 saint1
Ciara1 saint1
Ciarán3 saints3
Cilinia1 saint1
Cillene1 saint1
Cindeus1 saint1
Cirilo1 saint1
Cisellus1 saint1
Clare1 saint1
Claritus1 saint1
Clarus2 saints2
Clateus1 saint1
Claude1 saint, 2 blessed3
Claudia1 saint1
Claudine1 saint, 1 blessed2
Claudio1 blessed1
Claudius8 saints8
Clelia1 saint1
Clemencia1 blessed1
Clemens1 saint1
Clement5 saints5
Clemente1 blessed1
Clémentine1 blessed1
Cleonicus1 saint1
Cleopas1 saint1
Cleopatra1 saint1
Clerus1 saint1
Clether1 saint1
Clodulf1 saint1
Clotilda1 saint1
Clotsindis1 saint1
Cloud1 saint1
Codratus1 saint1
Cointha1 saint1
Colette1 saint1
Colga1 saint1
Colmán6 saints6
Coloman1 saint1
Colomba1 blessed1
Columba5 saints, 2 blessed7
Columbanus1 saint1
Columbinus1 saint1
Comgall1 saint1
Comgan1 saint1
Conal1 saint1
Conan1 saint1
Concordius1 saint1
Condedus1 saint1
Condesa1 blessed1
Conindrus1 saint1
Conleth1 saint1
Connat1 saint1
Conogon1 saint1
Conon4 saints4
Conor1 blessed1
Conrad3 saints, 3 blessed6
Consortia1 saint1
Constabilis1 saint1
Constantian1 saint1
Constantina1 saint1
Constantine2 saints2
Constantius2 saints, 1 blessed3
Consuelo1 blessed1
Contardo1 saint, 1 blessed2
Contentius1 saint1
Conus1 saint1
Convoyon1 saint1
Conwall1 saint1
Corbinian1 saint1
Cordula1 saint1
Corebus1 saint1
Corentin1 saint1
Cormac1 saint1
Cornelius3 saints3
Corona1 saint1
Corrado1 saint, 1 blessed2
Cosmas4 saints4
Credan1 saint1
Crescens2 saints2
Crescentia1 saint, 1 blessed2
Crescentian4 saints4
Crescentius2 saints2
Criou1 saint1
Crispin1 saint1
Crispina1 saint1
Crispinian1 saint1
Crispino1 saint1
Crispus1 saint1
Cristóbal1 blessed1
Cristoforo1 blessed1
Crocifissa1 blessed1
Crónán3 saints3
Cronidas1 saint1
Cuaran1 saint1
Cucuphas1 saint1
Cummian1 saint1
Cunibert1 saint1
Cunigunde1 saint1
Curcodomus1 saint1
Curomotus1 saint1
Cuthbert3 saints3
Cuthburga1 saint1
Cuthmann1 saint1
Cyprian6 saints, 1 blessed7
Cyprienne1 blessed1
Cyra1 saint1
Cyrenia1 saint1
Cyriaca2 saints2
Cyriacus1 saint1
Cyril5 saints5
Cyrinus2 saints2
Cyrion1 saint1
Cyrus1 saint1
Cythinus1 saint1
Cythius1 saint1
Dacius1 saint1
Dadas1 saint1
Dafrosa1 blessed1
Dagobert1 saint1
Daig1 saint1
Dallán1 saint1
Dalmatius3 saints3
Damasus1 saint1
Damian2 saints2
Damiano1 blessed1
Damien1 saint, 1 blessed2
Daniel6 saints, 1 blessed7
Daria1 saint1
Darío1 blessed1
Darius1 saint1
Darulagdach1 saint1
Dasius2 saints2
Dathus1 saint1
Dativus1 saint1
Daudi1 blessed1
David6 saints, 1 blessed7
Davinus1 saint1
Declán1 saint1
Decorosus1 saint1
Decuman1 saint1
Deicolus1 saint1
Deiniol1 saint1
Delores1 blessed1
Delphine1 blessed1
Delphinus1 saint1
Demetria1 saint1
Demetrian1 saint1
Demetrius1 saint1
Denis1 blessed1
Deochar1 saint1
Deodatus3 saints3
Deogracias1 blessed1
Deogratius1 saint1
Dermot1 blessed1
Derphuta1 saint1
Desideratus3 saints3
Desiderius4 saints, 1 blessed5
Désiré1 blessed1
Deusdedit3 saints3
Devniolin1 saint1
Devota1 saint1
Diana1 blessed1
Diarmaid1 blessed1
Dictinus1 saint1
Didier1 saint1
Didymus1 saint1
Diego2 saints, 5 blessed7
Diemoth1 blessed1
Digna2 saints2
Diman1 saint1
Dina1 blessed1
Diodorus1 saint1
Diogenes1 saint1
Diomedes1 saint1
Dionisio1 blessed1
Dionysia2 saints2
Dionysius15 saints, 1 blessed16
Dioscorus2 saints2
Dioscurus1 saint1
Disibod1 saint1
Dismas1 saint1
Dochow1 saint1
Dodo1 saint1
Dolores3 blessed3
Domangard1 saint1
Domard1 saint1
Domenica2 blessed2
Domenico1 saint, 3 blessed4
Dometius1 saint1
Dominator1 saint1
Domingo4 saints, 1 blessed5
Domingos1 blessed1
Dominic15 saints, 9 blessed24
Dominica1 saint1
Dominik1 blessed1
Domitian3 saints3
Domitilla1 saint1
Domitius1 saint1
Domnina3 saints3
Domninus1 saint1
Domnius2 saints2
Domnolus1 saint1
Domnus1 saint1
Donald1 saint1
Donata1 saint1
Donatian3 saints3
Donatilla1 saint1
Donatus7 saints7
Dorothea1 saint1
Dorotheus2 saints2
Dorothy1 saint1
Dorymedon1 saint1
Dositheus1 saint1
Drausinus1 saint1
Drithelm1 saint1
Droctoveus1 saint1
Drogo1 saint1
Drostan1 saint1
Drusus1 saint1
Druthmar1 saint1
Dubricus1 saint1
Dubtach1 saint1
Dulas1 saint1
Dulcardus1 saint1
Dulcidius1 saint1
Dúnchad1 saint1
Dunchaid1 saint1
Dunstan1 saint1
Dymphna1 saint1
Eadberht2 saints2
Eadfrith1 saint1
Eadnoth1 saint1
Eadsige1 saint1
Eanfleda1 saint1
Eanswida1 saint1
Earconwald1 saint1
Eata1 saint1
Ebba2 saints2
Ebbo1 saint1
Eberhard2 saints, 1 blessed3
Eberigisil1 saint1
Ebontius1 saint1
Ebrulf1 saint1
Ecclesius1 saint1
Echa1 saint1
Edana1 saint1
Edburga2 saints2
Edgar1 saint1
Edigna1 blessed1
Edistus1 saint1
Edith1 saint1
Edme1 blessed1
Edmund5 saints, 4 blessed9
Edward3 saints, 15 blessed18
Edwin1 saint1
Efflamm1 saint1
Egbert1 saint1
Egdunus1 saint1
Egelred1 saint1
Egidio1 blessed1
Egilhard1 saint1
Egilo1 saint1
Egino1 saint1
Egwin1 saint1
Eigil1 saint1
Elaeth1 saint1
Elaphius1 saint1
Elena3 blessed3
Elerius1 saint1
Elesbaan1 saint1
Eleuchadius1 saint1
Eleusippus1 saint1
Eleuterus1 saint1
Eleutherius6 saints6
Elfleda3 saints3
Elgar1 saint1
Elgiva1 saint1
Elian2 saints2
Elias3 saints, 2 blessed5
Eligius1 saint1
Eliphius1 saint1
Elisabeth1 saint, 2 blessed3
Elisabetta1 saint, 3 blessed4
Elizabeth7 saints7
Eloque1 saint1
Elpidephorus1 saint1
Elpidius2 saints2
Elsiar1 saint1
Elstan1 saint1
Elvan1 saint1
Elwen1 saint1
Elzéar1 blessed1
Emebert1 saint1
Emerentiana1 saint1
Emeric1 saint1
Emerita1 saint1
Emil1 blessed1
Emilas1 saint1
Emilia1 blessed1
Emilian6 saints, 1 blessed7
Emiliana1 saint1
Émilie2 saints, 2 blessed4
Emilina1 blessed1
Emilion1 saint1
Emilius1 saint1
Emma1 saint1
Emmanuel2 saints, 3 blessed5
Emmeram1 saint1
Emygdius1 saint1
Encarnacion1 blessed1
Enda1 saint1
Engelbert1 saint1
Engelmar1 venerable1
Engelmer1 saint1
Engelmund2 saints2
Englatius1 saint1
Engratia1 saint1
Enodoch1 saint1
Enogatus1 saint1
Enrico1 blessed1
Enrique1 blessed1
Eoban1 saint1
Eochod1 saint1
Epaenetus1 saint1
Epaphras1 saint1
Epaphroditus1 saint1
Eparchius1 saint1
Ephrem1 saint1
Ephysius1 saint1
Epicharis2 saints2